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Most stable rolling mobile TV stands | For schools, training & meetings

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Looking for TV stands that you can move?

Make sure that a mobile or rolling tv stand has a stable wheelbase, and tilting feature as some of the portable TV stands we tested do not have this essential feature for classrooms or are stable enough for regular use and movement in offices.

When watching visual motion images comes to a mobile TV cart, the stands are great for use in schools, offices, hospitals, universities, workshops, and other places where a permanently installed TV is not an option and portability is a top priority.

The best rolling TV stand is easily moved in and out of the room and plugged into the nearest outlet, giving you a chance to watch training videos or participate in video calls even more remotely.

Finding the right mobile TV stand will depend on the size and weight of your TV, the shelf space you want, and the type of wheels you need for rolling across remote rugged terrain inside your home or office building.

Some do better indoors with flat and smooth flooring, while others can be used outdoors on patios and decks.

A wide wheelbase helps with stability. And a tilting feature is vital for students sitting on the ground. Not all mobile tv stands have a tilting feature.

TAVR mobile TV stand used for a conference meeting

Best mobile TV mount

#1 Editors Choice

Best for home and students.

Mount-It! MI-875 32 to 70 in, 110 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

  • Stylish and sleek look, with a tilting feature that other portable tv stands, don’t have for students sitting down.
  • Includes one shelf and a camera shelf that is great for zoom meetings.
  • The heavy-duty aluminum mount can hold up to 110 pounds.
  • The bracket is rotatable from portrait to landscape.
  • We think the instructions are confusing.

#2 Best value

Best for the office and university.

Perlesmith PSTVMC05 32 to 70 in, 100 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

  • We love the heavy-duty movable base with lockable caster wheels.
  • The height adjusts shoots right up to 59 inches.
  • Allows cable management through the tubes.
  • Carries TVs up to 100 pounds and looks complete boss in the office for presentations.
  • Has no angle adjustment for ground seated viewers.
  • Requires partial disassembly to adjust the height.

#3 Compact sturdy base

Good for inside libraries

NB North Bayou 32 to 65 in, 100 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

      • A sleek and modern design that is nice and stable.
      • Wide and sturdy base.
      • Can hold up to 100 pounds.
      • Stands about 44 to 60 inches height adjustment.
    • The plastic table can be brittle.
    • Small casters can be difficult to move.

#4 Premium-built

Kanto MTM65PL

Kanto MTM65PL 37 to 65 in, 80 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

        • Simple and discreet design.
        • All four wheels can be locked.
        • Has a camera shelf.
        • Stands up to 60 inches adjustable height.
        • 80 pounds TV weight capacity.
        • Can be difficult to move.
        • Some holes may need to be drilled out.

#5 Fully adjustable

Perlesmith PSTVMC03

Perlesmith PSTVMC03 32 to 60 in, 99 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • The shelf and pole are both adjustable.
          • Can be tilted to remove glare.
        • Can hold up to 99 pounds.
        • Construction can be difficult.
        • Some screw holes may be crooked.

#6 Intelligent construction

Onkron TS15-51

Onkron TS15-51 40 to 70 in, 100 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Sturdy stylish black alloy steel.
          • Intelligent built-in cable raceway.
          • Can hold flat or curved screens.
        • Includes shelf for the camera.
        • The mounting plate may conflict with some cables.
        • Assembly instructions are lacking.

#7 Tallest height

Mount Factory

Mount Factory 40 to 65 in, 100 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

        • Eye-catching design compatible with TVs up to 600 x 400mm hole patterns.
        • Large wide bottom support.
        • Extra-high adjustment of up to 72 inches tall and a weight capacity of 100 pounds.
        • The shelf is plastic and may break easily.
        • Cannot be tilted down for glare.

#8 Slim wide base


TAVR 32 to 70 in, 110 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Simple and unobtrusive design.
          • The universal VESA bracket works with most TVs of up to 600 x 400 mm VESA.
        • Can hold up to 110 pounds.
        • The screws included may be too big for holes.
        • Assembly instructions can be confusing.

#9 Two shelved aluminum

Mount-It! MI-1875

Mount-It! MI-1875 37 to 70 in, 110 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Small-base space-saver design for elegance.
          • Includes a tempered glass shelf.
        • Extends up to 70.9 inches in height and holds up to 110 pounds.
        • A small base may be easily tipped.
        • Some adjustment knobs are always loose.

#10 Best value Perlesmith

Perlesmith PSTVMC04

Perlesmith PSTVMC04 23 to 55 in, 55 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Durable X-shaped support legs.
          • Extremely versatile adjustment options.
          • Holds TVs up to 55 pounds.
          • Pole is visible at the top when TV is lowered.
          • Cable management options are limited.

#11 X-base space saver


Vivo STAND-TV04M 23 to 55 in, 55 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Sturdy X-shaped legs and locking wheels.
          • Includes a large shelf for a DVD player or laptop.
        • Options for stationary mounting with lockable caster wheels.
        • Can be easily tipped with larger TVs.
        • Assembly can be time-consuming.

#12 Wider X-base


Vivo STAND-TV03E 32 to 65 in, 110 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Very wide and sturdy X-shaped legs.
          • The screen can be tilted 15 degrees.
        • Can hold up to 110 pounds.
        • The laptop shelf can be too low for most.
        • May need some DIY modifications with screw holes.

#13 Two-shelved solid steel stand

Mount-It! MI-1870

Mount-It! MI-1870 32 to 55 in, 66 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Small base for media devices and consoles.
          • Middle shelf for holding DVD player or laptop.
          • 66 pounds TV weight capacity and adjustable height up to 60 inches.
          • Included hardware can be defective.
          • Instructions can be confusing to follow.

#14 For the average-sized TVs

Mount-It! Mi-1876

Mount-It! Mi-1876 23 to 55 in, 55 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Simple and discreet X-shaped design.
          • All four wheels can be locked.
        • Can hold TVs up to 55 pounds and with 400 x 400 mm mounting holes.
        • Can be easily tipped with larger TVs.
        • May not include assembly instructions.

#15 Most affordable


Rfiver 32 to 60 in, 88 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Space-saving sturdy base.
          • High-quality locking casters.
            • Height adjusts to up to 57 inches high.
        • Can hold up to 88 pounds
        • AV shelf can be very low.
        • Cord management is lacking.

#16 For small TVs

Mount-It! MI-879

Mount-It! MI-879 13 to 42 in, 44lbs capacity, mobile TV stand

          • Reliable cold-rolled steel support.
          • Two casters can be locked.
          • Can hold TVs up to 200 x 200 mm mounting holes and up to 44 pounds in weight.
          • Does not include any shelves.
          • Can be easily tipped over.

Features to consider before buying a mobile TV mount

1. Build and structure

Some budget-friendly stands can be made from less than desirable materials.

Always be sure the stand you are considering is made from heavy-duty tempered steel to guarantee more rugged durability.

Also, you want rolling TV stands to hold not only flat screens but curved screens too.

2. Weight capacity

Always be sure you check the weight capacity of the stand and compare this to the weight of your TV and laptop.

Remaining under that weight limit is safest to prevent tipping and vertical pole failure on the stand.

Close up TAVR mobile TV stand

3. Viewing angle

Ensuring you have the best viewing angle is important when used in schools and offices.

Some stands offer a slight angle and tilt option while others are completely stationary with no movement options other than sitting on the floor.

You want to keep the screen at a good eye level from different positions.

4. Adjustable height

If you are considering a mobile TV stand, be sure to have the height adjustments you need.

Take for example, if you will look for low base mobile TV stands for churches or are in the need of extra height for rolling TV stands for hospitals then consider flexible and wide height adjustment in the range you are needing.

Some are fixed to a certain height, while others have a wide range of height adjustment options to suit your needs.

5. Media shelves

Most stands will include one central media shelf for laptops or DVD players or gaming consoles.

Others may have small upper shelves for webcams.

The base on some stands also counts as a base for speakers and other AV equipment and devices like microphones.

6. Cable management 

Some stands are made so cables can be run through the central vertical pipe to keep them hidden and organized.

While others will need to have the cables secured to the exterior of the stand using clips.

Look for a rolling stand where you don’t need to worry about hiding cables as you move from one area to another place.

Media shelf in Vivo STAND-TV03E for mobile TV

7. Caster wheels

All mobile TV stands include casters of different sizes.

Some may include all four wheels as locking, while others may only have two lockable wheels. Some stands don’t have lockable wheels at all.

8. Base

Some bases may be extremely small and discreet, while others will be large and bold.

Small bases are stylish but maybe tippy, and larger bases are extremely stable but can be a tripping hazard.

Reasons to buy a mobile TV stand

1. Portability

If you often find yourself presenting video curricula in different classrooms or offices, it’s important to have an easily portable TV stand to take along with you.

2. Flexibility

Being able to find a versatile mount that offers a range of adjustment options is great in offering flexibility. 

3. Two or three in one mounting

Some mounts offer two-in-one mounting options, while others offer three-in-one. Be sure you know which stand offers what.

Bedroom mounting with Perlesmith PSTVMC03 mobile TV stand

4. No drilling

Using a mobile TV stand means you won’t have to damage your walls or ceilings by drilling permanent brackets and mounting arms into the surface of the plasterboard.

However, for permanent mounting of a TV, we recommend the best tv wall mount here.

5. Save space

Being able to move a TV out of a room when the programming machine is not needed can open up usable space for other activities.

Mobile TV stand vs Fixed floor TV stand

By build

Both mobile TV stands and vertical TV stands are built similarly. You will particularly be relying on a heavy-duty rolling TV stand if you always have to move your TV box around.

The most notable difference is mobile stands will have caster wheels while vertical stands do not but rather sit on the ground with a weighted base or are permanently fixed to the floor using screws.

By viewing angle

Both mobile TV stands and vertical TV stands offer the same general range of motion.

You may occasionally find more range of motion in a vertical TV stand, however, if you don’t consider the mobile stand can be moved by using the wheels.

Using Hemudu HT2001B TV floor stand

By portability

Being able to roll a mobile TV stand into and out of different rooms is much easier than having to carry the weight of the stand and TV as you would with a vertical TV stand.

By assembly

Both mobile TV stands and vertical TV stands share many of the same assembly perks and challenges. You will be tasked with connecting the wheels to a mobile TV stand, however, it’s pretty simple.

By function

A mobile TV stand is normally used in schools, libraries, offices, hospitals, daycares, and other areas where a permanent television is not needed.

Vertical TV stands are normally a more permanent addition to a corner or wall and won’t be moved nearly as often.

The shorter version stands above a tabletop and has no options to move to another place as easily as the best brackets are bolted down.

Mount-It! MI-1870 mobile TV stand in a conference room

Mobile TV vs Projector

Mobile TV stand


  • Allows school curriculum to be moved between classrooms.
  • Allows offices to engage in video learning and conferencing.
  • Can be great for guest bedrooms or temporary guest areas.
  • Can be used for trade shows and other business events.


  • Not always suitable for outdoor use.



  • Can be easier to transport.
  • Can be placed on small desks or shelves.
  • The viewing screen can be less clear but bigger.


  • Requires clear wall or drop-down screen for viewing.
  • Can be costly to obtain and maintain.
  • Requires a dark room to be easily viewed.

A mobile TV stand is for you…

  • If you always need to move your TV.
  • If you want to watch TV on the patio or outdoors.
  • If you also want to move your media console.
  • If you don’t want to drill your wall or bolt down the floor.
  • If your organization holds regular conferences and AV presentations.

Ready to see our recommended rolling TV mounts? Read more.

Vivo STAND-TV04M mobile TV stand on a living room

Choosing the best mobile TV mount

#1 Top mobile TV mount

The Mount-It! MI-875 stand is eye-catching from the moment we noticed the stature and stylish decor capabilities. Our top recommendation makes for a great rolling TV stand for home shows, public uses, or office Zoom meetings.

The stable base includes four smoothly rolling casters on large and stable legs to help prevent tipping even when holding large TVs which we found to be a problem with some other models.

I like the style and stability but some people prefer a darker black mount to suit their interior design.


  • Has a tilting feature other rolling tv mounts don’t have for your neck.
  • Found to have a heavy-duty weight capacity of up to 110 lbs.
  • Feels strong and light with the aluminum construction.
  • Includes a camera and media shelf.
  • Takes up to 700 x 400 mm TVs.


  • Joints are not quite as strong as others.

Mount-It! MI-875 rolling TV stand with mock TV

Best value mobile TV stand

The Perlesmith PSTVMC05 is an attractive mount with a black powder-coated finish.

Being great for home use, or areas, where children may be present as the base, is wider making your prized possession extra stable.

We found this to be extremely sturdy and hard to tip over from our tests, even when holding large TVs straight up.

I will say this again the wide-set legs provide stability while the four locking casters are easy to roll as needed. A no-brainer when you frequently need to move a TV in an office, library, or building.


  • Extra compact with a great sturdy base and strong joints that can handle the bumps.
  • Up to 59 inches of height adjustment.
  • Hides your cables neatly for a tidy ending.


  • Doesn’t tilt, requiring you to only use height adjustment for direct viewing, not good for ground sitting classrooms.

Perlesmith PSTVMC05 mobile TV stand on a conference room

Best value Perlesmith mobile stand

The Perlesmith PSTVMC04 is a cheaper mount from a high-quality brand.

Perlesmith is known for making a wide range of useful AV products, and this stand is no different.

The X-shaped base offers a full range of stability to prevent tipping, and the stand is made to hold TVs up to 55 inches.


  • The media shelf has flexible and adjustable height.
  • Robust X-base.
  • Height adjustable up to 60.8 inches.
  • Takes TVs up to 55 lbs.


  • Doesn’t tilt meaning you need to set the right height perfectly.
  • The base is found to be smaller than what we like.

Perlesmith PSTVMC04 mobile TV stand on a conference room

Most affordable rolling stand

The Rfiver is a budget-friendly portable TV stand on wheels that offers a tilt option.

Making a great portable TV stand for a trade show, for schools, or for home use.

The x-style base includes locking casters to ensure your TV stays where you intentionally place the stand for watching presentations or attending remote meetings.

I like that extreme affordability can be found here.


  • Has air cooling technology for the AV shelf.
  • The bracket has a safety lock.
  • The space-saving base hides under a bed or table with a 4.5-inch profile.


  • The cable management seems to be lacking.

Rfiver 32 to 60 in, 88 lbs capacity, mobile TV stand with mock TV

How do the cable and cords go on a mobile TV stand?

Depending on the stand’s brand and model, the cords may be able to slide through the inside of the support beam holding the TV up.

In this case, the cords will be hidden and discreet.

Others may require the cords and cables to be secured to the outside of the stand’s legs with zip ties or cable wires.

This is more visible, but still keeps the cords organized as well.

Cable management Vivo STAND-TV04M mobile TV stand

Is your TV safe on a moving TV mount?

Having a stand with a large TV on top may add some anxiety to your day. After all, the TV looks to be somewhat top-heavy and the stand might tip over. If this is a concern, always consider the base size.

Larger X-shaped or H-shaped bases are extremely stable even when holding large TVs. Smaller bases are discreet, but usually require the weight of extra audio/visual equipment to keep the rolling stand more stable.

Locking wheels can also add an extra level of security.

They will prevent the TV mount from sliding and bumping into something on accident and potentially breaking or otherwise damaging the TV.

If you have pets or kids in the house, you might want to consider a TV stand that pops up and hides in a cabinet.

Imagine if you were to park your car without a handbrake! A rolling TV mount is the same story.

Watching TV at living room with Vivo STAND-TV04M mobile TV stand

How to adjust the height safely with a mounted TV on a mobile TV stand?

Most mobile TV stands will have spring-assisted risers that allow you to raise and lower the height of the TV with great ease and motion.

There will be a secure locking mechanism that you will need to loosen by pushing a button, turning a knob, or using a hex key.

After the nuts are loosened, you can easily slide the unit up or down to adjust the height, take your time to find the perfect spot.

Spring-assisted or electronic adjusting mounts can normally be done by a single individual.

Onkron TS15-51 mobile TV stand used in the living room

Tips for moving mobile TV mounts


  • Move the stand slowly and with steady pressure.
  • Hold onto the stand with both hands to prevent tipping.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and anything on the floor that could hit the wheel or base when rolling.
  • Do use a mobile TV stand with a wide base, and large wheels.


  • Try to push the mount over uneven terrain
  • Dont push the mount from the top as this can cause the whole mobile cart to tip.
  • Dont be afraid to ask another person for help when moving a large TV if you have a narrow wheel-based roller.

How I compared the features


Mount-It! MI-875

Perlesmith PSTVMC05

NB North Bayou

Kanto MTM65PL

Perlesmith PSTVMC03

Onkron TS15-51

Mount Factory


Mount-It! MI-1875

Perlesmith PSTVMC04



Mount-It! MI-1870

Mount-It! Mi-1876


Mount-It! MI-879

Mount-It! MI-875 32 to 70 in, 110 lbs capacity, mobile TV standPerlesmith PSTVMC05 32 to 70 in, 100 lbs capacity, mobile TV standNB North Bayou 32 to 65 in, 100 lbs capacity, mobile TV standKanto MTM65PL 37 to 65 in, 80 lbs capacity, mobile TV standPerlesmith PSTVMC03 32 to 60 in, 99 lbs capacity, mobile TV standOnkron TS15-51 40 to 70 in, 100 lbs capacity, mobile TV standMount Factory 40 to 65 in, 100 lbs capacity, mobile TV standTAVR 32 to 70 in, 110 lbs capacity, mobile TV standMount-It! MI-1875 37 to 70 in, 110 lbs capacity, mobile TV standPerlesmith PSTVMC04 23 to 55 in, 55 lbs capacity, mobile TV standVivo STAND-TV04M 23 to 55 in, 55 lbs capacity, mobile TV standVivo STAND-TV03E 32 to 65 in, 110 lbs capacity, mobile TV standMount-It! MI-1870 32 to 55 in, 66 lbs capacity, mobile TV standMount-It! Mi-1876 23 to 55 in, 55 lbs capacity, mobile TV standRfiver 32 to 60 in, 88 lbs capacity, mobile TV standMount-It! MI-879 13 to 42 in, 44lbs capacity, mobile TV stand
Verdict:#1 Most stableBest valueBest value PerlesmithBest low cost
TV size:32 to 70 inches32 to 70 inches32 to 65 inches37 to 65 inches32 to 60 inches40 to 70 inches40 to 65 inches32 to 70 inches37 to 70 inches23 to 55 inches23 to 55 inches32 to 65 inches32 to 55 inches23 to 55 inches32 to 60 inches13 to 42 inches
Weight capacity:110 lbs100 lbs100 lbs80 lbs99 lbs100 lbs100 lbs110 lbs110 lbs55 lbs55 lbs110 lbs66 lbs55 lbs88 lbs44 lbs
Media shelf1 pc1 pc1 pc1 pc1 pc1 pc1 pc1 pc2 pcs1 pc1 pc1 pc2 pcs1 pc1 pcNone
Camera shelfYesYesYesYesNoneYesYesNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone

The verdict: On the best portable TV mount.

After comparing an extensive range of various mobile TV stands with wheels, the best mobile TV stand we found to be is the most versatile portable stand with downwards tilting adjustments for sitting students found in the Mount-It! MI-875.

This stand offers a range of features that other stands dont include, as well as offering a stylish and stable base to prevent tipping.

However, if you want a black color mount, then look no future than our next-in-line Perlesmith, although some report getting a sore neck if not positioned correctly.

Mount-It! MI-875 mobile TV stand used for conference

Style, stability and Tilt?

  • I like a reliable mount dont you? That’s why we believe in freedom of movement for our TVs, robots, and computers.
  • Has a functional tilting function that other rolling TV Stands don’t have.
  • Includes camera and media shelve that work great for zoom meetings.
  • The intelligent cable management system gets our 5-star rating for a clean finish at the end.
  • Takes TVs of 110 lbs and up to a 700 x 400mm mounting pattern.

Our #1 Mobile TV stand reccomendation

Mount-It! MI-875 rolling TV stand with mock TV


Frequently Asked Questions

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It depends. Some units can fit a camera, media consoles, and an amplifier. Some units have shelves for media consoles only.

Both of them have safety features that can prevent tipping and can secure the TV in its place. A mobile TV stand has locking wheels to keep it in its place. A floor TV stand has a heavy base that keeps it in place and carries the weight of your TV.

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