How to remove a TV from a wall mount?

How to remove a TV from a wall mount?

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Having your TV on a wall mount is a common way to create more space in your home while protecting the TV from damage from either children, pets, or earthquakes. Additionally, a wall mount opens up more space in your living room around the TV for sound systems, gaming consoles, and other media devices.

But what happens when you need to unmount a TV from a wall mount? “I feel the good in you! A conflict” Will removal is no more difficult than installing the bracket in the first place. I say that removal is even easier than installing!

Let’s explore the options on how to remove a TV from a wall mount if – “There is no conflict.” With you and your current TV mount that is, we recommend high-quality options on our website for a replacement.

What are the reasons you need to dismount your TV?

When unmounting a TV from the wall, some of the common problems you may encounter are improper tool selection, unfamiliar mounting brackets, and damage to your TV or wall from rushing the process.

Ensuring you know what type of wall mount you have in advance can help make this process easy.

Some mounts offer tilt or slide mechanisms that can make removing your TV simple, while others may need specific tools.

Loosening bolts from TV

The two steps to remove a TV from the wall

These are the two options for removing the TV from the wall [1]:

#1 Remove the TV from the wall with the bracket left connected.

Having a friend help you with this can make the process much easier and safer.

Most modern wall mounts have a slide-in or tilt-in option for placing or removing your TV from the mount.

Checking the manual that came with your wall mount can tell you if you have one of those or simply have a look at it.

A bare TV mount on the wall

  1. TV mounts have 2 brackets, one that attaches to the wall and one to the back of your TV, check that this is the case for you.
  2. Simply lift one bracket from the other (the part connected to your TV off the second bracket connected to the wall). Release any quick release locks, or screws if there is anything stopping this process. Read more just below if you need more guidance on this.
  3. You should be left now with one bracket connected to the wall, and one connected to the back of your LCD.
  4. Now simply remove the screws holding it to your TV, and re-screw the bracket onto your new LCD OR LED! If this is all you are going to do. Take note to re-install the small factory stand from your TV before sitting your tv back on a flat surface.

If you need to now move the main bracket from your wall follow the next step below:

#2 Remove the entire mount from the wall.

Depending on the locking system your mount has, removing a TV from the wall mount can be as simple as pulling the designated “strings” or quickly removing TV mount screws or bolts on the frame.

If you do not see two strings hanging from your mount, chances are you will need a screwdriver, Allen wrench, or a socket set.

How it looks like from the back of an extendable TV mount

  1. Loosen and remove the 2 bottom coach screws or bolts.
  2. Loosen 80% of the top two coach screws holding the bracket into the wall to keep the hardware stable.
  3. Now that the last two screws are almost loose, Get someone to hold the weight of the Bracket while you fully loosen the remaining 2 screws, and lift the mount down from the wall.

Know the three basic locking systems found in TV wall mounts

Screw lock

One of the most common ways to prevent your TV from easily being removed from a wall mount is the screw lock.

Normally seen as two upright screws towards the top of the mount. If you have this type of mount, the easiest way to remove the TV is by lifting the unit up from the bottom

If you cannot lift the TV off the mount straight away you may need to further loosen the screws that are restricting upwards movement and release.

Keep the top of the TV near the wall, while you lift your box up vertically. You should hear a click or pop when the TV becomes free and is removed from the screw lock.

From there, tilt the bottom towards you and the TV should be released from the locking system fully.

Bar lock

Somewhat hard to reach, especially on larger TVs, the bar lock is often seen on wall mounts that tilt or articulate in some way.

Once you can access the bar, a simple horizontal tug from one side or the other will release the lock and allow you to remove the TV from the mount. 

Be sure to check the manual that came with your mount as some bar lock mechanisms may be one-sided on either the left or the right.

And some may require both sides to be disengaged before the TV can be removed.

Pull string lock: In RV TV mounts.

The pull string mechanism is not for mount removal but rather one of the methods to control the extension release on RV tv mounts to protect your TV when driving your RV or motorhome.

A quick pull-down is one of the most commonly seen locking mechanisms on RV tv mounts out of all the types.

Being easy to recognize look for a short string or cord hanging from behind your TV.

How to remove the TV from the wall mount with strings? Pulling down on these strings at the same time will open a spring-loaded hook on both sides of the TV allowing you to extend it out before then starting to remove the mount like a standard wall mount. 

Since pull string locking mechanisms are very short, they are not seen from the front of the TV. Nor are they within reach of children or pets.

Additionally, you can find mounts with shortened ring pulls that eliminate the string or cord entirely.

Mounting dream MD2210 with one step lockable string for rv tv


What are the hardest-to-remove wall mount types?

1. Pull-down TV mount

A pull-down mount is also known as an over-mantle mount and is commonly used above a fireplace.

Removing the mount is exceptionally easy as this style of the mount provides ample view behind the TV.

Simply pull the mount down to access the screws in the back of the TV and remove each one to replace or remove the unit.

Mantel Mount MM750 55 to 100 in TV 30.5 inch travel fireplace TV mount

2. Articulating with a long extension

These articulating mounts are one of the easiest mounts to install or remove if you don’t have a second person to help.

Extend the arm to get access behind the TV and unscrew the small silver hooks from the bottom of the larger hooks.

These are safety locks to prevent the TV from easily being removed.

Once a locking mechanism is out of the way, the TV will simply lift up and off the verticle support.

Mount It M1 392 42 to 80 in 36 inch long extension TV mount

3. Sliding/ swiveling/ tilting only

TVs mounted on sliding-only, swivel-only, or tilt-only mounts can be difficult to remove simply due to the fact that accessing the back of the TV is restrictive.

You will need a flashlight and long-handled screwdriver to see and reach the screws needed to remove the locking pins.

Once that is done, the TV itself should be able to lift up and off of the horizontal mounts as in the articulating mount.

Perlesmith PSMTK1 tilting TV mount in white background

4. Fixed TV wall mount

With limited views behind the TV, removing the television from a fixed wall mount may be a bit more time-consuming.

First, locate the locking screw at the top and unscrew it. Once that is removed, gently but firmly tilt the bottom of the TV towards you to disengage it from the gravity hooks.

After that, lift the entire TV up and towards the wall until it comes free from the horizontal bars that the bracket was hooked onto.

Perlesmith PSML1 fixed tv wallmount bare in white background

What are the common tools you need when dismounting a TV from the wall?

  • A screwdriver, usually a Phillips or cross-head is the most common. Screw lock mounts may need a Phillip up to 10 inches long.
  • Allen wrench of various sizes. Some mounts require an Allen wrench to release the locking mechanism.
  • Drywall filler and matching paint if you plan to remove the entire mount from the wall and want to fill in the holes left by screws. Or simply hang a mirror or painting in the location and don’t tell the landlord.

Allen wrenches and screwdrivers for removing TV

Preparing to remove the TV from the wall

Always be sure you have disconnected the cables and plugs [2]. Coil any wires up and keep the lengths from getting tangled or from being stepped on accidentally. This won’t be much trouble if the wires are hidden.

Have a friend handy to help you remove large TVs. This not only prevents damage to the TV but also to your own body when moving large or heavy TVs.

Don’t forget to have a soft blanket or other safe places to set the TV while you are removing or adjusting the wall mount.

How to remove a TV with the bracket attached?

Here’s how to unmount a TV off the wall with the bracket attached:

  1. Identify what type of bracket mount you are working with before you start.
  2. Make sure you have the right tools handy, either a screwdriver or an Allen wrench.
  3. Manually release any locking mechanisms before attempting to remove the TV.
  4. Gently tilt or slide the TV upwards until it is removed from the wall mount.
  5. Place the TV in a safe place to prevent damage to the screen or edges.

Removing attached TV bracket from the TV

How to remove a TV without the bracket attached?

  1. Identify what type of locking mechanism your bracket has.
  2. Pull down on the release cords, screws, or bar, or unscrew the mount locks to release the TV.
  3. Once that is done, pull the bottom of the TV towards you gently to free it from the locks.
  4. Have a friend help you lift the TV vertically in a sliding fashion to free your mind control from the bracket entirely.

Installing an articulating Tv mount cable management 1

How about old type TV mounts?

Two of the most common old type of TV wall mounts have a tray type of frame. Both of these mounts were used with old CRT television units.

Their boxy shape helped wedge the machine into wall mounts safely. But are rarely seen today, though may still be found in motorhomes, some old school projector rooms, and some hospitals.

How to remove a TV with an old type TV mount?

Most old-style wall mounts used Phillips-type screws, and any standard screwdriver could be used.

The best locking mechanisms were made so you won’t have to spend time figuring out how to unlock them.

Older model mounts for LCD or Plasma screens included the articulating X-mounts.

Remove an antique or old TV wall mount with a standard screwdriver by tilting the TV to the side to access the bracket on the back and simply unscrewing the 4 to 8 screws that are found there.

An old type CRT TV mount

Tips for safely removing a TV from a wall

When doing DIY like this we always recommend that the task is best done with a friend helping you. When removing a TV helping hands can be handy if you’re dealing with deceptively heavy hardware.

If you try to release the locking mechanisms and unmount a TV or from the wall on your own, you run the risk of damaging the TV or injuring yourself.

Always be sure the TV is fully unplugged from electricity before you start to do anything with the mount. Ensure all cords are disconnected from gaming consoles, speakers, and other media items and are securely coiled and tied so they do not present a trip hazard or get in your way.

The key lies on your TV mounting type.

Unmounting your TV from the wall can be a simple process as long as you take the time to find out what type of mount you will be working with. By following some of the tips and step-by-step guidelines listed above, you can quickly and easily remove or replace your TV from a wall mount.

Whether you are dealing with locking mechanisms or an old-style wall mount, articulating arms, or tilting units, unmounting the TV off the bracket itself is pretty straightforward.

Breaking up with your mount may seem daunting before you did your research, especially for larger TVs, but patience and a helping hand from a friend can make the process much easier!

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