How to mount a TV on a brick wall?

How to mount a TV on a brick wall?

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You can mount a TV on a brick wall, but doing so is going to require more knowledge, preparation, and tools than if you were mounting it only on drywall. You see, the problem with mounting a TV on a brick wall is the fact that brick tends to be brittle.

There needs to be a strong mounting and fixing, like concrete or timber behind the brick to mount the TV too, and this would be helpful for large or movable TV mounts.

When and how to mount a TV directly onto brick?

So can you mount a tv on a brick wall directly? And not have to do any drilling.

Instead of only relying on brittle brick for fixing, you can choose a hybrid stand or opt for a strong adhesive for the fixture.

Some good options include brick clip-on hangers, rails, or hook hangers.

When you have everything ready, then you can mount a TV on the brick wall.

Decoration on the interior of a brick wall

How to check if your brick wall can hold your TV?

If you mount your TV on a brick wall that is brittle, your TV might just fall to the floor and that’s never a good thing.

First things first, check and see how strong the bricks are, if the bricks are too brittle, check for a stud behind the brick.

In order for the wall to hold your TV, you need to have a sturdy anchor point.

To locate a stud, you can use a multipurpose radar stud finder.

Checking a the brick walls measurement and evenness

How to mount large, heavy, and extendable TV mounts on a brick wall?

Mounting a large, heavy, and extendable TV mount on a brick wall may seem impossible, but it’s not.

The problem is that extendable TVs tend to put a lot of strain on brittle brick.

You can mount your TV using these steps:

  1. Determine the placement. You will need to figure out where you want to place your television. We recommend centering the TV on the wall. Planning where you’re going to hang the TV is one of the most important parts of installing the mount. 
  2. Get your drill ready. On the brick wall, make a mark where the bracket will go making sure that the holes are level. Then drill where you have marked the holes. 
  3. Masonry screws. Now, is the time to fasten the TV mount using masonry screws. 
  4. Installation. Install the TV brackets and carefully hook the TV to the mount. 

    TV mounted on a brick wall

    Special notes

    • During the mounting process, you may want to locate concrete or timber behind the brick. Do a test hole or use a stud finding wall scanner for this. 
    • You can always remove a brick of course and replace it with a sturdy timber block that can add stronger support to install a TV mount too that the original brick.

    What tools are needed to install a tv mount on a brick wall?

    In order to mount a TV on a brick wall, we recommend the following tools:

    • Power drill. You can use any power drill for this job, but the best would be a cordless drill with a hammer function. Avoid using an impact driver because this tool can tend to over-tighten screws. 
    • Masonry drill bit. You need to use masonry drill bits. These bits have chisel-like tips and wings that are made for drilling into heavy-duty brick and concrete surfaces. 
    • Level. A level will help you get your TV as straight as possible. 
    • Permanent marker. Whiteboard markers or pencils make great marking tools and will show up on a brick wall and be able to be wiped off easier than a permanent marker. Use painter’s tape additionally underneath the marking to easily remove any lines no matter what type of marker or pen is used. 
    • Driver bit for your screws or anchor. If you’re using anchor screws, then a #2 Phillips driver bit that can be tightened into your drill driver would be suitable. If you’re using concrete screws, opt for a #3 Phillips or a socket set. 
    • Tape measure. A tape measure will ensure accurate bracket placement and height positioning. 
    • Safety gear. A dust mask and pair of safety glasses will help keep the dust from entering your lungs and eyes. 

    What are the materials and hardware to use?

    Concrete screws or anchors

    Concrete anchors are a brilliant breakthrough and are the best screw anchors for mounting a tv onto a brick wall.

    Both concrete screws and long timber wall anchors will be suitable if you use a timber block in place of brick.

    For a television that is over 75 pounds, we recommend concrete screws or coach screws in timber. For lighter TVs, wall anchor screws will do the trick. 

    Concrete anchors for fixing on bricks

    TV mount hardware

    A metal TV mount that can hold the weight of your TV is recommended. Here’s a list of the wall mounts that can be used:

    Fixed TV wall mount

    These are the lowest costing mounts. With a fixed wall mount, your TV will be placed close to the wall.

    If you’re planning on sitting directly in front of the TV from the same position, then this would be a good choice as a direct fix mount can still position the TV screen at just the right height. 

    Extendable TV mounts

    Longarm TV mounts are also referred to as full-motion TV mounts, which describe the name perfectly.

    Extendable TV mounts offer the widest viewing angle and can give you the perfect viewing angle within the flexibility and movability of the bracket

    This is my recommendation for the best possible TV wall mount.

    Corner TV mount

    As the name suggests, a corner TV mount will help to go about mounting your television in a corner.

    If planning on mounting a TV in a corner, then you should definitely go for the corner TV mount as this will make the process easier.

    Fireplace dropdown TV mounts

    Most people mount their TV above the fireplace, and there are TV mounts specifically designed to do so, which I have gone over extensively.

    With a fireplace mount, you will be able to pull your Tv out and down over your mantel, making a more comfortable view for television and a fireplace in the same location.

    How to mount a TV on a brick wall?

    We’ll break down the ways – On how to install a tv mount on a brick wall:

    1. Finding the right height for your TV

    When you’re mounting a TV on a brick wall, it is critical that you find the right height in order to make sure that your neck will be comfortable while watching TV. 

    Proper mounting height for a brick indoor wall will depend fully on the type of TV mount you use.

    Are you using a direct fix TV mount or a pop-down fireplace TV mount?

    The mounting height will also depend on the size of your TV. 

    For a fixed wall mount on brick and for a 42” TV, you would want to mount the center of the hardware at about 61 inches from the ground, while a 65” TV should be 65 inches from floor to center, while a 70” TV is recommended at 67 inches from the floor.

    But this also depends on your sitting height and distance.

    First, work out the best TV viewing height here regardless of the wall material.

    A huge TV fully hung on a brick wall

    Proper mounting height for a TV above a fireplace on a brick wall

    The best fireplace TV wall mounts we found – pop down from above which means that you can install a TV higher out of the way.

    The bracket can then extend and pop down when you want to watch your favorite shows.

    The tv wall mount height for a brick fireplace installation is going to depend on how high your mantel is, and the hardware you choose to use, as different brackets all have different drop-down heights.

    If the mantel is more than four feet from the fireplace you can install the TV at the mantle height or up higher for the best viewing height when extended down on a drop-down mechanism.

    If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, then 24 inches or more above the fireplace is the location to consider the mounting based on all the variables.

    Take note that from our study different mounts can drop down different amounts.

    By this, we mean that the measurement of a drop-down varies for each type of mounting hardware available.

    So how to mount a tv on a brick wall fireplace? and find the right height? Using a fireplace mount that drops down would be the best option.

    Deciding on the type, make and model of hardware needs to be done first as you will need to know the drop-down reach that will influence your mounting height.

    We recommend that you mount the TV high up so that when – dropped down the TV will sit at the perfect viewing height as discussed in our other guide for finding the right viewing height.

    Heighting a Tv when Tv is placed above fireplace bricks

    2. How to mark the position?

    First, center your chosen type of mount onto the wall.

    To make sure everything is straight, we recommend using a standard level or a green laser level.

    Take a pencil or permanent marker and mark where you will need to drill the holes in order to attach the mount to the wall. 

    3. How to pre-drill holes?

    Attach a masonry bit to your drill and drill pilot holes where you marked in the previous step.

    4. How to fix the brackets to the walls?

    Take the mount and hold the wall plate onto the wall. Use your drill to drill the mounting screws into the pilot holes you just made in the step above.

    5. Fix the 2nd bracket to the TV

    If you haven’t already done so, you need to remove the stand from your TV. On the back of the TV, locate the mounting plate attachment holes.

    Sometimes, these are covered with plastic or may have screws in them (remove that).

    Using the hardware included, attach the bracket (plate) to the back of the TV).

    6. Mount the TV onto the wall 

    This is your last step! You might need a partner to help with this one!

    Carefully lift up the television, and line the mounting arm (or plate) that was installed on the TV – up with the bracket that is on the wall.

    Connect them both according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    A TV on the center of a brickwall

    Can a TV on a brick wall be mounted without drilling?

    Yes, you can put a wall mount tv on brick without drilling. Here’s what you can use:

    1. Brick clamps. Many have been using brick clamps to hang something on a brick wall, without harming and they might just be a solution to your problem. Measure the depth of your mortar, then purchase clips that can work with that depth. A small number of brick clamps can hold a Tv that is up to 30 pounds. Make sure to spend some time doing your research on the clamps in order to make sure the brackets will go with your wall and TV.
    2. Rail. Traditionally, rails are used for hanging pictures, but people have been using them to hang their TVs. When you need to move the TV around, you’ll find that the rail is useful. The rail will run horizontally across the wall and is available in many materials, with wood railings being the most popular.  You will need to secure the rail onto the wall so that the TV doesn’t fall. Once the rails are placed, the TV should be safe from falls. 
    3. Hardwall hangers.  If the brick wall is damaged on the edges of the bricks, and brick clips don’t work for you, then you could use hard wall hangers. These hangers will require you to tap into the brick, which you may be trying to avoid. 
    4. Ultra-strong adhesives. This is a non-invasive option that will allow you to mount the TV on the wall without having to drill, but you need to consider the risks. Adhesives can be risky as glues may not work if your wall is uneven or if the mortar is lower than the brick. Sanding the brick, can make the surface less bumpy and more even. In order to hang a TV using adhesive, first prepare the surface. Measure your TV and mark the spots where you plan on mounting it to the wall. Make sure to apply the glue and bracket level and straight because once the adhesive has set in, you cannot move the position. Now, wipe the area clean. You don’t want any dust on the surface, also make sure that the wall is dry for the glue to stick properly. After the area has dried from cleaning the surface, it is time to apply adhesive glue and gently press the TV bracket in place. Follow the instructions that are on the adhesive packaging. Use screws and clamps to hold the bracket in place until the glue drys.

    What are the alternative mounting options?

    Ceiling mount

    If you don’t have much space on your walls or if you would like the TV to hang in the middle of your room, use a strong ceiling pole mount.

    Most major retailers carry ceiling mounts that you can purchase. Just check the specification in order to make sure the mount will be compatible with your TV.

    Another option we find popular and eye-catching is to use a motorized ceiling fold-down TV mount.

    Installing Moryde TV56 129H drop down tv mount

    Floor mount

    The Floor mount is a great alternative option and will be much easier to mount your TV.

    The floor mount is just a stand that mounts to the floor with a bar running horizontally for you to mount the TV.

    Hemudu TV floor stand on a white wall with media shelves

    Things to avoid when mounting a TV on a brick wall


    • Do measure before mounting.
    • Do use safety equipment.
    • Do consider the weight of your TV.


    • Don’t mount the TV too high.
    • Don’t sit too close to the TV.
    • Don’t forget about the location of the power outlet.

    Ready to mount?

    With the guide above, you can have that flatscreen TV mounted on a brick wall real soon. This project may take a couple of hours to do, but the work is worth the effort because having a TV mounted on the wall will give your home a more modern, sleek, and minimalist look.

    And if you’re wondering if installation is safe – to hang a TV straight on drywall, check out how much plasterboard can hold

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