9 Cleanest In-wall Cable Management Kits | To Hide Wires & Cables Behind the Wall

9 Cleanest In-wall Cable Management Kits | To Hide Wires & Cables Behind the Wall

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Tidying up TV and audio wires?

Whether setting up a TV mounting masterpiece or a home entertainment system that blows, you can always go for that prim and spotless look that fits your interior as well.

Imagine mounting your TV, soundbar, game consoles, or media players in their right places without stressing yourself with dangling cables or inlets and outlets not being in your preferred location.

We understand how some homeowners may find dangled wires and protruding cable raceways unsightly. And hiding these guys instead inside your walls should be the next step in your TV system.

You can focus on things that matter in setting up your home entertainment. So to take that load off to easily put wires behind your wall, we made finding the most comprehensive in-wall cabling system kits to organize your wires easier.

Just do what’s easy and clean!

Messy in-wall cables

Our Recommended In-Wall Cabling Kits For Your TV

#1 Editors Choice

Sanus ‎WSIWPSB1-W1

Sanus ‎WSIWPSB1-W1 Ultimate in-wall cable management Kit

  • Three modules for inlet, outlet, and soundbar·            
  • Three outlets and one inlet in total
  • Paintable plate
  • Cable pass-through takes up to 4 HDMI cables plus more low-voltage cables
  • 8 ft maximum distance from the top and bottom modules
  • Stylish angled pre-wired box
  • Power tools are not needed
  • Includes drywall saw
  • Pricey

#2 Best for media players and game consoles

Power bridge TWO-PRO-H2

Power bridge TWO-PRO-H2 In-wall cable management Kit

  • Two recessed box modules for the inlet and outlet
  • Dual outlet and single outlet kit
  • 6 ft code-compliant power cord
  • With 2pcs 3 meters 2.0 HDMI cables
  • Brush-style cable pass-through
  • Great for low-profile TV mounting
  • No tools included
  • Not pre-wired

#3 Best value for TV mounting

Echogear EGAV-CMIWP1

Echogear EGAV-CMIWP1 In-wall cabling kit

      • Top (inlet) and bottom (outlet) grommets module
      • Pre-wired, ETL-certified in-wall boxes
      • Cable pass-through can accommodate 4 HDMI cables plus more low-voltage cables
      • Drywall saw fit for grommet included
      • Included locking braces for a secure fit
      • 5 ft maximum distance from the top and bottom modules
      • More affordable
    • Fishing and fitting the cables may be a challenge.
    • Distance may be short.

#4 In-wall cabling Kit

Powerbridge TWO-CK

Powerbridge Two-CK Dual Outlet Inwall Cabling Kit

        • Two recessed in-wall boxes, one dual outlet, and a single inlet
        • Brush-style cable pass-through on both boxes
        • 6 ft code-compliant power cord and In-wall Power connect Cable
        • Perfect for low-profile TV mounting.
        • Requires no hard-wiring connections
        • Weak tab or wings.
        • Installation takes longer.

#5 In-wall cable management kit

Arlington TVB712BK-1

Arlington TVB712BK-1 Angled box in-wall cabling kit

          • Pre-wired and fully assembled angled boxes.
          • Power cord included
          • High-quality assembly
        • Connectors available
        • A bit pricey.
        • You may need to unwire. prewired lower box module when feeding the cable.

#6 In-wall TV mounting kit

Echogear ‎EGAV-CMIWP2

Echogear ‎EGAV-CMIWP2 In-wall cabling kit

          • Stylish dual top outlet and bottom inlet
          • Accommodate up to 3 low voltage cables
          • 6 ft top and bottom box maximum distance
          • Drywall handsaw included
              • Power cord included
            • Low profile mounting
          • Low voltage bracket included
        • ETL certified
        • The bottom opening for cables is shallow.

#7 In-wall cabling kit

Legrand CPT306WV1

Legrand CPT306WV1 In wall cabling kit

        • Angled dual top outlet module and single bottom module
        • Brush-type cable pass-through
        • Includes low voltage bracket
        • With the prewired extension cord and a 6 ft power cord
        • The plug protrudes on the wall.

#8 In-wall DIY cable kit

Wiremold CMK70

Wiremold CMK70 In-wall cabling kit

          • One-piece outlet and inlet grommets cabling kit
          • Includes a hole saw bit with a handle
        • With pre-wired harness and 6ft extension cord
          • Fish tape kit included
        • One outlet only.
        • Limited low-voltage accommodation.

#9 Most Affordable In-wall Kit

Datacomm 50-3323-WH-KIT

Data comm 50-3323-WH-KIT In-wall cable management kit

          • 8 ft in-wall wire maximum distance
          • One-piece outlet and inlet cabling kit
          • Takes up to three low-voltage cables
          • With mounting tabs included
        • RoHS compliant
        • May have issues with mounting wing sizes.
        • The extension cord provided sticks out.

What factors to consider before purchasing an in-wall cord concealing kit?

When you browse for an in-wall cable management kit, you don’t just pick the first one you see. You have to carefully research and check what comes in the kit.

Upon testing the products, we found some kits with flaws that defeat the purpose of hiding cords behind the wall. 

Some boxes are protruding outward too much. And any table consoles cannot get anywhere nearer close enough to the wall surface if in the way.

A lot of homeowners end up with the wrong set for their plugs or devices.

Others get to deal with hard-to-fit in boxes, damaging their insulation. You don’t have to go through that.

Data comm 50-3323-WH-KIT in-wall cabling from the back of TV

1.   Top and bottom module positioning

Before choosing an in-wall cable concealer set, plan your overall setup. From your TV mount to your soundbar—if there is one, to your table console and your media devices.

Have a picture of their location to map the outlet and inlet boxes. This will also help you plan where your cables go inside the wall framing. 

A common setup is a 6 to 8 ft distance between the top and bottom module plus a dual outlet box on the left, about 5 to 6 ft away from the bottom module.

Learn how you can install one on a studless wall, as your intended position doesn’t always have timber nearby.

Echogear ‎EGAV-CMIWP2 module positioning

2.   Recessed and angled boxes

The recessed and angled boxes are pre-assembled wire settings in your outlet and inlet boxes.

Angled outlet boxes go for angled power plugs. The recessed boxes go for straight plugs.

If you want one to sit flush on your walls, you would get boxes with your electrical device plugs in mind.

Aim for boxes that are ETL-certified or UL listed for safety purposes.

3.   Your cables and wires

Depending on your devices, check the cable pass-through and can accommodate your cables.

From Ethernet to audio to HDMI cables, know how much low voltage cables will go through the outlets.

4.   Future cable addition

Don’t forget your future purchases of players or consoles to add to your entertainment system.

Find a cable kit that will make future cables easy to add.

5.   Your Tools Available

Some in-wall cable kits include drywall saw or hole saw bits in their kit. Check your toolbox for tools or drill bits you might need.

The common tools needed for in-wall cabling are a hand gib saw or a hole saw bit attached to a power drill, a bubble level, a marker, and a range of screwdrivers.

Components included

The basic setup is a top-bottom module with an outlet and inlet slots.

Setups come with a minimum of  5 ft distance of power cable and cable pass-through.

Nevertheless, you should vase your purchase with your devices and future setup. Here are the components of a cabling kit.

  • Outlet and inlet boxes
  • Low-voltage bracket
  • Power or extension cord
  • Screws
  • Cable pass-through
  • Soundbar plate

Components Legrand CPT306WV1

Why should you use an in-wall cable management kit?

If you’re still looking for reasons to hide your cables beneath the wall, here are more reasons to do so:

  • To remove dangling cables out of sight
  • To organize cables and wires in your TV or home entertainment system
  • To make locating and attaching different cables easier
  • To protect your cables and wires better.
  • To have a fixed location for outlet and inlet boxes
  • To plan the spacing of your TV, game consoles, media players, and soundbar

Watching TV without cable mess

Our Recommended In-wall Cabling Systems

#1 Most comprehensive in-wall cable management kit for home theater systems

Sanus ‎WSIWPSB1-W1 Ultimate In-wall Management Kit

Our most comprehensive in-wall cable management can take all types of media devices.

It has three modules: One top outlet box with cable pass-through, a module for a soundbar outlet, and an inlet bottom box with cable pass-through.

It’s an in-wall cabling kit for all types of devices: your game console, Apple TV, soundbar, Roku box, audio cables, and your TV.

Its cable pass-through can take 4 HDMI cables plus other low-voltage cables without any chances of slipping or kinking to the back of the wall.

It has an angled top box that can accommodate angled plugs, so the cord stays flush on the wall, keeping a stylish low-profile plug interface.

The Sanus Ultimate In-Wale Cabling Kit has all the means of flexibility that any kit can offer.

You can allot up to 8 ft clearance from the top module to the bottom module and a 3.5 ft clearance from the top module to the soundbar module.

Perfect for discreet mounting that can blend into your furniture and fixtures, you can customize the modules by painting according to your preference.


  • Sleek and discreet mounting
  • Easy installation
  • Safe, in-wall-rated cables
  • Powers most devices at once


  • Pricey

Sanus ‎WSIWPSB1 W1 angled

#2 Best in-wall cabling kit for media players and game consoles

Power bridge TWO-PRO-H2

We love the simple minimalist look of the Power Bridge TWO-Pro-H2. The kit comes with a recessed top dual outlet box and a recessed inlet box.

If you will mount your soundbar directly to your TV, the power bridge allows both plugs to finish flush on the wall.

It has 6 ft pre-stripped in-wall cables and a 6 ft power cord for optimum mounting. What we love in this kit are the two extra HDMI cables you can use to connect a laptop and a TV box.

However, unlike the TWO-CK, you still have to connect the pre-stripped wires in PRO-CK. Found to already have markings, so connecting wires can become easier.


  • Low-profile flush mounting
  • Works with any TV mount type
  • Includes two more 3 ft HDMI cables


  • Still needs to connect pre-stripped wires

Power Bridge Two-pro H2 with cables attached

#3 Best Value in-wall cable management kit for TV mounting

Echogear EGAV-CMIWP1

If you need a quality In-wall cabling kit that will not break the bank, go for the Echogear In-wall TV Power Kit.

This cable management kit from Echogear is all you need to hide wires behind a TV.

It has two top and bottom grommets that you can install up to 5 ft apart. You only need a cutout hole to install. No need to connect.

The pre-wired kit is ETL certified, so you know you have something code compliant for in-wall mounting.

While the cable pass-through looks small, it can take up to 4 large HDMI cables. Also included in the system is a drywall hole saw that is the exact size of the grommets and locking tabs to keep the grommets secure from behind the wall.


  • A complete set to make hiding wires behind walls possible
  • ETL-certified kit
  • Neatly plugs up to 1.25 inches flushed on the wall
  • More affordable
  • Paintable faceplates


  • A limited number of wires in the cable pass-through

Installed Echogear EGAV CMIWP1 in wall managment kit.jpg

Most affordable kit cabling system

Datacomm 50-3323-WH-KIT

The most affordable kit on our list comes from Datacomm. Is found as a kit with a top and bottom module that you can install 8 ft apart.

Although you’d still have to connect the wires from the back, the in-wall cabling kit is RoHS-compliant. The plates are durable and made with recessed outlets, allowing the plugs to flush concealed.

However, the bottom box may not fit successfully on thick drywall. You will have to make a few cuttings to insert it.

But overall, this kit is pretty handy and easy to install


  • Flexible 8 ft in-wall maximum wire distance from top to bottom modules
  • ETL-certified/ UL listed
  • Hide plugs neatly with flushed outlets


  • Inserting the bottom box could be a challenge.

Data comm 50 3323 WH KIT with cables attached

What comes with a code-compliant in-wall cable kit?

A code-compliant kit means all requirements for in-wall cabling have been met.

1. Must have a code-compliant in-wall power extension cord

The in-wall extension cord is a fire hazard. These wires go from the back of your top module to the back of the bottom module.

In most cases, the top modules are already pre-assembled, but some kits require you to connect the pre-stripped wires before installation.

These in-wall wires enable you to install an outlet from the back of your TV, so you can get that sleek look without dangling wires from your TV.

What comes with a Powerbridges Two-Pro-H2 without the HDMI cables

2. A power outlet cord for an existing outlet

This cable is the power cord you connect to the existing electrical boxes to the bottom module.

All kits we recommend here come with one that powers all the devices plugged into the modules in your in-wall box. These cords go about 6ft.

3. Cable pass-through for low-voltage cables

Cable pass-through holds HDMI, RCA, and low-voltage cables in one slot.

This slot enables you to bind the wires together in a bundle, so they don’t come in close to a power outlet. This helps hold them together from falling off or through behind the walls.

4. CL2 and CL3-rated cables

CL2-rated cables are often used for in-wall installations.

A CL2 rating means they have been tested for fire resistance by the National Electric Code under Article 800 [1], which also means it can take electricity up to 150 watts.

A CL3 rating means the cable has passed a higher wattage than a CL2 cable.

These wires are fire-resistant and are commonly used for HDMI, coaxial, and audio-visual cables for home entertainment devices.

GearIt pro seriees cl3 rated speaker wire

Tips for installing an in-wall cabling kit


  • Turn off your power source before starting your in-wall cabling project.
  • Plan your cable route.
  • Wear protective gear.
  • Inspect the cables you’ll run behind your walls.
  • Use a cable tie to keep wires in bundles.
  • Use the template that comes with the kit for the accurate cutout.
  • List all the cables that will run behind your walls.
  • Check your tools available before installation.
  • Work with an installation buddy.
  • Run only CL2 and CL3-rated cables behind the walls.


  • Forget to patch up the open cutouts and holes made during in-wall cable routing.
  • Hesitate to contact a professional to route your cables in-wall.
  • Use any other cables and uninsulated wires.
  • Do not run cables near electrical lines.
  • Forget to locate any studs to your preferred location.

Alternative for in-wall cabling

There are many other ways you can hide wires.

You can use an on-wall race kit, where wires run into channels over the walls.

You can also paint low-voltage cables to conceal any protruding from the raceway.

Lastly, you can use cable organizers behind your table console. For other cable organizers, you can use cable ties and elbows for a neat setup.

Echogear tv cable raceway kit with tv wires hidden

How I compared the features

Sanus ‎WSIWPSB1-W1PowerBridge TWO-PRO-H2Echogear EGAV-CMIWP1Powerbridge TWO-CKArlington TVB712BK-1Echogear ‎EGAV-CMIWP2Legrand CPT306WV1Wiremold CMK70Data Comm 50-3323-WH-KIT

Sanus ‎WSIWPSB1-W1 Ultimate in-wall cable management Kit

Power bridge TWO-PRO-H2 In-wall cable management Kit

Echogear EGAV-CMIWP1 In-wall cabling kit

Powerbridge Two-CK Dual Outlet Inwall Cabling Kit

Arlington TVB712BK-1 Angled box in-wall cabling kit

Echogear ‎EGAV-CMIWP2 In-wall cabling kit

Legrand CPT306WV1 In wall cabling kit

Wiremold CMK70 In-wall cabling kit

Data comm 50-3323-WH-KIT In-wall cable management kit

Top In-wall for TV mounting
Best for media and gaming
Best value
Most affordable
Extension cable length:8 ft6 ft5 ft6 ft6 ft6 ft6 ft6 ft8 ft
Certification:ETL certifiedETL certifiedETL certifiedETL certifiedETL certified (Canada and US)ETL certifiedETL certified RoHS certified, ETL certifiedRoHS certified, ETL certified
Modules:Dual outlet (angled), single outlet, and single inletDual outlet (recessed) and single intletDual outlet, single outlet (grommet) and single inlet (grommet)Dual outlet (recessed) and single intletDual outlet (angled) and single inletDual outlet (angled) and single inletDual outlet (angled) and single inletSingle outlet (grommet) and single inlet (grommet)Single outlet (flushed) and single outlet
Inclusions:Dry-wall saw, cutting templates, 6ft extension cords(2) HDMI cables, 6ft power cord, 6 ft pre-wired extension cordsHole saw bit, 6 ft extension cordFlat screwdriver, drywall saw, level, in-wall cable connector, 6ft power cordMounting bracket, power cord, pre-wired receptacle, device, flexible cord and cord gripLow voltage bracket, drywall saw, power cord and cable connectorsDrywall bracket, 6ft extension, power cord, and templateHole saw/handle, fish tape, 6ft extension cord and power cordExtension cord, Power cable

The verdict.

The Sanus ‎WSIWPSB1-W1 Ultimate In-wall Management Kit topped the other in-wall management system for its completeness and durability. It’s the only kit that has a separate module for a soundbar. Also, we love the kit’s sleek and minimalist appearance, even though it comprises three modules.

It hides the angled and straight plugs so well, leaving unnoticeable traces of TV and media plugs.

I have considerable adaptability to the soundbar and bottom modules. Better placement of the top module from behind the TV keeps the cables organized. The kit also comes with installation tools such as a drywall saw.

If there are any drawbacks to getting this cabling set, it’s the price you pay for extra convenience.

Anyway, you’ll be paying for a long-term product that makes a good investment at home to declutter and organize your home theater.

 Most comprehensive in-wall cabling kit for home entertainment systems

  • Maximum distance from top to bottom module goes up to 8 ft.
  •  Includes a soundbar module.
  • Angled boxes for concealing plugs.
  • Modern minimalist look.

 #1 In-Wall Cable Management Kit for TV mounting

Everything powered by Sanus ‎WSIWPSB1-W1


More information:

  1. Article 800: Communications Circuits published in https://www.ecmweb.com/national-electrical-code/code-basics/article/20890128/article-800-communications-circuits

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