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Know every possibility when you set up your dream theater at home.

Technology is advancing rapidly and more households are willing to invest in entertainment systems at home. Today, people would rather watch movies at home than go to cinemas. 

However, setting up home entertainment systems is not as easy as putting a TV straight on a tabletop.

The homeowners we have helped have personal preferences when setting up their TV or audio and a lot of factors take place, like. 

  • Interior decoration
  • Space, stud location, and positioning
  • Cable management
  • Their TV or surround system
  • Wiring and cable management
  • Budgets

A homeowners home entertainment set up

We’ll guide you on your TV and audio setup journey.

  • With the help of brilliant engineering tips and the selection of mounts and the tools, you need for your home theater installation process.
  • From utilizing the space and support in your walls, floors, or ceiling.
  • From maximizing different spots in your home.

We recommend only reliable TV and audio mounts.

As our test sets are validated we improve one home theater at a time.

Many homeowners come and tell us how their TV or audio mounts have failed or not met expectations and have even caused intensive damage to their TV or audio system or have been difficult to install.

Most of these issues arise due to misinformation or lack of information. That is why we vowed to find the most competitive mounts, test them rigorously, and share how these mounts go, considering our skills, experience, and the expertise that we are known for.

From an engineering perspective, we can help you save time, and educate you as a DIYer on exactly how to set up your own ultimate home theater, this is our passion and our goal.

We are always here to help improve your home theater and make DIY easier.

Standards to follow:

Surround system setupITU-R BS.2159-4

Mount-it Mi-372 long extension TV mount in the hallway

Remember these certifications when you purchase mounting hardware:

United StatesUL certification
United kingdomTÜV certification
CanadaCSA certification
AustraliaSeismic restraint certification

Here are your sources for electrical codes:

United StatesNFPA 70, National Electrical Code
United kingdomBS7671, IET Wiring Regulations
CanadaCanadian Electrical Code
AustraliaAS/NZS 3000:2018, Wiring Rules
New ZealandElectrical Safety Regulations 2010