The strongest height adjustable tv floor stand

The strongest height adjustable tv floor stand

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Should you mount your TV on a floor stand?

Finding the right vertical floor TV stand for your needs shouldn’t have to be a daunting task.

In fact, you should be able to easily pinpoint the best TV floor stand quickly and easily by comparing the pros and cons of each of our options. 

This article aims to help you find the right flat-screen TV floor stand for your home.

Whether you are looking for a TV floor stand that tilts, or a TV floor stand with a shelf option, all our favorite options have been laid out for your consideration below.

Mount It MI 877 mounted on a lounge room


Best vertical floor TV stands

#1 Editors choice: Best  TV floor stand

For Adjustable height!

Fitueyes TT307001MB 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 3 pc media shelves

  • We love the choice of three shelves for all our gaming entertainment.
  • Found to be sturdy and strong on all floor types we moved the base onto.
  • Can safely hold a range of TV sizes securely.
  • The size of one of the shelves might be too tight for some.
  • Installation by an inexperienced person may be more difficult.

#2 Best value vertical TV stand

For the essentials

Perlesmith PSFS02 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelves v2

  • Made for large TVs up to 100 pounds.
  • The bottom shelf is great for large gaming consoles.
  • The mounting kit includes a variety of VESA screw sizes.
  • We struggled to confirm the top shelf to be suitable for vertical gaming consoles.
    • The height of the stand may be too short for some locations.

#3 For corner TV floor mounting

For a minimalist design

Perlesmith PSFS01 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 1 pc media shelf

      • Can hold TVs up to 65 inches.
      • Can swivel to the left or right for viewing comfort.
      • Easy to assemble and install for a single person.
    • Maybe unstable on carpeted floors.
    • A single shelf might not provide enough room for accessories.
      • Instructions can be confusing for inexperienced assemblers.

#4 Heavy-duty floor stand


Rfiver 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 3 pc media shelves

        • Can hold flat or curved screens easily.
        • Includes three media shelves for accessories.
        • Large range of motion for swiveling to left and right.
        • Instructions can be confusing.
        • The height of the stand is lacking for some viewing options.
        • A minimalistic look might turn some people away.

#5 For minimalistic themes

Mount-It! 1877

Mount It 1877 23 to 55 in TV vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelf

          • Can be flush against the wall.
          • A simple design that works in any room decor type.
        • Height extends to 49 inches.
        • Can only hold TVs less than 50 inches.
        • At full extension, the stand may be unstable.
        • Not as secure on carpeted floors.

#6 Heavy-duty media shelving


YOMT 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 3 pc media shelves

          • Can hold TVs up to 65 inches.
          • Includes three spacious media shelves.
        • Heavy-duty construction for years of use.
        • Not easy for a single person to use.
        • Screw quality control can be lacking with some parts.
        • Older TVs need additional VESA brackets.

#7 Widest swiveling floor TV stand

Hemudu HT2001B

Hemudu HT2001B 19 to 42 in TV vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelves

        • Offers a 100-degree swivel for great viewing angles.
        • Holds TVs up to 42 inches in size
        • Includes two media shelves for accessories.
        • The floorplate is glass and may be easily broken.
        • Instructions and hardware differ in units of the size used.
        • Can tilt with heavier TVs.

#8 For small spaces


5Rcom 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelves

          • Extremely quick and easy to assemble.
          • The hardware kit includes a variety of screws and bolts.
        • The shelf can be adjusted to suit various speaker sizes.
        • Provided hardware may not work for all TV brands.
        • Maybe unstable when used on carpeted floors.
        • Some instruction steps are hard to understand.

#9 For more TV brands

Fitueyes TT106001MB

Fitueyes TT106001MB 26 to 55 in TV vertical TV stand with 1 pc media shelf

          • The stand can hold TVs up to 55 inches in size.
          • Can be assembled by a single person in 20 minutes.
        • TV mounting bracket works with a wide range of TV brands.
        • Does not include shelves for accessories or speakers.
        • The hardware included may not work with all TVs due to screw length.
        • Heavier TVs may make the stand more prone to tipping.

#10 Heavy-duty slim for stand

Fitueyes FT-S1602MB

Fitueyes FT S1602MB 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 1 pc media shelf

          • The slim build makes this stand discreet in any room.
          • Extremely easy to assemble with all included hardware.
          • The stand is heavy-duty and jack quality sturdy.
          • The bottom of the TV may be too low to the floor for some applications.
          • Some TV brands may not work with the included brackets.
          • Bolt and nut quality control can be lacking.

#11 For tight spaces

Mount-It! MI-877

Mount It MI 877 32 to 70 in vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelf

          • The Mount-It! MI-877 Steel TV Floor Stand works great in tight spaces.
          • Can hold TVs up to 70 inches in size.
        • Universal VESA works with hundreds of TV brands.
        • The stand can be frustrating to assemble.
        • The hardware included should have better quality control.
        • Assembly instructions are difficult to understand.

#12 Most affordable and for smaller TVs


Vivo STAND TV07 13 to 42 in TV vertical TV stand without media shelf

          • Can hold TVs up to 44 pounds.
          • Stand tilts for your viewing comfort.
        • Budget-friendly for college students.
        • Does not include any media shelves.
        • Higher extensions make the stand unstable.
        • Does not stand stable on the carpeted floor.

What we discovered in our deep analysis.

We discovered that there are a variety of features to look for when considering what adjustable TV floor stand will work for different needs.

For example, if someone is looking for a tall vertical TV stand with shelves, we decided that they want to be sure that the TV can be extended above the shelves so that speakers or gaming consoles can still fit. 

Before making your decision, be sure to consider what we looked over in our review:

1. Adjustable height

If you plan on having them stand behind a media table, be sure the height of your TV can be adjusted so that the bracket can lift up to your desired height.

Some stands may also become unstable when holding heavier TVs at a higher extension, especially if used on carpet, so keep this in mind.

2. Weight capacity

Some stands can only hold lighter TVs, while others can hold 100 pounds or more.

Stands that can hold heavier TVs are usually shorter than those that are made for lighter-weight TVs, so keep this in mind when deciding where to place your stand.

Adjustable height 5Rcom vertical stand

3. Swivel and tilting function

Being able to adjust the swivel and tilt will open up more suitable spots you can use this stand and still get suitable viewing enjoyment from your TV.

Placing your TV stand in a corner is a great space-saving idea, being able to swivel or tilt the screen can help make viewing from the center of the room easier.

Flexible mounting can improve your experience when watching from different angles or heights.

4. A sturdy base

Some TV stand bases are made from metal, while others are made from glass.

You want to ensure the base is sturdy, weighted, and made of a material that suits your needs.

Dropping something on a glass base can cause the glass to shatter to break, while a metal base is much more durable.

Mount It MI 877 floor stand base with shelf

5. Media shelf

If you plan on having gaming consoles, speakers, or other TV accessories nearby, consider looking for a TV stand that has a media shelf.

You can find models with one, two, or three shelves. The base of the stand sometimes counts as a shelf as well.

6. Cable management

Some stands offer cable management options behind the unit or inside the extension arm. If you want to keep your media area looking sleek and organized, try to find an adjustable TV stand that also includes cable management options of some sort.

Reasons to mount your TV on the floor

  • Prevents damage to walls. If you are not fond of the idea of drilling holes for wires into your wall to secure your TV, a floor stand is a perfect alternative.
  • Use empty space in the room. Using a freestanding TV floor stand can make use of unused corner spaces.
  • Improve your decor. A vertical TV mount stands with a soundbar slot gives your media room a stylish look.
  • Keeps everything organized. A flatscreen tv floor stands with a shelf can keep your media accessories such as gaming controllers, remotes, and more all in one convenient location.
  • Makes cables discreet. Many vertical wall TV component stands have ways you can hide the cables and cords in or behind the telescoping support pole leaving your media area looking sleek.
  • Allows easy rearranging. If you decide to remodel your room, you can easily move the TV to a new location without having to uninstall and reinstall wall or ceiling mounts.

Fitueyes FT S1602MB vertical stand fixed on a studio

Can a floor stand hold your TV better?

Most vertical tv mount stands with soundbar slots are built with heavy-duty steel stands with metal or tempered glass bases.

TV stand bases are weighted to hold the base down to the floor and to hold your TV steady, depending on each products rating.

Unlike tabletop stands, these mounts don’t require anti-tip straps. You’ll go for a wider base so that the weight of your TV is more secure.

Not only does a wider base better hold your TV, but universal TV stands with shelves will also hold your media players, gaming consoles, and laptops securely.

Mount It 1877 tv floor stand mounted along the hallway

Fixed floor TV mounting: When this is better than a portable stand?

Fixed floor TV mounting doesn’t run around on your floors. Portable TV stands have caster wheels, and if you bought a poor-quality rolling stand, your floor finish can definitely look like a mess if the surface gets scratched from too much movement [1].

In our list, you’ll find most of them have a wide and heavy-duty adjustable height, stable base, and different wheels.

The main reason a fixed TV stand is different from a portable stand is a fixed body creates a fixed focal point from every seating position and looks better if you don’t need to constantly move your TV.

Also, you can hide your TV stand’s base behind furniture to let the bracket blend in with your interior design.

Or if you recess your floor, you can put carpet over the top of the base to hide the feet with a bit of DIY.

Vivo STAND TV07 vertical floor stand mounted on a lobby

Pop-up tv mounts vs Vertical floor stands

Pop-up TV mounts


  • Hides your TV mount and blends with your interiors.
  • Automated control.
  • Increases the value of your home.
  • An attraction to your guests.
  • Easy to hide the TV from kids so they can focus on homework.


  • Takes more space than universal TV stands
  • Needs furniture to hide the tv inside.
  • More timely and expensive to set up.

Vevor pop up Tv cabinet near mirror walls

Vertical floor stands


  • Simple and minimalistic.
  • Requires no complex setup.
  • Easier to remove the TV.
  • Saves more space.
  • No complicated cabling.


  • Accessible to pets and kids 24/7.

Fitueyes TT106001MB

When is a vertical TV floor mount right for you?

  1. When you have a dedicated space for a TV stand.
  2. You want a central focal point from different seats. 
  3. You want minimal space for your media consoles.
  4. There are no kids and pets running around in your house.
  5. To have a stand that you can move to another place but is not necessarily rolling and wobbly.

Fitueyes TT106001MB mounted behind console table

The best vertical floor TV stands

#1 Top floor TV stand

If you’ve been looking for a great all-around TV stand to put in the corner of your room, Fitueyes TT307001MB TV floor stand is an excellent choice. When I tested this mounting option for smoothness I found you will like the results.

While this tall and lean stand works perfectly well against a flat wall, the size of the bottom, plate makes this unit stable and perfect for use in corners as well as in the middle of a straight wall.

Three shelving choices put this ahead of the more vanilla type of competition. Doesn’t everyone like me, like the idea of three different places to put your gaming console? or is that just me?

Adjustable height is what I like, try this out for yourself, get the exact length needed to limit the chance of any eye strain when watching what’s on display.


  • Holds TVs up to 65 inches in size and up to 88 pounds.
  • VESA bracket works for 200×200 and 600×400 configurations.
  • Has a 30 degree left and right swivel for easy adjustment.


  • The middle shelf has less headroom.

    Fitueyes TT307001MB mounted on a bedroom

    Best value floor TV stand

    When life comes to finding the best value overall, the Perlesmith PSFS02 takes the cake with this 2-shelf unit.

    With this value on offer only expect one main shelf but there is plenty of room for large media accessories such as speakers, gaming items, remote controls, and more.

    Floor stands work equally well against flat walls as in a corner of a room.

    I found this gets the job done quite nicely if I say so myself.


    • Can securely hold TV sizes from 32 inches to 65 inches.
    • Has a 25-degree smooth-movement left and right swivel.
    • Includes 2 sturdy media shelves for accessories.


    • Problems with using the bolts and screws.

      Watching TV with Perlesmith PSFS02

      Most affordable TV floor stand

      If you want an affordable yet useful stand for your TV, Vivo STAND-TV07 should be at the top of your list.

      It’s extremely budget-friendly while still offering many of the same features more costly units can. 

      If you want a simple stand for your smaller bedroom TV, this little unit may be exactly what you were searching for if your budget is the tightest.


      • Can hold TVs of most brands from 13 to 42 inches in size.
      • Offers a simplistic style for use in many places around your home.
      • Extremely budget-friendly for college students to consider.


      • Potentially unstable.

        Watching Tv mounted on Vivo STAND TV07 from the couch

        Best spots in the house to mount a vertical TV floor stand

        TV stands are made to be used in a wide range of spots around your home including corners, flat walls, near windows or fireplaces, behind media shelves, and more.

        The main consideration you want to keep in mind is how much room the stand has around it.

        Especially if you are using a free-standing TV floor stand that tilts, you want to be sure there is plenty of room around the stand to allow you to actually use the tilt feature.

        Fitueyes TT307001MB mounted on a bedroom

        Glass shelving: what your floor stand shelving could hold?

        Many TV stands include glass shelves for holding a wide range of items close to your TV’s location.

        While glass at first sounds delicate and might turn you away from the idea of using a TV stand made from glass, the tempered glass used is extremely sturdy and durable [2].

        On these glass shelves you can safely place:

        • Speakers
        • Soundbars
        • Lighting effects
        • Remote controls
        • Gaming consoles

        While we dont think you would be wise to place extremely heavy items on the shelves, regardless of the material being either glass to steel. However, the best TV stands are made with shelves for a range of your electrical necessities and entertainment consoles or decorative items that can be organized perfectly underneath the focal point.

        YOMT vertical floor stand with media consoles on the shelves

        Flooring types for fixed TV floor mounting

        Your home may include a range of different flooring types, and you might want to use a TV stand in various rooms. You might be wondering if a TV stand is safe for use on these different floor types.

        1. Hardwood flooring

        Extremely safe for using a TV floor stand on. The flat and stable floor will not make the stand prone to tipping or tilting, giving you a safe and perfect installation area.

        If you have hardwood flooring, you can safely use a floor TV stand with large and heavy TVs.

        2. Concrete flooring

        Concrete or other stone floorings are almost as suitable as hardwood, though there may be slight dips and divots in your floor if the surface isn’t perfectly even. Try to place the stand on a flat area where the base will remain flat on the concrete and not have a chance to tip.

        You can consider attaching safety concrete anchors to your wall to prevent the stand from tipping in the event of an earthquake.

        If your floor is uneven you can glue smaller wedges and packers before sitting or bolting the stand down.

        Using Hemudu HT2001B TV floor stand

        3. Marble or tile flooring

        Higher quality marble and heavy-duty tile flooring are extremely well suited for TV floor stands.

        The only thing to consider are areas where the grout has been used to secure the tile or marble panels together.

        If a large area of grout is lower in height than the flooring this can cause a TV stand to be slightly unstable if the tiles of the unit were also installed at different heights.

        4. Carpeted flooring

        Depending on whether the carpet is a short or long pile, a floor stand may be perfectly fine on the carpet.

        If your flooring is extremely thick and lush, you will need to anchor the TV floor stand to your wall to prevent tipping.

        If the carpeting is an extremely short and tight pile, you may not need any additional security.

        Fitueyes FT S1602MB vertical stand floor over patterned flooring


        How to install a TV stand stable on a carpeted floor?

        If you are set on having a vertical TV stand, but every room in your home has thick carpeting, there are a few things you can consider to make this work.

        If anchoring the stand to the wall is not an option, look into floor coverings to help make the TV stand much more stable if the base isn’t strong enough for your TVs weight. 

        For example, try using a rolling chair mat under the TV stand to help disperse the weight of the TV and the stand and make the mount much more stable. This will help prevent tipping while not having your walls damaged by anchoring kits.

        Otherwise, consider screwing down, a plywood base in the 4 corners over top of the carpet to make a secure sitting point.

        Carpet over tiled flooring

        How I compared the features


        Fitueyes TT307001MB

        Perlesmith PSFS02

        Perlesmith PSFS01


        Mount-It! MI-1877


        Hemudu HT2001B


        Fitueyes TT106001MB

        Fitueyes FT-S1602MB

        Mount-It! MI-877

        Vivo STAND-TV07

        Fitueyes TT307001MB 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 3 pc media shelvesPerlesmith PSFS02 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelves v2Perlesmith PSFS01 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 1 pc media shelfRfiver 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 3 pc media shelvesMount It 1877 23 to 55 in TV vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelfYOMT 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 3 pc media shelvesHemudu HT2001B 19 to 42 in TV vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelves5Rcom 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelvesFitueyes TT106001MB 26 to 55 in TV vertical TV stand with 1 pc media shelfFitueyes FT S1602MB 32 to 65 in TV vertical TV stand with 1 pc media shelfMount It MI 877 32 to 70 in vertical TV stand with 2 pc media shelfVivo STAND TV07 13 to 42 in TV vertical TV stand without media shelf
        Verdict:#1 Top performingBest valueMost affordable
        TV size32 to 65 inches32 to 65 inches32 to 65 inches32 to 65 inches23 to 55 inches32 to 65 inches19 to 42 inches32 to 65 inches26 to 55 inches32 to 65 inches32 to 70 inches13 to 42 inches
        Weight capacity:88 lbs99 lbs99 lbs110 lbs77 lbs110 lbs99 lbs110 lbs88 lbs110 lbsup to 55 lbs44 lbs
        Adjustable height48.3 to 54.6 inchesup to 41.5 inches43.7 to 50.4 inches44 to 56 inches37 to 49 inches46 to 54 inches44.5 to 52.4 inches44 to 56 inches48.3 to 54.6 inches47.8 to 56.1 inches34 to 47.5 inches29.5 to 49 inches
        Base dimensions25.6 x 15.7 inches23.6 x 15.8 inches23.6 x 15.8 inches25.6 x 15.7 inches23.6 x 15.75 inches25.6 x 15.7 inches21.7 x 15 inches25.6 x 15.7 inches25.6 x 15.7 inches23.6 x 15.7 inches15 x 20 inches20 x 18 inches
        Media shelves3 pcs2 pcs1 pc3 pcs2 pcs3 pcs2pcs2pcs1 pc1pc2 pcsNone

        Our top pick: The last floor TV mount standing

        After thoroughly looking at all of the floor stand tv mounts and weighing their pros and cons, you may agree with the assessment that the Fitueyes TT307001MB model is the best all-around choice for a vertical floor TV stand.

        This sugar mamma not only holds a huge range of TV sizes and brands for you to enjoy watching, but also includes three media shelves, a 30-degree swivel option, and all the hardware you need to assemble the stand and mount your TV effectively.

        Best for Style

        • Our 5-star rating goes to the included 3 media shelves that hold up to 33 pounds.
        • Found to have a large 30-degree swivel range of motion for great flexibility.
        • We noticed the unit is made from extremely durable tempered glass and metal from our inspections.

         #1 Top floor TV stand

        Fitueyes TT307001MB TV floor stand fixed on the living room


        Frequently Asked Questions

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        Your TV should be at the height of the average eye level from different seating positions in the room.

        More information:

        1. How to protect a floor from casters? a guide published by 
        2. Tempered glass: properties and applications, an article from

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