Best motorized TV mount for your ceiling

Best motorized TV mount for your ceiling

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Should you hang the TV! on the ceiling?

Finding the best-motorized ceiling tv mount is possible but you cannot violate physics.

To find the holy grail for your indoor or outdoor ceiling may take a bit of time and comparison hunting.

When you realize what works best, your entire entertainment room, bar, kitchen, or garage can be transformed to have a stylish fold-down cinema for your lay-down or background drinking viewing positions. 

Motorized ceiling mounts create more space, and seating options, in a room and add security for the TV when installed properly.

Let’s go over a variety of different ceiling TV mounting options and find one that’s perfect for you and is the best value for many years to come!

You have 3 options! You can read below to find out what we think is better on the back of the TV: A drop-down or a flip-down ceiling mount. Or converting to a wall mount.

Techorbits motorized ceiling TV mounts above dining table

Best flip-down motorized ceiling TV mounts

#1 Editors Choice: Top flip-down

Architectural quality

Mount It MI 4223 32 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mount

  • I am impressed by this motorized TV mount as a good one for TVs of almost all sizes while being something that is easily controlled.
  • Extremely easy to install even for beginner DIYers – This is bananas.
  • A heavy-duty frame that is perfectly suited for all standard brands of television with the VESA mounting pattern compatibility.
  • You may need help to hold everything steady when installing.

#2 Best value flip-down

Quality + Value

Vivo E FD55 23 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mount

  • Great value and supports TVs up to 66 pounds with ease. 
  • Installation is a breeze only a basic set of tools. 
  • The remote control also has memory settings to allow true one-button operation.
  • The controller may have difficulty connecting with the receiver at times.

#3 Affordable flip-down

Lowest price

TechOrbits 23 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mount

      • Affordable and versatile ceiling mount. 
      • Simple to use remote control so you don’t have to get up and manually adjust your TV. 
      • Can be tilted up to 75 degrees for comfortable viewing from any seating location.
    • Found to have no manual release if power fails while the TV is in the raised position.

#4 Versatile TV bracket

Vivo E-FD70

Vivo E FD70 32 to 70 in 77 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mount

        • Can handle a range of VESA mounting patterns to fit almost any TV found today.
        • Strong and suitable enough to safely hold TVs up to 77 pounds.
        • Mounting brackets may not provide enough clearance for all TVs.

#5 Flip-down TV bracket for lower ceilings

Displays2go LMCEMOT55

Displays2go LMCEMOT55 23 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mount

          • A ceiling mount for TVs up to 55 inches and 66 pounds as a max weight capacity.
          • Wide range of memory settings on the included remote too. 
        • Shorter drop range, so this mount works best for homes with lower ceilings.
        • The user manual is somewhat limited.
        • The remote control can be hard to program for memory settings.

Best drop-down motorized ceiling TV mounts

#1 Top motorized drop-down

Stongest and smoothest

Touchstone 23202 32 to 65 in 100 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv lift

  • I find this a perfect choice for large TVs up to 65 inches and 100 pounds for the best viewing experience on a drop-down.
  • The powerful motor can get a TV into a viewing position in less than 30 seconds with a timer.
  • Does not have a programmable stop position for partial drop and raise.

#2 Best value drop-down for ceiling

Best value with – Touchstone

Touchstone 23401 Pro lift II 36 to 68 in 120 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv lift

  • We love the whisper-quiet motor for silent dropping and lifting of your TV. 
  • Includes an IR sensor which makes the electronics compatible with universal remotes.
  • Remote control sensors can be stubborn and may not receive signals properly.

#3 Heavy-duty drop-down ceiling lift

Progressive TV Automations TY-05-50

Progressive TV Automations TY 05 50 55 to 95 in 140 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv lift

      • Made from heavy-duty alloy steel.
      • Can handle TVs up to 140 pounds and 95 inches in size with absolute ease.
    • The motor can be noticeably loud when moving larger TVs

#4 Drop-down ceiling Tv support for smaller TVs

Whisper Ride 600

Whisper Ride 600 24 to 40 in 25 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv lift

        • Easily handling TVs up to 40 inches. 
        • Includes a durable remote control for quick and easy access to your TV.
        • The user manual is extremely detailed and can be tedious to read.

The different features to look into.

1. Motor

A TV lift will need a powerful motor for both the pull-down mount and the flip-down tv mount.

The weight of the TV and the mounting frame in a vertical motion needs to be moved smoothly.

Once locked into the closed position, the motor is no longer being used to hold the weight of the TV and the motor can “rest” without burning out.

Mount It MI 4223 motor

2. Tilt range or the travel distance

When TV watching comes to viewing angles and TV lifts, the tilt angle is slightly less than what you can get with a pull-down option. This is due to the movement limits of the frame the TV sits on.

However, with both options, you can adjust the tilt to some extent for comfortable viewing ergonomics and your intended viewing positions

3. Maximum pull-down or drop-down length

While the range of drop is similar, in most cases a pull-down mount will offer a more vertical range of motion than a drop-down will.

This is simply due to the fact that the TV in a drop-down mount is limited to the lift frame the TV sits on. With a pull-down mount, the articulating arm can adjust in various ways in addition to just up and down.

4. Weight capacity

When designing something weight specific for efficient operation the manufacturer has to consider and ask the question – What is the material weight and raw material value, as a lightweight bracket is going to be more efficient, with less energy draw from the motor. And a more affordable material is going to help with lower production costs.

Most ceiling mounts are able to hold TVs weighing in the 60 to 70-pound range from the back of the TV, however, some are made to hold larger TVs up to 120 pounds.

Always be aware of the weight limit when mounting TVs with your chosen hardware to ensure the motor can lift and lower your TV safely on a heavy-duty steel or alloy bracket.

5. Control

You are in full control of your TV’s visibility and folding away when making use of the best-motorized tv mounts.

With the simple press of a button on a remote, you can set the viewing hours for your family.

This can help prevent binge-watching of shows for your children, as well as set specific schedules for your family to keep to.

Then the TV can fold up and out of the way.

Reasons to buy a ceiling drop-down or pop down motorized bracket

1. Saves space.

With a ceiling mount, we like that you can completely eliminate the need for large and bulky entertainment centers or other furniture to hold your flat-screen TVs.

Gone are the days of stubbing your toe on a heavy wooden cabinet or another oversized floor stand that holds your TV.

Vivo E FD55 hung inside the masters bedroom

2. Upgrade or modernize rooms.

Say goodbye to those boring pieces of furniture that everyone else has for their TV stands, by instead upgrading your room to a more sleek and modern look with an electric ceiling tv mount ceiling mount.

You can enjoy the convenience and style provided in both new and existing media areas of your home by improving your viewing positions.

3. Keep away from the child’s and pet’s reach.

Using a ceiling mount for your TV gets the box up and away from the reach of curious children and pets.

You will no longer have little fingerprints or nose-prints on the screen, and will never again have to worry about your little family members pulling the TV over or messing with the wires and cables.

4. Hands-free

One simple press of a button on your remote can bring the TV down into a viewing position for your favorite shows or movies.

When you’re done watching, another simple button press is all the effort you need to exert to move the TV up and out of the way again.

5. Ergonomics

Your seating options are pretty much unlimited when your TV is mounted to the ceiling.

Proper height for ceiling TVs is different from getting the right height on wall mounts.

You can adjust the height and angle so viewing from any seat in the room is a comfortable experience. In fact, you can even comfortably watch TV from your bed without having to bend your neck in an unnatural and uncomfortable position.

Fold-down vs drop-down motorized ceiling mounts: Which is better?

Fold-down ( for a pitched roof)

Fold-down TV mounts are much more versatile than the electric ceiling drop-down TV mounting options. Motorized retractable TV ceiling mounts are an excellent choice for apartments or other home types that do not provide access to an attic or crawl space above the ceiling where you want to install your mount.

You can also use an electric TV roof bracket on RVs and pitched roofs, though the mounting plate needs to be more secured than mounting only on an RVs wall.

Motorized ceiling TV mounts can be installed safely into a single stud, or two studs for larger mounts and TVs. And only require basic tools and know-how to install properly.

Parts of a fold-down LCD ceiling mount to understand the installation better.

Folding TV mounts are attached to the ceiling, normally directly into a stud or a support piece of plywood or lumber above the studs.

These mounts include an articulating arm or an extendable frame that allows the TV to be folded up and against the ceiling when not in use.

These mounts are quite common for pitched roof buildings or for people who want a ceiling mount option for the TV but have no access to the above-ceiling space.

Vivo E FD55 motorized ceiling on a pitched roof


  • Can be angled in various ways to make watching from all types of seating and beds comfortable.
  • Eliminates the need for TV floor stands or entertainment centers in your room.
  • This style of television mount is always visible, even when not in use.


Drop-down TV lift

Motorized ceiling drop-down TV mounts are a great option for homes where above-ceiling space is not limited and you want height adjustment. For example, if your ceiling connects to an attic that you can access, installing a drop-down TV lift is an excellent option.

Installation of the drop from ceiling motorized TV brackets, in this case, will be straightforward and much easier than if you had no access to the space above. 

For the love of monkeys, drop-down TVs can eliminate the risk of potential head-bumps on TVs that cannot be moved out of the way. As brackets on stationary or hanging brackets can injure you if your friend or you happen to bump their head on the corner of a TV.

Another tip for TV lifts is to position the mechanism at a better height by building a bulkhead to hide the TV and the drop-down lift inside, this also means that you don’t need to have access to any roof or attic space for installation.

Parts of a drop-down ceiling Tv mount to understand

While there is no standard catch-all style of drop-down ceiling lift for your TV, the main components you need to know about are the lift motor and the TV frame.

Frame: Usually made of sturdy metal, the frame is what physically holds your TV. Normally installed with a bottom plate as well which will make the TV completely hidden and flush with the ceiling when the bracket is lifted up and away.

Motor: Similar in a way to a garage door opener, but much quieter and considerably smaller, the motor for a drop-down TV lift has the capacity to move even heavy TVs. The electronics will lower the TV in the room for viewing, and then lift it up and completely out of sight when not in use.

Progressive TV Automations TY 05 50 55 to 95 in 140 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv lift


  • Can make a TV completely invisible when not in use.
  • Eliminates the risk of something bumping your head-on.


  • Motor failure can be a hassle to repair or replace.
  • No access to the space above your ceiling makes installation difficult or impossible.

Can your ceiling hold your TV bracket and carry your TV?

In general terms, most if not all ceilings are able to hold the weight of even large flat-screen TVs.

However, make sure that you take a few things into account first.

Don’t make a beginner’s mistake and not properly anchor or secure your mounting bracket or your TV, as this can quickly lead to a fallen TV and some missing ceiling.

Vivo E FD55 above the bed and on the ceiling

How to find the right spot in your ceiling?

  1. Locate the ceiling joists [1]. Use a stud finder tool to ensure you have located solid ceiling timber, and always be sure your attachment screws are going directly into the stud.
  2. Use multi-stud brackets if necessary. If mounting a large or heavy TV, there are metal brackets that can be installed across two studs. This adds double support to your weight-bearing mount.
  3. Install a plywood anchor above the ceiling. If there is access to your attic above the ceiling where you will be installing the mount, consider adding an extra piece of plywood above the studs for reinforcement. Mounting on the ceiling is not like how you mount TVs on the wall without studs as you need better support.

Choosing the top motorized TV mount!

Top motorized ceiling TV mount

Without a doubt, the best fold-down option for your flat-screen TV when mounting to ceilings is the Mount-It! MI-4223 for taking the shared mass of your box like a king.

You’ll love the range of features on this Mount-It! motorized ceiling TV mount.

Starting with only your fingers by remote control.

In the complex addition that results in this choice being extremely affordable, you can get an extra bracket for the kitchen, or even the garage as this affordable and highly functional option supports most TV screen sizes.

I like that the mount includes four keyhole spots so you can easily and instantly select the preset angle your TV is installed at.


  • A great option with a huge range of VESA mount configurations.
  • Made to fit both flat and curved screens up to 55 inches in size.
  • Extremely easy to assemble, even for those who are not experienced DIYers.
  • A perfectly, balanced and strong motor prevents your TV from swaying or bouncing when being lifted.


  • You need to find structural support in the ceiling.

    Mount It MI 4223 32 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mount with mock TV

    Best value motorized fold-down TV mount

    If your room has unconventional seating arrangements, or you plan on watching TV from your bed, the Vivo E-FD55 can also be an excellent choice.

    This Vivo motorized ceiling TV mount offers a tilt range of up to 75 degrees, which gives the mounting option one of the higher-end tilt ranges found in our analysis.

    If that’s not enough, you can have a 3-degree screen leveling option to ensure you get the best ergonomic experience when watching your favorite show.



    • Made from solid alloy steel for long-term durability.
    • Can be tilted up to 75 degrees with a 3-degree leveling.
    • The Vivo brand stands behind a 3-year warranty on their ceiling mounts.


    • Limited connectivity reach for the remote.

    Vivo E FD55 hung on a ceiling in an all white room

    Top motorized drop-down ceiling TV mount

    We found the holy grail with this excellent option if you’re looking to install a popup or drop-down TV in your room or office with a reliable motor.

    The Touchstone 23202 is an extremely versatile mount that can be mounted on the ceiling for drop-down viewing, on a countertop for pop-up viewing, or even on a wall for horizontal tilt installation.

    Compared to a flip-down the motor can take heavier tv sizes on the mounting plate.

    This can work great from inside a cabinet on the floor or from the ceiling, the unit can even drop down from a bulkhead above.

    I like how the single bracket can be used as both a drop-down or a pop-up mount, depending on our installation needs.


    • Includes a full 5-year warranty on parts and the motor.
    • Versatile and able to handle the installation in both vertical and horizontal positions.
    • Has a lift capacity of up to 100 pounds.


    • Drop and raise program issues.

    Extended Touchstone 23202 motorized ceiling tv lift

    Best value motorized drop-down ceiling TV mount

    For those looking for drop-down or popup options for large TVs, the Touchstone 23401 is the right amount for you.

    It can easily handle TVs measuring up to 68 inches and weighing 120 pounds.

    Plus, you’ll find a built-in IR sensor that allows you to use your own universal remote control, so your theater technician will find it easy to program.



    • A powerful motor can get your TV into viewing position within 30 seconds.
    • No wiggle or sway from the mount, from the heavy-duty steel and the silent motor mechanism.


    • May have sensor issues.

    Touchstone 23401drop down ceiing tv lift extended from the back

    How to know if your ceiling TV mount is stable?

    When your TV is mounted on a properly installed ceiling mount, you will be able to feel the stability provided by the steadiness of movement.

    If you feel an unusual wiggling or notice a sway when you move the TV mount into viewing position, there is an installation issue.

    If you hear any robotic sounds, squeaking or clunking, this is a sign that your TV mount is low quality or not set up correctly. You need to test everything before walking away after setting one up, listening to any sounds or vibrations while the motor is moving is a great indicator of the quality of a motorized tv mount.

    Motorized ceiling TV mounts vs wall TV mounts

    Motorized ceiling TV mount

    By using the best-motorized tv mounts on your ceiling you are freeing up a wide range of space in your room if this is your perfect solution.

    Consider how much your seating options would open up drastically which gives you more freedom of choice for a room not primarily focused on the TV spot like a bar or bedroom.

    Where instead you could now place your favorite chairs and couches or a pool table.


    TechOrbits motorized flip down ceiling on the office


    Full motion TV wall mounts

    Full motion tv wall mounts are a good option and are an excellent way to incorporate your TV into the overall decor of the room for most people in a standard media room.

    Ceiling mounts are good for when your TV is a secondary point of focus.

    TV wall mounts that extend from the wall on a movable arm are my favorite and most recommended way to set up a TV.

    Full motion wall mounts give you a lot of extra freedom for different viewing positions and adjustments, leading to better physical comfort over long viewing times.



    A long extending wall mount from the back

    Any other alternative for a motorized ceiling TV mount?

    Two common alternatives to a motorized ceiling mount are a ceiling pole TV mount and a flip-down TV mount.

    Both alternatives can secure your TV above the floor on high ceilings and protect your electronics from a variety of potential issues, but other choices may not offer the same range of movement as a motorized ceiling mount can.

    For example, with a ceiling pole mount, you are limited to up and down motion with a tilt at the TV mount bracket itself.

    For the flip-down TV mount, you will free up ample amounts of room below the TV itself by being able to flip the TV up and away from the floor area when the TV is not in use.

    Startech FPCEILPTBLP ceiling TV pole mount with display

    Tips for safely installing motorized ceiling TV hardware

    Always ensure that you install the ceiling mount into a stud or a solid ceiling joist.

    Failing to do so can cause safety and stability issues which may lead to the TV falling and being damaged, or damaging anything below it.

    • Use the right quality equipment like a stud finder to locate the ceiling stud, then use the accessories in the attachment kit to install the mount directly into the stud.
    • Follow the manual that came with your ceiling mount.
    • Ceiling mounts may have slight variations in proper and safe installation procedures, such as engaging locking mechanisms to prevent the TV from swaying or falling.
    • Always be sure you check to make sure your particular mount has had the locking mechanisms engaged.
    • And get a TV bracket with a VESA mounting pattern for easy installation and can accommodate your LCD.
    • If you plan a connection with home audio, Blu-ray player, gaming consoles, or a laptop it’s important to run wires for the HDMI cables.

    Watching with Vivo MOUNT M FD27 manual flip down ceiling Tv mount

    How we compare the features


    Mount-It! MI-4223

    Vivo E-FD55


    Vivo E-FD70

    Displays2go LMCEMOT55

    Mount It MI 4223 32 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mountVivo E FD55 23 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mountTechOrbits 23 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mountVivo E FD70 32 to 70 in 77 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mountDisplays2go LMCEMOT55 23 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mount
    Verdict/;Top performingBest value
    TV size:32 to 55 in23 to 55 in23 to 55 in32 to 70 in23 to 55 in
    Weight capacity66 lbs66 lbs66 lbs77 lbs66 lbs
    Tilt range:0° to -75°0° to -75°0° to -75°0° to -75°0° to -75°
    ControlRF remoteRF remoteRF remoteRF remoteRF remote


    Touchstone 23202

    Touchstone 23401

    Progressive TV TY-05-50

    Whisper Ride 600

    Touchstone 23202 32 to 65 in 100 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv liftTouchstone 23401 Pro lift II 36 to 68 in 120 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv liftProgressive TV Automations TY 05 50 55 to 95 in 140 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv liftWhisper Ride 600 24 to 40 in 25 lbs capacity motorized ceiling tv lift
    Verdict/;Top performingBest value
    TV size:32 to 65 in36 to 68 in55 to 95 in24 to 40 in
    Lift capacity100 lbs120 lbs140 lbs25 lbs
    Travel distance:36 in36 in30 in23.6 in
    ControlWired and wireless RF remote controlIR/ RF wireless remote controlWireless RF remote controlWireless RF remote control

    The verdict for your money.

    Each mount comes at a cost but after comparing and testing all of the above-mentioned TV motorized mounts, we think the best viewing fold-down ceiling mount without a doubt is the Mount-It! MI-4223 model.

    The range of features, including the strength of the motor, and overall affordability bring this bad boy out and to the top of our list for all the angles we expect to see and enjoy.

    The best-motorized tv mounts are extremely versatile, meaning that you don’t need access to an attic space above the ceiling to get everything properly installed.

    This one is made to hold TVs up to 66 pounds with ease! A perfect option for the bedroom, family room, garage, or bar!

    Soon it will be time to watch TV! What a good option we say for your favorite shows!

     #1 Fold-down TV mount recommendation

    • I like how extremely versatile I found the bracket to be for most TV sizes.
    • Can hold TVs up to 66 pounds, measuring up to 55 inches.
    • Made from high-strength steel with a reliable motor.
    • Expect full and rapid reusability with years of quality and durability when you watch TV! Making a perfect solution for most tv sizes!
    • Easy installation.

     #1 Top motorized ceiling electric fold down

    Mount It MI 4223 32 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity motorized ceiling TV mount with mock TV



    Frequently Asked Questions

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    It would be unsafe to mount a TV without drilling slots on joists for fasteners.

    You will need a drill, screwdrivers, fasteners, stud finder, a ladder, and a socket wrench.

    You can use a ceiling pole TV mount, especially if you have a high ceiling.

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