How to mount a TV on an uneven stone fireplace

How to mount a TV on an uneven stone fireplace?

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You may want to mount your TV to the wall above your heater or wood burner, but the only available space is an uneven stone fireplace wall.

Don’t worry – you can still learn how to install a TV wall mount on an uneven brick wall but may need to spend a bit more time on preparation.

A TV mounted above an uneven stone fireplace

Is mounting a TV on an uneven stone fireplace wall safe?

When installed correctly, mounting your TV on an uneven stone fireplace wall is just as safe as mounting a TV on a plasterboard or drywall surface.

However, you may be required to do some extra preparation work in order to ensure the mount will lay flush and steady against the wall on the mounting points.

This may involve checking for stones that stick out further than the rest and chiseling those down any parts that protrude to not cause any obstructions with a TV wall mount to be installed.

Stone fireplace on living room

What are the benefits of mounting a TV on your stone wall above the fireplace?

  • Improved aesthetics – Your TV will be framed nicely by the stone fireplace wall behind and around it.
  • Maximize your space – Instead of using a floor mount or entertainment center, wall mounting can save a lot of floor space.
  • Great spot for gathering – Installing a tv mount on uneven stone on the wall gives family and friends plenty of room to mingle and chat with one another and even dance! Without risking the TV being in the way that could be knocked over.
  • Stay warm while watching TV – Enjoy your favorite seasonal movie or show while also enjoying a warm crackling fire in the wintertime.
  • Create a single focal point and area – Instead of a large part of your room just being a fireplace, now expect a stylish and elegant multimedia section of your room. This means that all your living room sofas can be positioned to face only one main direction.

Fireplace on a stone wall

Can the type of stone on your wall hold your TV?

Before considering which mounting arrangement you want to go with, make sure the stone on your wall can hold your TV.

In some cases, the stone may be faux [1] and only look like masonry as an imitation.

In this case, you may need to add reinforcing brackets to the wall studs behind to hold your TV safely.

Uneven stones for fireplace and TV mounting

TV mounts you can use on a stone brick wall above the fireplace

1. Fixed TV wall mount

An extremely popular mount that can work with a wide range of TV sizes.

The biggest downside is that tilting and adjusting the height and position is limited which may cause issues if you rearrange your furniture at some point.

2. Extendable TV mount

This mounting option offers a much higher range of motion including left and right adjustment, as well as up and down tilt options.

It’s great for rooms with multiple seating options or a large number of windows that can cause glare. These extendable mounts help get the next right viewing angle for your position.

3. Fireplace TV mount

An  excellent option for specific fireplace mounting. This style of mount brings your TV out and away from the fireplace wall for viewing so you can not only enjoy the TV but a warm fire at the same time as well.

Similar to an extending wall mount, the bracket is also height adjustable and can fold downwards from above a fireplace.

 A perfect fit for this situation.

Vivo Mount VW03G long extension bracket mounted on a wooden wall 1kpx LW

Mantel Mount MM700 Pro at different eye level mounted above a fireplace

How to prepare an uneven stone surface above the fireplace before mounting a TV?

If your stone surface is made from uneven rocks bricks or stones, you might find the surface difficult to find a proper and safe flat mounting location for your TV.

In this case, using a masonry chisel and hammer is a great way to smooth uneven stone if possible. 

You can also use an angle grinder to cut large chunks that are sitting out, while using a straight edge like a level, to check for humps that need to be removed.

You can smooth the stone that is directly behind the TV so there is no issue with a stone causing the bracket to move, rock, or twist when the TV mount is fastened to the wall. 

You only need to smooth the stone in the four corners where the mounting bracket will attach with the fasteners, make sure there are no humps in the middle, by checking with the level.

This helps ensure you get a safe and secure connection between the mounting bracket and your main wall supports.

What type of fixings can you use for fixing a stone wall?

1. Plastic wall plugs 

Often used with screws or bolts to ensure there is a secure internal connection and snug fit to prevent the fastener from sliding out of a concrete, stone, or masonry wall.

Plastic wall plugs provide grip for a standard wood screw by clamping on expansion when a screw is inserted into solid concrete or brick.

2. Wall anchors 

Can be found in a wide range of sizes and lengths to reach through the wall and anchor themselves on the backside of the stone or find other support.

Consider Dyna bolts as the best option, after inserting the bolt the verticle and horizontal support are strong.

While Dyna bolts are also easy to remove in case you want to remove the TV later.

3. Long coach screws 

Commonly used when dealing or installing a TV on a brick wall or sandstone that has a timber frame in near reach behind them. You can drill a pilot hole through the hard surface to then drive screws into the wood framing behind the stones.

These screws have very sharp and large ribbing and are made of steel to secure them tightly into the wood behind [2]. Because these screws will be subject to higher vertical loads.

If screws were directly fixed to timber, they wouldn’t need to be an extra thick gauged screw.

But the more a screw extends without immediate support the wider the bolts need to be to avoid any sagging or snapping.

That is why we recommend heavy-duty coach screws.

Masonry coach screws

How to mount TVs on an uneven stone fireplace?

Step 1. Determine your type of wall.

Some stone walls will be solid, while others may be hollow and use timber framing for support behind that you have access to. Determine what you are working with.

Choosing stone for wall TV mounting

Step 2. Decide on the mounting location.

Taking measurements and considering the type of wall you are working with, decide on a mounting location for your TV. You can normally mount one anywhere on concrete or stone.

However, if you are going to fix to timber framing behind you will need to actually find stud locations, with an electronic sensor.

Timber set on an uneven stone fireplace

Step 3. Find the stud or framing.

Ensure your chosen mounting location lines up with a standard wall stud spacing, in the case of imitation stone walls.

Step 4. Create a cabling run.

Provide a space for your cabling to be snaked through the wall and run the cables back to your power bar or electric access point.

Step 5. Attach the mount.

Use 6-inch plus lag bolts (Coach screws) or another stone wall fastener of your choice.

Otherwise, we use Dyna bolts, to ensure the mount is securely attached to the wall before adding the TV weight.

Screwing a TV mount bracket

Where and how to hide TV wires?

Snaking the cables through the wall may be the most discreet option, but can also be somewhat difficult and will require additional drilling.

An easier option that is slightly less discreet but will still keep your cables mostly hidden is by using on-wall cable runs hidden on a fireplace ledge. 

Plastic or rubber covers will keep your wiring organized and secured against the wall for aesthetics as well as safety.

Not only will this help protect the cables from the exterior heat of a fireplace, but hidden wires will help prevent children and pets from pulling or chewing on the cables.

Cable channels set discreetly near fireplace

Do you have a power supply nearby?

The location of your power supply will determine the best option for running your cables. If you have an electrical outlet directly above or to the side of your fireplace, you may decide to simply run visible cables to your TV. 

However, if your power supply is a fair distance from your fireplace, you may opt to run the cable behind the wall or through the ceiling.

This not only helps protect the cabling from the temperature of the fireplace but provides a very discreet and out-of-the-way option for your wires.

Otherwise, you can run an extension cord with the rest of the cabling in the cable run tray.

Power supply stone wall

Can you mount a TV on an uneven stone fireplace without drilling holes?

While drilling holes to secure your TV mount with bolts is the safest option, there are other options to consider if drilling is not an option.

Brick clamps can be used on brick or even-shaped stone, and some temporary adhesives can be used as well. 

However, in comparison to drilling, a non-drilling option will never be as secure or as permanent as a mounting option.

Always consider your future plans as well as the size and weight of your TV before deciding on which mounting option to use.

TV on an uneven stone wall

Tips on mounting TV on an uneven stone fireplace

  • Use a chisel to smooth out troublesome stones.
  • Ensure the temperature of the stone stays below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use drilled fasteners with larger and heavier TVs.
  • Consider snaking your cabling through the ceiling for aesthetics.
  • Consider applying a motor-type plaster for a perfectly flat surface and gluing a sheet of plywood for a perfectly flat surface to mount to.
  • If bricks are lost, consider removing them behind the mount, and filling the hole with solid timber framing for mounting the TV screen. 
  • You can even recess a TV for a flush finish on the same line as the stone wall if you cut out the stone or brick with an angle grinder. 
  • Importantly check that heat is diverted from the fireplace or not in the place of your TV or in the place that you are removing bricks.
  • If you remove bricks make sure that the timber framing you install as a replacement will hold and support the bricks above by building a small beam.

Ready uneven stonewall for TV mounting

Remember this.

Whether you are new to installing a TV in general or simply want to learn more about how to install a TV wall mount on uneven stone specifically, we shared the DIY solution that can make a relatively simple weekend project for experienced DIYers. 

I say to always take a bit of time to smoothen out any uneven stone to ensure your mount gets a secure connection.

And to ensure your TV doesn’t take unnecessary damage when the mount is folded from twisting.

The nuts and bolts to learning how to mount a TV on an uneven stone fireplace come down to taking your time in the beginning, this can go a long way to ensuring you are fully prepared for the project.

A perfectly flat surface at least on the four mounting corners without any obstruction in the middle will help guarantee a smooth mounting arrangement!

More information:

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