Tabletop TV stands that can swivel!

Tabletop TV stands that can swivel!

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Is a tabletop stand right for your TV?

From our experience, there are countless choices for vertical tabletop TV stands.

In fact, the choices are out of control. If you’re looking for your first stand, the number of choices and features might seem overwhelming however we will help you decode the confusion.

The goal of our research was to finish an article to help our DIY readers determine which standard or universal tabletop TV stand is the best while explaining in more detail what each feature is and how each top choice can lift your show to a new level.

Tv mounted with a Mount It MI 846 vertical tabletop stand over a console table

Best vertical tabletop TV stands

#1 Editors choice: Bolt-down tabletop mount

Best bolt down Table top TV mount

Mount It MI 854 Bolt down 32 to 55 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

  • We like that you can bolt this down for a stronger hold.
  • Can hold TVs up to 55 inches.
  • Can mount VESA configurations of 100×100 and 400×400.
  • Has a 30-degree left and right swivel.
  • Shorter than some other tabletop mounts.

#2 Best vertical tabletop mount

Best standing tabletop TV mount

Perlesmith PSTVS11 37 to 70 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

  • Made for TVs up to 99 pounds in weight.
  • The tempered glass stand is stylish and durable.
  • Offers 9 different mounting heights for the perfect fit.
  • The glass stand may be too large for small tabletops.
  • Mounting bracket screws may loosen over time.

#3 Best value tabletop TV mount

Popular for style

Perlesmith PSTVS04 37 to 55 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

      • Can hold TVs up to 55 inches.
      • Can offer 3 different vertical height options.
      • Installation is quick and simple and takes less than 15 minutes.
    • Rubber feet may pop off if the stand is scooted.
    • TV must be removed before vertical height can be adjusted.

#4 Large tempered glass base


Fitueyes 32 to 65 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

        • The large tempered glass support plate keeps the stand more secure.
        • A simple design that works in any decor.
        •  A universal tabletop tv stand, with a swivel function and height-adjustable to 39 inches.
        • Can only hold TVs less than 60 pounds.
        • The plastic component for cable management breaks easily.

#5 Most secured anti-tip strap

Mounting Dream MD5109-KD

Mounting Dream MD5109 KD 42 to 60 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

          • Includes a heavy-duty securing strap to prevent tips
          • Can accommodate VESA configurations up to 600x400mm.
        • Includes adjustment options for 4 heights.
        • Manufacture quality control can be lacking with some hardware.
        • Assembling can be daunting for beginners or inexperienced individuals.

#6 Tabletop mount for better viewing angles

Hemudu HT02B-001

Hemudu HT02B 001 19 to 39 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

          • Offers a 90-degree total swivel for great viewing angles
          • Holds TVs up to 39 inches in size
        • Heavy-duty construction to hold heavier TVs
        • Heavier TVs may cause the stand to lean slightly forward
        • The X-shaped mounting plate may cover some TV media connectors

#7 Tabletop mount for better reach

Mount-It! MI-843

Mount It MI 843 32 to 60 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

        • The VESA configurations that are compatible are vast.
        • Made from tempered glass and steel for a stylish look.
        • Height position has 5 placement options.
        • Assembly instructions can be extremely confusing.
        • Welds on some parts of the stand can be poorly done.

#8 Tabletop TV mount for smaller TVs

Perlesmith PSTVS15

Perlesmith PSTVS15 32 to 55 in TV 88 lbs capacity tabletop TV stand

          • Stand offers 6 height adjustment options.
          • Includes cable management options.
        • Suited for TVs up to 55 inches in size.
        • Instructions are so detailed the paperwork can be overly confusing.
        • Height adjustments may not be enough for a larger TV.

#9 Anti-tip support

Mount-It! MI-846

Mount It MI 846 32 to 55 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

          • A large 24-inch wide stand prevents tipping.
          • Can handle 6 different VESA configurations.
        • Design works with strap support systems.
        • Some Sony TVs may have audio ports blocked by the mounting brackets.
        • Height cannot be adjusted without removing the TV.

#10 Best for all sizes

Wali TVDVD-01

Wali TVDVD 01 32 to 47 in TV tabletop vertical TV stand

          • Includes built-in steel cable security strap.
          • Compatible with 6 common VESA configurations.
          • Includes a 16-inch wide glass base for stability.
          • Assembly can be difficult due to misaligned holes.
          • Some stands may be slightly uneven or crooked.

#11 Heavy-duty and affordable

Fitueyes TT103701GB

Fitueyes TT103701GB 27 to 55 in TV 88 lbs capacity tabletop TV stand

          • Can hold TVs up to 88 pounds and 55 inches in size.
          • Assembly instructions are extremely easy to understand.
        • The mounting kit includes a wide range of screws and washers.
        • Heavier TVs should definitely use a security strap.
        • Rubber feet pop off too easily.

Features we studied and tested before buying a tabletop TV mount

With so many choices to consider when mounting comes to a small tabletop TV stand, the options first seemed a bit difficult to decide when height and stability were considered important to us. 

There are also other features we didn’t understand at first and didn’t understand the purpose of. Let’s quickly go over some common features and how a bolt-down TV stand can help your home theater.

1. A strong and sturdy base

Since most tabletop stands simply sit on top of another piece of furniture, there is the potential for the whole bracket to tip.

The base is what prevents this. If you have a large or heavy TV, you want to look for a tabletop tv stand base that is large and strong to prevent the TV from tipping and falling or having your unit hard bolted down.

Tempered glass base of Fitueyes tabletop TV stand

2. Adjustable height

Many stands offer height adjustments. Having an adjustable tabletop TV stand serves two purposes:

  1. Offers you a range of different viewing heights.
  2. And two, greater height prevents larger televisions from rubbing the surface of the table they are placed on and allows larger TVs to fit into the bracket.

Keep in mind, that adjusting the height normally requires removing the TV completely, so try to have another person to help with this.

Adjustable height of a hemudu tabletop base

3. Swiveling and tilting function

If you’re placing the TV stand on a piece of furniture that is flat against the wall, having a tilt and swivel option opens up a lot of different seating choices for you.

You can tilt the TV down if you want to watch from your bed, or you can swivel the screen around to the left or right if you want to watch shows or movies from different chairs around a room.

A rotating tabletop TV stand or a swivel tabletop TV stand is a great choice.

You can also DIY a lazy Susan tabletop onto your table for the whole unit to spin to face any direction.

4. Cable management

Having visible cables can make your media area look unsightly.

Cables can also be hazardous in homes that have children or pets running around.

Some stands include options for cable management which may include cable clips or raceways on the back of the stand to secure power cords and audio cables. 

5. Weight capacity

This is an important consideration for all stands, regardless of the type. Some stands are rated for lighter TVs while others can handle 100 pounds or more.

Be sure your tabletop TV stand for flat-screen TVs can handle the size of your screen. If you place a TV that is too heavy on the stand, you risk breaking the stand and damaging your TV.

Anti tip feature of Mounting Dream MD5109 KD tabletop TV mount

6. Non-slip base

Stands that simply sit on top of another piece of furniture will benefit from having a non-slip base. This can be in the form of small rubber feet on each corner or long strips of rubber on the front and back.

This is great if your TV is placed in a high traffic area as an elbow may accidentally bump it. Non-slip bases prevent the stand from moving and potentially falling off the table it’s placed on.

7. Anti-tip strap or wire

These often overlooked components are extremely important in homes with small children or curious pets.

A safety anti-tip wire is also important to consider for larger or heavier TVs.

Some stands include built-in safety straps which you secure to the wall behind the TV or the back of the piece of furniture the stand is sitting on.

This prevents the TV from tipping forward and falling to the floor even if bumped.

Reasons to mount your TV on a tabletop

You’ll never know you need this until you find out you can’t prop up a TV without a standing mount.

  1. Prevents damage to walls. With wall mounting, you need to drill and anchor mounts into your wall or ceiling. Tabletop stands to eliminate this need.
  2. Makes use of different furniture. If you have a family heirloom dresser or sideboard, you can use the furniture as support for an entertainment stand without damaging the surface.
  3. Can be easily moved. If you enjoy remodeling your room, a wall-mounted TV will take a lot of effort to change. Tabletop stands can simply be picked up and moved.

Fitueyes for 32 to 65 inch TV mounted on top of console table

Bolt-down base vs a tempered glass base

Bolt-down base


  • Eliminates the need for anti-tip straps or security hooks.
  • Is normally hidden behind the TV making the media area look sleek.
  • Makes your TV 100% secure, from earthquakes or bumps.


  • Must be uninstalled to move the TV to another location.
  • Will require you to bolt and drill into the furniture, which could cause damage to your tabletop.

Tempered glass base


  • Makes your living room style extremely simple.
  • Stronger than standard glass.
  • Can relocate your TV to another spot.
  • Gives your media area an elegant and stylish look.


  • Can be broken if you drop something onto it.
  • Your stand may need to be strapped down when holding larger TVs than what is rated.

Tabletop TV mounts vs Pop-up TV mounts

Tabletop TV mounts


  • Extremely quick and easy to install, even for beginners.
  • Can be found in stationary and adjustable-arm models.


  • Can be unsightly in some decors.
  • TV is always visible even when not in use.

Fitueyes tabltetop TV mount for 32 to 65 inches TV

Pop-up TV mounts


  • Hides and protects the TV completely when not in use
  • Can give you full access to the tabletop when the TV is hidden.


  • Can be difficult and time-consuming to install
  • Pop up stands may require professional installation for beginners
  • This will require drilling and cutting into the table that will handle the installation causing permanent change to the structure.
  • The motor can be prone to breaking down over time on some models.

A popping TV from a cabinet with Vivo E Up44 pop up TV lift


Tabletop TV mounts vs TV floor stand

Tabletop TV mounts


  • In most cases, installation can be done by beginners.
  • Does not require any special tools for installation.
  • Can work with a wide range of TV sizes and brands.


  • Some bracket types may cover certain TV’s rear audio ports.
  • You might require straps to make a stand fully secure in some home situations.

Perlesmith PSTVS04 over the tabletop furniture

TV floor stand


  • Gives you freedom in where you want to place your TV stand.
  • Can be easily moved from one room to another if desired.


  • Can be hard to fix down in some cases when used directly on carpeting.
  • Can be obtrusive in small rooms.

Using Hemudu HT2001B TV floor stand


Should you mount a TV with a tabletop TV stand?

1. You don’t want to drill holes in the wall. Using a tabletop mount eliminates the need for drilling holes into your wall for the mounting brackets.

This gives you the freedom to use a TV stand even if you are renting your home temporarily.

2. You have sturdy console table furniture. Tabletop TV stands are perfect for heavy-duty furniture that may not serve any other purpose in your home.

And since the stands don’t require any drilling into furniture, they work well for antique or heirloom furniture.

Mount It MI 843 over a console table near a living room

3. There are no kids and pets to play around with. Curious children and pets may tip tabletop mounts, but if you don’t have children or pets in your home this is still an excellent choice to consider for your TV as it can protect your LCD from knocks or earthquakes.

4. You want a fixed and central focal point for your TV. Various tabletop stands can be elegant and stylish with tempered glass accents. Making a great way to draw an eye to the media area and not worry about the proper height of your TV.

Choosing the best tabletop TV stand

#1 Best bolt-down tabletop TV stand

Mount-It! Mi-854

If you just aren’t comfortable with the idea of your TV on a non-secured stand, this one might give you the peace of mind you want. 

This is different because the bracket is a bolt-down model which means the stand will be secured and tightly mounted to your furniture.

This eliminates the need for safety straps or tie-downs like you might need with other models. 

I like that the smaller stand makes for a more discreet and modern design for times when you want the style of your room to be focused on your media area, and not the stand holding your TV.

The best all-around tabletop TV stand on my list.


  • A secure bolt-down design for TVs up to 55 inches.
  • With a 30-degree left and right swivel, you’ll be able to freely adjust the TV.


  • Does require drilling into your furniture or mantle for installation.

Mount It MI 854 with transparent curved TV attached

#1 Best vertical tabletop TV stand

Perlesmith PSTVS11.

If you’ve struggled to find a durable tabletop TV stand that can hold your extremely large or heavy TV, look no further. This stand is made to securely hold TVs up to 70 inches and just under 100 pounds.

The oversized tempered glass base is right at 24 inches long giving a wide area of contact to prevent slips and tips. 

With 9 different mounting height options, you’re sure to find the perfect adjustment to suit your home and viewing desires.

Additionally, adjusting the height is quick and simple and can even be done by a single person in most cases.



  • Can hold extremely large TVs up to 100 pounds in weight.
  • Offers 9 total height adjustment options.


  • Assembling instructions can be frustrating and confusing.

Perlesmith PSTVS11 used for a large screen in the living room

#1 Best value vertical tabletop TV stand

Perlesmith PSTVS04.

If you’re looking for a great mix of features as well as the best value price, here she is. This mama of a stand can hold TVs up to 55 inches in size and works with a huge range of VESA configurations.

With three height adjustments, you’ll find one that works for any TV size you decide to mount on it. 

If that wasn’t enough, the entire installation process is super simple and can be done by beginners.

While the instructions can be a bit confusing to read, there are detailed images to help make the process much less daunting.


  • Handles VESA configurations from 100×100 to 400×400.
  • A large glass base has a wide front-to-back measurement to prevent tipping.


  • Could use more height adjustment options, especially for larger TVs.

Watching TV mounted on Perlesmith PSTVS04 bracket

#1 Most affordable tabletop TV stand

Fitueyes TT103701GB.

You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank with the most affordable universal tabletop TV stand we could find.

The Fitueyes universal-based tabletop TV stand not only holds up to 88 pounds worth of TV, but this gatekeeper of virtual reality also offers a lifetime warranty on hardware.

The VESA configurations are made for standard LCD/Plasma TVs and include 100×100 and 400×400.

The wide tempered glass base includes four non-skid feet to prevent your stand from slipping as well as preventing damage to any surface it is sitting on.


  • Covers all standard VESA configurations up to 400×400.
  • The tempered glass stand includes non-skid feet on each corner.


  • Wont fit all LG brand TVs.

Bare Fitueyes TT103701GB tabletop TV stand

How thick should your tabletop support be for mounting a TV stand?

TVs have weight capacities that can go as heavy as 150 lbs.

The good thing is that most console tables have adequate support, which can take the weight of most larger TVs.

Most tabletops have thicknesses that can range from 3/4 inch to 1-3/4 inches. This is good enough to support most TVs, especially if the build material is made from hardwood or has center support.

Other than thickness, you should also check the dimensions and location of the table legs.

Fitueyes TT103701GB tabletop TV stand mounted on a bedrooms console table

Cabling Tips for TVs on a tabletops

Cables and wires are always unsightly as they can mess up your interior design when left unmanaged.

What can you do about this?

  • Remove unnecessary wires.
  • Utilize cable ties or Velcro straps.
  • Install cable channels or raceways.
  • Or use your tabletop decorations to hide the wires.
  • Place your console table near the electrical plug.
  • Purchase cable organizers.
  • And have one spot on your table as your cable station.

Here’s how you can better manage your TV wires for wall mounting.

Stageek cable management raceway kit showing how to deal with tv and electronic wires for theater system

Creative ways to decorate your tabletop with a mounted TV

Other than family pictures, there are more ways to keep your tabletop with TV stylish and neat.

1. Speakers and soundbars

Your tabletop TV will be the focal point. Modern console tables have destined places for speakers. If you’re up to hanging small speakers without drilling, you can use adhesives to hang soundbars evenly apart from the TV.

For a soundbar, this should be at the center of your TV.

You could also install speakers on a shelf above or below the stand or place each speaker just a few inches forward from your TV if there’s more space available.

Tall speakers with stands can go on the floor underneath and the bigger speakers can stand a few inches away on both ends of your console.  

2. Art

Your TV on a tabletop can also have a touch of art.

Whether you place woodcraft, glasswork, paintings, or just any piece of art. we find home decor the best if you are following a certain theme that blends in with the rest of your interior.

Whether you go for a rustic, modern, futuristic, or vintage console table, you want to have an unobstructed view from the TV. Just like speakers, you’d most likely place tall pieces on the side of your TV.

Moreover, you can use the artwork to conceal plugs and wires.

3. Plants

Plants are a great eye refresher indoors [1]. Putting a few pots beside your TV mount is a good way to manage the effect of staring for long periods at the screen.

Especially if you have a balanced combination of earthy themes on your console table, plants are healthy add-ons next to your TV.

A large Tv mounted on a Hemudu tabletop base

How I compared the features


Mount-It! MI-854

Perlesmith PSTVS11

Perlesmith PSTVS04


Mounting Dream MD5109-KD

Hemudu HT02B-001

Mount-It! MI-843

Perlesmith PSTVS15

Mount-It! MI-846

Wali TVDVD-01

Fitueyes TT103701GB

Mount It MI 854 Bolt down 32 to 55 in TV tabletop vertical TV standPerlesmith PSTVS11 37 to 70 in TV tabletop vertical TV standPerlesmith PSTVS04 37 to 55 in TV tabletop vertical TV standFitueyes 32 to 65 in TV tabletop vertical TV standMounting Dream MD5109 KD 42 to 60 in TV tabletop vertical TV standHemudu HT02B 001 19 to 39 in TV tabletop vertical TV standMount It MI 843 32 to 60 in TV tabletop vertical TV standPerlesmith PSTVS15 32 to 55 in TV 88 lbs capacity tabletop TV standMount It MI 846 32 to 55 in TV tabletop vertical TV standWali TVDVD 01 32 to 47 in TV tabletop vertical TV standFitueyes TT103701GB 27 to 55 in TV 88 lbs capacity tabletop TV stand
Verdict:#1 Top bolt-downBest flat-based tabletopMost affordable
Weight:32 to 55 inches37 to 70 inches37 to 55 inches32 to 65 inches42 to 60 inches19 to 39 inches32 to 60 inches32 to 55 inches32 to 55 inches32 to 47 inches27 to 55 inches
TV size110 lbs99 lbs88 lbs110 lbs99 lbs99 lbs88 lbs88 lbs88 lbs88 lbs88 lbs
Adjustable height24.5 inches20.5 to 31.5 inches12.2 to 16.2 inches26.3 to 31.8 inches21.2 to 26 inches12.9 to 18.2 inches21.5 inches20.9 to 26.8 inches16.5 to 22.4 inches12 to 16 inches20 7 to 24.8 inches
VESA100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm75 x 75 mm to 200 x 200 mm200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm
Base dimensionsNa (bolt-down)23.5 x 11 inches16.04 x 11.02 inches14,5 x 11.8 inches16.9 x 10.3 inches15 x 99 inches24 x 11 inches15.7 x 10.2 inches22.75 x 11 inches17 x 10 inches15.1 x 9.4 inches

Our verdict: the most reliable tabletop TV stand.

After spending quite a bit of time comparing all of the above stands and weighing their pros and cons, with our educated and detailed opinion.

We have decided that the Mount-It! MI-854 offers the absolute best mix of features with durability and affordability for a secure bolt-down solution. We will be recommending this to everyone on availability.

Best bolt down tabletop TV stand

  • Our highest regard for this bolt-down model which adds extra security and prevents your TV from tipping.
  • She takes a huge amount of VESA configurations, including uncommon ones.
  • Can hold large TVs up to 60 inches and 88 pounds in size.

 #1 Tabletop TV stand

Mount It MI 854 Bolt down used on a living room


More information:

  1. The basic roles of indoor plants in human health and comfort, a research study published in

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