Best TV Corner mounts

Best TV Corner mounts

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Can you actually mount your TV in a corner?

Nothing makes your new TV stand out more than a strong corner wall TV mount.

With full-motion, you’ll be able to position and secure your TV in a corner and remove those annoying glares out of the way by being able to adjust the screen position, while decluttering the corner of your room from an obstructive cabinet.

A full-motion corner wall mount allows you to tilt, swivel, level, extend and adjust the height of your TV while being securely fastened into the corner of your room.

Best of all, no more annoying TV stands taking up all the space. However, when you search online, you’ll probably see dozens of TV mounts. How do you choose the right one?

We’ll give you our top pick for the best corner TV mount and everything you need to know about these mounts and the alternatives.

Vermount corner TV mount on white brick wall

Best corner TV mount

#1 Editors Choice

For Architectural quality

Perlesmith PSCLF1 37 to 65 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mount

  • My favorite design fits most TVs ranging from 37 to 65 inches. 
  • The mount can tilt, level, and swivel for proper TV positioning.
  • Dual arms add stability and hold more weight.
  • Can be difficult to assemble by yourself if you are new to DIY.

#2 Best value

For corner mounting

Mount It MI 484C 37 to 63 in 132 lbs capacity corner TV mount

  • Compatible with most TV brands and even up to 70-inch TV. 
  • One of the most durable and strongest brackets we could find holding up to 132 lbs.
  • The dual-arm design prevents sagging.
  • The bracket itself is quite heavy. 

#3 Longest Perlesmith

For long reach

Perlesmith PSCMF1 26 to 55 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mount

      • This mount can extend from 2.2″ to 24″. 
      • Dual-arm design positions on both sides of the wall for stability. 
      •  Easily connects to wooden studs, concrete, or brick walls.
    • Unable to mount to drywall alone.

#4 Best affordable


Fozimoa 32 to 50 in 77 lbs capacity corner TV mount

        • Extremely affordable compared to other TV mounts. 
        • Universally compatible with most VESA standards. 
        • The TV mount is able to swivel 45 degrees in each direction for great viewing.
        • Only supports 77 lbs, which may not be suitable for bigger and heavier TVs.

#5 Heavy capacity

Installerparts  5590

Installerparts 37 to 65 in 130 lbs capacity corner TV mount

          • A strong mount with the capacity to hold 130 lbs. 
          • Made of high-quality steel for durability.
          • Made of high-quality steel for durability
        • Able to tilt 15 degrees up and down and swivel 60 degrees in either direction. 
        • Only compatible with two VESA patterns.

#6 For all sizes


Vemount 32 to 65 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mount

          • Relatively inexpensive. 
          • Offers full-motion adjustments like swiveling, tilting, levels, and extension. 
        • Compatible with lots of different TV sizes.
        • Instructions aren’t easy to understand. 

Best single arm corner TV mount

#1 For flexibility and strength

Best value for extending out from corners

Mount It M1 372 42 to 80 in 110 lbs capacity corner TV mount

  • This corner tv mount with swiveling arm extends up to 40 inches. 
  • Able to swivel 360 degrees. 
  • Supports up to 110 lbs to prevent your TV from falling.
  • No paper template for mounting screws when installing. 

#2 For ruggedness

The style is for gaming nerds

Sanus VLF728 B2 42 to 90 in 125 lbs capacity corner TV mount

  • Able to mount extremely large TVs up to 90″.
  • Offers built-in cable management to keep a clean look. 
  • Experience a slim profile that blends in with your interior design.
  • Quite expensive compared to other TV mounts. 

#3 Smoothest movements

For smooth extension from corners

Solid Mounts 32 to 65 in 36 inch long extension TV mount

      • Supports your box with many VESA patterns for different TV brands. 
      • Able to maneuver and adjust the TV angle with just a finger. 
      • Available in 36″ or 42″ extension.
    • The bracket itself is quite heavy.
        • A more expensive option.

#4 With safety bracket

Mount-It! M1-392

Mount ItM1 392 42 to 80 in 176 lbs capacity corner TV mount

        • Comes with a double arm to add extra security and prevent the TV from sagging. 
        • Cable clips will hold your cables and avoid clutter. 
        • Offers full motion such as tilt, swivel, level, and extension.
        • We found some difficulty in the installation process. 

#5 For single stud

Aeon FBA_AEON-40112

Aeon FBA AEON 40112 32 to 65 in 70 lbs capacity corner TV mount

          • An affordable TV mount. 
          • Works for single wood stud, masonry, or concrete wall. 
        • Designed for closer VESA patterns from 100x100mm to 400x400mm.
        • The arm doesn’t extend as far out as some of the premium TV mounts.

#6 Most seamless

Vivo VW03G

Vivo VW03G 40 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity corner TV mount

          • A low profile image and seamless design. 
          • The TV mount is height adjustable. 
        • Offers a full range of motion: 90-degree swivel and +10 to -15 degree tilt capabilities. 
        • Only holds TVs up to 66 lbs.

#7 Stronghold

Mount-It! M1-319L

Mount It M1 319L 40 to 70 in 220 lbs capacity corner TV mount

        • One of the strongest single-arm budget brackets able to hold 220 lbs.  
        • Fits TV screens up to 70 inches.  
        • Compatible with many TV brands and VESA Patterns up to 850×450 mm.
        • Not designed for smaller TVs below 40 inches.

#8 Heavy-duty material

Mount-It! MI-2171L

Mount It MI 2171L 32 to 65 in 165 lbs capacity corner TV mount

          • Extremely low-priced corner wall mounts for a flat-screen TV. 
          • Includes a safety screw bracket locket system to ensure stability. 
        • Made of heavy gauge metal to limit sagging even when fully extended.
        • Pulling out or away from the mounting location takes a bit of effort. 

#9 Comprehensive cabling set

Forging Mount HY9389-B

Forging Mount HY9389 B 32 to 70 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mount

          • Installation takes under 30 minutes. 
          • appearance.
          • Able to swivel 360 degrees. 
        • Includes wallplate covers and cable covers for a better
        • TV may sag or slightly lean forward when fully extended. 

#10 For small TVs

Perlesmith PSMFK1 

Perlesmith PSMFK1 26 to 55 88 lbs capacity corner TV mount

        • Extremely affordable. 
        • The mount has a swivel, level, and tilt adjustments. 
        • Uses 8.8 level wall screws for additional safety.
        • Not designed for bigger TVs over 55 inches. 
        • Only found to extend up to 19.5 inches.

What are the two ways to mount the TV in the corner?

The best way to mount a TV is using a single arm or double arm corner TV mount. A single-arm TV mount is installed on one corner of the wall and moved into the corner with the flexibility of the arm.

In contrast, a double-arm corner mount requires you to use two walls, both adjacent to each other for securing into position. These two arms converge into the classic corner mount tv bracket to hold your TV.

What are the features to look for in a corner TV mount?

Single-arm or dual-arm?

Consider whether you want a single or dual-arm TV mount. Each has its own pros and cons. A single-arm is designed for smaller TVs and has more range to swivel and extension.

A dual-arm can hold more weight and is designed for larger TVs.

Extended length of the arm

The extended length of the arm is the distance that the arm can extend outwards. The larger your TV the longer the corner mount arm needs to extend!

When contracted the TV corners should be about 2 or 3 inches from the wall, this clearance helps avoid wall damage.

When a corner mount extends, the arm can reach anywhere from 19″ to 40″ depending on the type of mount.

The longer distance allows you to view the TV screen closer at a further distance and get a viewing angle that is optimal for your current position.

Weight capacity

We found that every corner TV mount will display the weight capacity each bracket can support is inside the packaging.

The weight of your TV will vary based on the model.

For example, a 50″ TV from Samsung will likely be different than a 50″ from Sony.

VESA pattern

The VESA pattern is the distance behind the four mounting holes located on the back of your TV. This pattern is measured in millimeters.

Every TV mount will tell you what VESA pattern mount is compatible with the unit.

Distance when retracted to the wall

As mentioned above, this is the flat position against the wall when the TV is neutral without extending outward for single-arm corner mounts when positioned flat on the wall and not in the corner.

This distance for most TV mounts is about 2 to 3 inches and not much different than a standard wall mount.

Mount It MI 484C mounted on bed corner

Swiveling, articulating, and tilting motion

Having a full-range TV mount helps to reduce glare and allows you to customize the positioning of your TV based on your preferences.

Most TV mounts can swivel between 90 to 180 degrees, level about 4 degrees at each corner, and tilt up to 15 degrees up or down.


Ergonomics is the efficiency with which you can interact with your TV corner wall mount.

For instance, being able to adjust the height and the level of your TV may prevent you from straining your neck when viewing the TV screen.

Cable management

Some TV mounts come with cable management roadways to conceal your cords.

Essentially these are brackets or caps that are placed over the cords. Organization in your home entertainment system is much more aesthetic and makes your setup look sleek, modern, and tidy.

Mount it Mi 372 mounted in the corner of the living room

Why mount a TV in a corner?

There are many reasons why one corner TV mount is better than others. But why use a corner mount?  

  1. Using a corner TV mount will save you tons of space. You won’t have to get a stand or table that will take up a lot of space. As a result, your room or living space will look less cluttered and clean. If you have a big TV, finding a big platform to hold your TV can be challenging without a proper sleek TV mount. 
  2. With a corner mount with full-motion capabilities, you’ll eliminate any potential of sun glare. For example, depending on the time of day, the sun can cause glare in your room. You’ll be able to easily extend, tilt, swivel or level your TV until the glare is gone. 
  3. You won’t experience neck or back pain. Many corner TV mounts are height adjustable and have a long extending arm so that you can adjust the positioning to prevent you from straining your back muscles to watch TV. 
  4. Mounting your TV in the corner also increases safety, especially for those who have children or pets at home. Flat screens are prone to tipping over and falling, which can be dangerous to leave only sitting around without any sort of safety locks or proper fastening to the wall. 
  5. TV mounts are modern and stylish and can blend, organize and enhance your current interior design. Many are low profile and have various cable management brackets to conceal your cables and make your room look better.

Single extending arm or dual extending arm?

Before you purchase a single or dual extending arm for corner mounting your tv, there are a few things you should consider.

A single extending arm is when there is only one arm attached to the TV bracket—a dual extending arm using two arms to connect to a bracket, which requires fixing two wall studs on each arm.

Single-extending arm


  • A single extending arm is better suited for lighter and smaller TV screens.
  • Only on moving part makes the position much easier to handle, maneuver, and adjust with much more reach and flexibility.
  • Easier to install and will likely only require one person rather than two to set up.
  • Since the bracket connects to a single wall and requires one less arm to mount, the installation process is quite straightforward and won’t require as much DIY.
  • Also, single arms have a wider range to swivel by only using one arm.


  • Supports less weight.
  • Prone to sagging when you’re carrying heavier TVs, so it’s best to pick the strongest mount you can find, like a Dual-extending arm.

Dual-extending arm


  • One of the biggest advantages of using a dual extending arm is that they are engineered to handle weight over 200 lbs, and therefore better support TV’s from sagging.
  • Since there’s an additional arm acting as support, the steel construction is much more reliable when holding larger and heavier TV screens.


  • The downside to using a dual-extending arm is that the base and arms can be heavier, and have less flexibility in overall movement.
  • There are two brackets to mount which can require a second person for installation.

Personally, we recommend a dual extending arm for the extra security that can be provided if you permanently want your TV in the corner.

TVs are prone to tipping on long wall mounts if the quality is not there. Handling TVs over 75 lbs can be dangerous, even if the single-arm has been thoroughly designed.

What is easier to install?

Single-arm TV mounts are much easier to install because the total unit weight is lighter, and only requires one wall to attach the mounting plate to.

With every corner flat-screen TV mount, you’ll need to locate the wall studs to mount the bracket too.

A single-arm only requires you to find 1 or 2 studs for one side of the wall, while a dual-arm requires your wall to have a stud at close to equal lengths away from the corner. knock your wall with your knuckles in the corner to find out.

Most single arm mounts can be installed with only one person on any existing wall structure.

Forging Mount HY9389 B mounted on a corner

Choosing the top corner TV mount

#1 Dual-arm corner TV mount

There are many benefits to the Perlesmith PSCLF full-motion dual-arm corner TV mount. We found the quality here to be much better than what we found to be functional as the best value, next in line. While this option is priced affordably as well.

We like how this bracket is compatible with most types of TVs like Samsung, Vizio, TCL, and LG TVs. From the box, the mount fits most VESA patterns for even more TV compatibility.

Whether you have a curved or flat panel TV, this option fits either way. 

Expect most of the benefits of a full-motion mount like a 45-degree swivel in each direction, a +5 degree tilt upwards, and a -10 degree tilt downwards. The dual-arm can also extend 22 inches outward.

Overall, I like the stability of being able to position and corner wall mount a tv bracket to prevent glare and ensure convenient viewing as the maximum stability helps protect from sag.


  • One of the most compatible mounts since this works with many wall types, TV brands, and VESA patterns.
  • Dual-arm and plenty of wall screws and its safety lock ensure a secure hold of your TV.
  • Swivels 45 degrees in each direction and tilts up 5 degrees, and tilts down 10 degrees.


  • Requires a second person to help you install this mount.
  • The TV mount is heavy.

    Perlesmith PSCLF1 bracket showing size ranges

    #1 Best value single-arm

    Depending on the setup of your space, you can take pride in an extra-long extension for your corner TV mount.

    The Mount-It! M1-372 is by far one of the longest, measuring 40 inches.

    This tv mount for the corner lets you extend far out, meaning you’ll have a good view of the screen if you’re on the opposite corner of the room. 

    This corner mount TV bracket is also equipped with a wide swivel of up to 180 degrees. For instance, if the sun is glaring, you can swivel the TV in the other direction.

    I like that this has pretty solid strength holding up to 110 pounds of TV and fits TV screens all the way – up to 80 inches wide!


    • Can extend 40 inches, resulting in an ideal tv wall mount for the corner of a room.
    • Offers three swivel pivot points of up to 180 degrees.
    • Two joint support along with mounting plate stability and holds up to 110 lbs.


    • Missing a template for mounting screws.

      Mount It M1 372 showing screen size

      #2 Best value dual-arm

      Want something stable and strong? It’s hard to argue against the Mount-It! MI-484C, especially since the price is much lower than researched competitors.

      Not only does the dual-arm connect to the bracket, but the unit also has a square mounting plate connected to the arms for easier stud connection. This adds a more solid foundation to hold your TV.

      Even when extending, we found this mount less likely to sag or dip with the wider support, despite having a slightly cheaper build. 

      Like the other mounts, this can articulate, swivel, tilt, collapse, and extend with great ease.

      We are quite impressed with the overall compatibility and stability for the price while found to be compatible with a range of TV brands and VESA patterns.

      The VESA pattern compatibility ranges from 100x100mm to 800x400mm.


      • Each arm has a mounting plate for additional security to hold your TV.
      • This tv wall mount for the corner can hold 132 lbs.
      • Nice and compatible with many VESA patterns. 


      • Seems to lack good instructions and a wall stencil.
      • Found to have a bulky look and feel.

        Mount It MI 484C showing swivel and tilting measurements

        #3 Single-arm corner TV mount

        Single-arm TV mounts usually get a bad rap for holding up when permanently in an extended position such as being positioned into a  corner at full extension.

        However, the Sanus is built with a solid steel frame and has a double hinge on the arm for more stability. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty, which shows their confidence in the product. 

        Also, due to the steel frame, the bracket can hold up to 125 pounds, which is more than most other single-arm TV mounts.

        The Sanus VLF728 is suitable for bigger TV screens and fits a screen size of 42 to 90 inches.


        • Slim and low profile design for aesthetics.
        • Made of a solid steel frame for durability.
        • Able to extend outward 28 inches.


        • Doesn’t swivel as far as other single-arm mounts.
        • Somewhat overpriced if you don’t want the flexibility of a single arm.

          Leveling Sanus VLF728 B2 to the center of the wall

          #1 Most affordable

          If you’re looking for an affordable corner tv mount for flat screens, consider the Fozimoa TV mount as hardware mainly designed for smaller to medium-sized TV screens.

          This full-motion corner tv wall mount can swivel 90 degrees in each direction, +3 degrees up and -15 degrees down. For the price, practically has nearly the same functions as the more expensive options.

          Overall, the bracket is lightweight, and the installation is quite easy.

          A manual is provided, and all of the manual hardware is delivered in separate sealing bags.


          • Affordable pricing for those on a bigger budget.
          • Offers multiple heavy-duty joints for extra support.
          • Found to offer a full range of motion with a 45-degree swivel in each direction along with tilting and leveling.


          • Only suitable for small to mid-sized TVs.
          • Doesn’t come with any cable management features.

            Fozimoa corner TV bracket showing extension from the wall

            What are the challenges when mounting in a corner?

            1. The typical struggle is to locate the studs.

            You won’t be able to install your TV mount onto your drywall directly. Use a stud finder to find each stud on your wall if the tapping method doesn’t work for you. 

            2. Most people fail to understand VESA sizes.

            VESA patterns are the distances between each mounting hole for your TV screen.

            Make sure to understand and find the VESA pattern for your TV.

            Learning whether your new bracket is compatible with your TV mount is important from the beginning. 

            Perlesmith PSCMF1 corner tv bracket mounted on living room

            3. Cables are ugly and cause clutter in your space.

            We recommend finding a TV mount with some cable management features to hide your cables. 

            4. Your TV isn’t leveled correctly.

            Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as fixing a crooked painting.

            Make sure to level the hardware accurately, with a spirit level so that the mount looks great even from a distance and so that you don’t have to re-mount and start from scratch because of complaints.

            Cable management tips for corner TV mounting

            There are a few options when trying to hide cables so that the cords are out of sight.

            1. You can try running your TV wires behind the wall.

            This is probably the most difficult way because this involves cutting a wall open and feeding the cords in and out of the wall.

            First, you’ll need to find two studs on different sections of your wall.

            The side of the studs will be the openings to position the outlet to feed the cable into, and the other would be behind the screen.

            You’ll then use two cable plates and a utility knife to get the job done. Consider having a technician help you with this. 

            Installing an articulating Tv mount cable management 1

            2. Use cord clips or zip ties to hide or bunch the wires into a single area.

            Small plastic clips with adhesive backing can organize cords together without damaging the cords.

            This is the simplest way to remove any wire-related clutter. But won’t fully hide the cords, this will make your entertainment system look much cleaner.

            Additionally, zip ties can be used to bundle cables together.

            3. Lastly, use other concealing methods like a wall cord raceway kit or cable management box.

            A cable track can help completely cover up and organize any cords.

            If you have a corner TV mount with a shelf, you can tuck the wires behind your decor as well.

            Installation tips for corner mounting your LCD

            Follow these do’s and don’ts so that you have a much easier time installing your LCD tv to your corner TV mount.


            • Research your TV’s weight, dimensions, and VESA patterns. 
            • Have a stud finder ready to go before installing.


            • Don’t go drilling in on the drywall. 
            • Don’t install your TV where there is poor ventilation or under direct sunlight to prevent overheating.

            As a safety precaution, make sure that all screws, bolts, and the entire mounting bracket are securely fitted and tightly screwed into solid timber or masonry. Anything loose could fall from a knock otherwise.

            Any alternative TV bracket to mount in the corner?

            There are other options besides using a corner TV mount to install your TV into the corner of your room. In the corner – “Your journey to the dark side will be complete”. However, you can use a floor pole mount or a ceiling pole mount to get the job done.

            A floor pole mount stands on the floor, while the ceiling pole mount lets you suspend the TV from the ceiling heights.

            Of course, you can always use wood to build your own DIY corner tv mount but this will never be as easy, sleek, or strong as a steel bracket.

            How I compared the features 

            For dual-arm corner TV mounts


            Perlesmith PSCLF1

            Mount-It! MI-484C

            Perlesmith PSCMF1




            Perlesmith PSCLF1 37 to 65 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mountMount It MI 484C 37 to 63 in 132 lbs capacity corner TV mountPerlesmith PSCMF1 26 to 55 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mountFozimoa 32 to 50 in 77 lbs capacity corner TV mountInstallerparts 37 to 65 in 130 lbs capacity corner TV mountVemount 32 to 65 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mount
            Verdict:#1 Top corner TV mount#2 Best value Best low-cost
            TV size:37 to 65 inches37 to 63 inches26 to 55 inches32 to 50 inches37 to 65 inches32 to 65 inches
            Weight capacity:99 lbs132 lbs99 lbs77 lbs130 lbs99 lbs
            VESA Compatibility:200 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 800 x 400 mm200 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm200 x 200 mm to 800 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm
            Extension length:22 in21 in24 in17.2 in20 in16.5 in
            Distance from the wall:3.2 in4.5 in2.2 in2.16 inUnknown3.1 in

            For dual-arm corner TV mounts


            Mount-It! M1-372

            Sanus VLF728-B2

            Solid Mounts

            Mount-It! M1-392

            Aeon FBA_AEON-40112

            Vivo VW03G

            Mount-It! M1-319L

            Mount-It! MI-2171L

            Forging Mount HY9389-B

            Perlesmith PSMFK1

            Mount It M1 372 42 to 80 in 110 lbs capacity corner TV mountSanus VLF728 B2 42 to 90 in 125 lbs capacity corner TV mountSolid Mounts 32 to 65 in 36 inch long extension TV mountMount ItM1 392 42 to 80 in 176 lbs capacity corner TV mountAeon FBA AEON 40112 32 to 65 in 70 lbs capacity corner TV mountVivo VW03G 40 to 55 in 66 lbs capacity corner TV mountMount It M1 319L 40 to 70 in 220 lbs capacity corner TV mountMount It MI 2171L 32 to 65 in 165 lbs capacity corner TV mountForging Mount HY9389 B 32 to 70 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mountPerlesmith PSMFK1 26 to 55 88 lbs capacity corner TV mount
            Verdict:#2 Best value single-arm#1 Single-arm
            TV size:42 to 80 inches42 to 90 inches32 to 65 inches42 to 80 inches32 to 65 inches40 to 55 inches40 to 70 inches32 to 65 inches32 to 70 inches26 to 55 inches
            Weight capacity:110 lbs125 lbs120 lbs176 lbs70 lbs17 to 66 lbs220 lbs165 lbs99 lbs88 lbs
            VESA Compatibility:200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 800 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm75 x 75 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 850 x 450 mm100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm200 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm75 x 75 mm to 400 x 400 mm
            Extension length:40 in28 in36 in36 in29 in24 in26.2 in26.25 in30 in20 in
            Distance from the wall:3 in2.15 in4.25 in3.3 in2.80 in2.5 in4.5 in4.5 in2.4 in2.3 in

            The verdict: our top recommended corner mount!

            The best overall corner TV mount in terms of features goes to the Perlesmith PSCLF1 as the mounting plate has a quality and well designed, steel construction, and dual-arm to ensure that the design will hold your TV securely.

            After complex thought and multiplication, our top choice has to have an array of adjustability, making a bracket ideal for a full-motion corner TV mounting.

            The bracket should also excel for many other reasons as discussed above.

            If you want a longer arm, for even more positions we prefer the Mount-It M1-372 since this beast can extend up to 40 solid inches.

            The most affordable bracket goes to the Fozimoa TV Mount, which has all of the full motion features you need, making a potential choice for small to mid-size TV screens. 

            Lastly, for standard wall mounting make sure to also check out our best TV wall mounts to see other brackets that are designed for straight wall TV mounting.

            Perlesmith PSCLF1 mounted on a corner of a living room

             Best Corner TV organization

            •  A good recommendation from us with the steel construction and two mounting plates that ensures that the TV doesn’t sag when mounted in the corner of a wall. 
            • Compatible with most VESA patterns. 
            • Offers swivel, tilt, and level adjustments for fine-tuning.

             #1 Corner TV mount

            Perlesmith PSCLF1 37 to 65 in 99 lbs capacity corner TV mount


            Frequently Asked Questions

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            If you are using an extendable single-arm corner TV mount, you can mount a TV with up to 70 inches of display. If you are using a dual-arm corner TV mount, you can install a TV with up to 65 inches of display.

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