What is the longest extending tv wall mount!

What is the longest extending tv wall mount!

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Do you need a wall TV mount that extends and moves around?

Mounting your TV on the wall frees up a lot of space in your room, prevents your TV from tipping over, and adds a sleek look to your interior decor to maximize space.

We discovered that the best TV wall mount can be extended and moved to multiple positions of your choice.

With this upgrade, you can tidy your living or office space with a minimalist design while optimizing your viewing experience by finding the best articulating tv wall mount with the longest extending arms. 

If you want a full-motion and long extension, we mostly recommend one of the three top brackets we have found.

With an extra-long tv wall extension on a fully adjustable system, we can use the swivel and tilt, to move and rotate a television smoothly.

The hardware comes with a strong swing arm for support and sturdiness, with only a single swing arm, expect maximum flexibility, compared to double arm mounts.

However, for high-end architectural applications, we recommend the double arm tv mount version to eliminate any chance of sagging.

We found double arm mounts to all be slightly stiffer when moving the TV position. I consider this is less useful for general home use where frequently moving the TV position is a higher priority.

Mount it Mi 372 long extension TV mount in the hallway

Extra-long arm TV wall brackets

#1 Editors Choice

For best flexibility and reach

0 0 300 158.4 Mount It M1 372 42 to 80 in 40 inch long extension TV mount 1

  • Best for most homes and offices with smooth adjustment is the strongest and most durable bracket we could find, holding up to 110 lbs.
  • Includes an extra-long arm that extends up to 39.8 (40) inches from the wall and swivels up to 180 degrees – “may the force be with you”.
  • Able to tilt 15 degrees up and 5 degrees down to help avoid glare.
  • The arm can slightly sag with the heaviest TVs installed.

#2 Best value extending TV wall mount

For functionality on a budget

Forging Mount FM9388 B 37 to 80 in 42 inch long extension TV mount

  • The longest extending tv mount we found reached 42 inches. 
  • Includes a pre-set drill hole template and instructions for fast assembly.
  • The cheapest but most functional Articulating TV wall mount we could find for budget homes.
  • The arm slightly sags once if fully extended over 80%.

#3 Strongest dual-arm extending tv option

For Architectural layouts

1 0 300 151.20481927711 Mount It M1 392 42 to 80 in 36 inch long extension TV mount

      • We found this is superior for high-end architectural buildings when we found anti-sag support for heavy TVs.
      • The best double arm articulating tv mount that can reach 36 inches, allowing you to position the perfect angle.
      • Made of heavy-duty steel materials and supports up to 176 lbs. 
    • Heavy, and will require two or more people to install without DIY skills.
      •  This two-arm version of our #1 recommendation is less flexible.

#4 Flexible rotation

Solid mounts

Solid Mounts 32 to 65 in 36 inch long extension TV mount

        • Available in many different VESA sizes and supports reputable TV brands. 
        • This extending wall bracket offers a full range of motion as an extra-long arm tv bracket.
        • The arm rotates smoothly and can be adjusted with one hand for great motion capability. 
        • More expensive than most other supports.

#5 Best low profile LCD bracket

Sanus VLF728-B2

Sanus VLF728 B2 42 to 90 in 28 inch long extension TV mount

          • Can tilt 15 degrees and swivel up to 57 degrees. 
          • Sleek brushed metal exterior to fit into any home decor.
        • Low profile depth to enhance the look.
        • Disappointed somewhat for being overpriced. 
        • Complicated and a little difficult to install.

#6 Comprehensive mounting set

Aeon FBA_AEON-45200

Aeon FBA AEON 45200 42 to 80 in 32 inch long extension TV mount

          • Fits a wide range of TV sizes from 37 inches to 80 inches.
          • The dual-arm construction makes for a stable full-motion experience.
          • Supports up to 150 pounds.
        • Swivels up to 160 degrees and moves by swinging outward or inward.
        • No vertical movement, meaning you can only pick one height.

#7 Affordable and comprehensive set

Aeon FBA_AEON-40112

Aeon FBA AEON 40112 32 to 65 in 29 inch long extension TV mount

        • An affordable pricing for a small tv bracket that swivels. 
        • All screws, bolts, and elements for installation are included.
        • Comes with a lifetime warranty. 
        • Only designed for supporting TVs weighing up to 70 lbs.

#8 Great with cable management

Kanto FMX3

Kanto FMX3 40 to 90 in 28 inch long extension TV mount

          • Comes with all mounting hardware, a precision drill template, and tutorial installation videos. 
          • Able to swivel 176 degrees and tilt 15 degrees up and 5 degrees down.
        • Cable management clips give your set up a clean appearance.
        • Quite heavy and will require two people for installation.

#9 Ok single-arm tv bracket

Mount-It! M1-319L

Mount It M1 319L 40 to 70 in 26 inch long extension TV mount

          • One of the strongest long arm TV mount brackets with a weight capacity of 220 lbs.
          • Compatible with all of the popular LCD and LED brands.
        • Fits screens up to 70 inches wide.
        • It doesn’t include stencils for installation or cable management clips.

#10 Ok for corner install

Mount-It! MI-2171L

Mount It MI 2171L 32 to 65 in 26 inch long extension TV mount

          • Works well for corner installations, where extending the arm far away from the wall is useful.
          • The pivot arm can be fully extended up to 26.25 inches. 
          • Made of durable and strong cold-rolled steel.
          • Some people experience leveling problems.

#11 Good for all sizes

Perlesmith PSXFK1

Perlesmith PSXFK1 50 to 90 in 24 inch long extension TV mount

          • Able to tilt-swivel the screen to reduce glare.
          • Holds large TVs ranging from 50 to 90 inches.
        • Articulating full-motion features lets you easily level your screen.
        • Unable to adjust the height of your LCD.

#12 Monitor height adjustable

Vivo Mount-VW03G

Vivo Mount VW03G 40 to 55 in 24 inch long extension TV mount

          • Nice and inexpensive. 
          • Able to adjust the height of your TV by 12.5 inches.
        • Can tilt and swivel your screen.
        • Only can support up to 66 lbs. 
        • Not designed for large LCDs.

#13 Most affordable

Perlesmith PSMFK1

Perlesmith PSMFK1 26 to 55 in 20 inch long extension TV mount

            • The most affordable flat panel tv extending wall brackets online.
          • Works on a single wood stud, concrete, or brick walls.
        • Able to customize viewing position.
        • The arms can feel a little stiff and may need a hard nudge to adjust.

What features to check when searching for a long extendable TV mount?

When purchasing a long extension TV wall bracket, be certain to check our reviewed checklist. 

Extendable arm length 

Having an extendable arm length allows you to position your TV anywhere in the room and to have an adjustable viewing angle.

For example, if you simply had an articulating tv wall mount you wouldn’t be able to position the TV in the corner of the room while being able to extend the arm out to fit.

The most extendable arms can be adjusted between 15 to 42 inches. Under scrutiny, we can define what is strong at the maximum end of the scale. 

VESA universal tv compatibility

All TVs usually contain generic VESA patterns that have set distances for each bracket hole to be mounted conveniently.

Your television bracket should accommodate your TV’s VESA measurement.

You’ll want your TV wall bracket to always be compatible with the VESA measurements of your TV.

For instance, common VESA and TV sizes are 400 x 400 mm for 60-inch TVs and 600 x 400 mm for 70 to 84-inch screen TVs.

Low profile

A slim TV wall plate design will take up the least amount of space, is the easiest to install, and is also the least expensive.

Ideally, a low profile extending tv wall mount should only have a single or dual-arm on the hardware base plate, doing research into this first will help achieve abetter looking home theater.

A slim and low-profile design also won’t interfere with your room’s decor and might be exactly what’s needed to help to save space and declutter your living room.

Weight capacity 

Full motion tv wall mount brackets can vary in their overall weight limits. When checking some are as low as 60 pounds, while others will range up to 160 pounds.

Look for an extra-long arm tv mount that can at least hold 80 to 100 pounds and can take your tv perfectly to ensure that your box won’t tip over.

Front view of Vivo Mount VW03G mounted on the living room

Swiveling and tilting motion

An articulating or full-motion mount gives your TV movement tilt and flexibility. For your ultimate viewing experience.

This type of hardware should be able to tilt, swivel, swing, or lay flat against the wall. Typically, these arms can swing between 15 to 42 inches outward and tilt up or down to about 10 to 15 degrees.

You want to perfectly level your high-end screen to ensure the screen is easy to watch and looks professionally set up.

Ultimately, DIY’ers can position their TV to fit their viewing preferences and prevent glare or away from sun rays. 

Bracket material

Different full motion tv mount manufacturers will use a variety of materials for the bracket. However, the most common materials used are plastic, aluminum, and steel.

Ideally, you want the bracket to be made of strong steel or aluminum to ensure that we know it will hold the required weight and last a long time.

Also, check the bracket is UL rated, meaning that it’s nationally tested and approved to meet safety and sustainability standards. 

Stud spacing compatibly

A full motion tv bracket will always need the wall plate to be installed into your home’s wooden studs unless your wall is, concrete, or brick.

If you are on hollow drywall you’ll need to measure and calculate to find the stud spacings needed to properly install your long arm tv mount on timber-framed drywalls.

Most homes feature 16-inch stud spacing, but some are 24 inches apart. However, with a stud finder, you can easily locate where your wood studs are inside your walls. 

Cable management options

Your television bracket may come with some management caps that allow you to conceal any audio wires or cables to remain clutter-free.

This keeps your design looking sleek and also prevents potentially tripping on wires. But ultimately you have to take your cables to the next level.

Why mount a TV with a long extension bracket?

Here’s why you should always secure your LCD with a long extension mount:

  • Be able to position your screen in the corners of a wall. 
  • Can adjust to different viewing angles.
  • Helps prevents children, toddlers, or pets from knocking your TV over
  • Tv mounts will save space in your room to help minimize and declutter your living space.
  • Adjusts to rooms with multiple seating areas.
  • It helps to avoid glare.
  • Give off a floating TV effect.

How to choose and find the right spot?

We learned there are several things you should consider when selecting a spot to mount.

First, consider where the nearest power source is to where you’d like to place your bracket.

Next, check to see that there’s enough power supply to handle sound systems and Blu-ray players.

Next, you’ll want to set your TV at eye level so that you’re not straining your neck by looking up or down to view the flat screen.

How do I know which mounting type is right for my TV?

Determine the mount type that will support your preferences, TV size, viewing angle, and space of the room.

Consider the motion option and ensure that you have an installation plan.

Here are the following types: 

  • Low profile LCD bracket 
  • A tilt mount wall bracket
  • Full motion TV wall mounts 
  • In-Wall mounts
  • Motorized mounts
  • Ceiling mounts 

In short, you’ll want to decide whether you want a simple fixed-mount design or do you want unlimited flexibility?

Of all the options we looked at, consider getting tilt and swivel on your full motion tv wall mount, or articulating tv wall mount.

What is VESA and How do I measure VESA?

Vesa patterns make for universal tv compatibility with the standard distances between the four mounting holes located on the back of your TV in millimeters. And match the dimensions on a VESA mounting template.

You’ll have to know your VESA measurements so that you purchase a bracket that fits your screen properly.

Follow these steps to measure your TV’s VESA size: 

  1. Measure the width or the horizontal distance between the left and right mounting holes. 
  2. Measure the height or the vertical distance between the top and bottom mounting holes. 
  3. Make sure that you measure in millimeters. If you measure in inches, you may convert your measurement to millimeters for better accuracy. 

When looking for TV mounts, the mounting hole pattern should be to the VESA specifications and will be shown starting from the horizontal measurement and then vertical measurements.

Choosing the longest extension TV mount

#1 Strongest Long extension TV mount

After going over dozens of long arm tv mounts, we’ve found that the Mount-It! M1-372 delivers the best value due to the array of adjustability on this durable mount.

Our top option is fully adjustable by distance, swivel, and tilt to save valuable space in your room.

The extra strong extending arm lets you extend out up to 40 inches, and is ideal for positioning a TV in the corner or center of a wall. In comparison, most arms only have singular joint support.

The M1-372 has solid base support made of heavy-duty steel to secure your TV and prevent your TV from tipping or falling over.

I am happy to find this option easy to install. And I like the design, strength, and flexibility more than all the other options.


  • This bracket can fit screen sizes from 42 inches to 80 inches. 
  • Compatible with most TV brands.
  • Able to hold your screen in corners.
  • Dual-arm support to prevent tipping.
  • Able to swivel, tilt and rotate smoothly.


  • The arm isn’t height adjustable.

Mount it Mi 372 mounted in the corner of the living room

#1 Best value extendable TV mount

From our experience, the Forging Mount FM9388-B simply has the longest extending arm we’ve been able to see.

This is useful in rooms where a normal type of mounting wouldn’t be feasible if you were to sit your TV too close to the wall since a distance too far could obtrude your view or result in your home decor getting in the way.

Instead, you want to bring a gaming TV or movie experience as close as possible to the sofa with one of our recommendations.

We like how this affordable bracket is compatible with all of the top TV brands like Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LP, Phillips, and more.

This extending full motion tv mount can be adjusted through rotation or tilting to customize your viewing experience.


  • Long-arm tv mount with extension arm of up to 42 inches.
  • It comes with cable management. 
  • Swivels 180 degrees and tilts 10 degrees.


  • Does sag slightly when fully extended.

Forging mount ‎FM9388 B TV mount

#1 Most affordable extendable TV bracket

For those looking for the most affordable LCD bracket, to help with neck pain consider getting the Perlesmith PSMFK1.

Even at this low price point, were still able to extend the bracket up to 19.5 inches, which is quite standard from our tests.

The Perlesmith also has a swivel, leveling, and tilt adjustments, so users can position a TV accordingly to their imagination.

Lastly, this hardware has quite a slim design, to match the design of any room style.


  • Lowest price extended tv mount.
  • Works for concrete and drywalls.
  • Supports up to 88 pounds.


  • Doesn’t extend that far out.

Perlesmith long extension TV bracket installed near the dinner table 1 1

How long does the extending TV mount reach?

The length at which the extending TV wall mount can adjust depends on your needs and preferences.

From what we’ve seen, the max extension TV mount ranges and reaches up to 40 inches. This amount of reach and rotation from the wall plate makes for a great versatile television mount.

At the closest distance to the wall, your TV will be 3 inches from the wall. Keep in mind that TVs that are mounted in corners will require a long arm tv mount with the most extension you can get. Or even a specialty corner tv mount like these.

Sample bracket fitting mounted of AEON 45200 long extension mount 1kpx CW 1

How can my long extension TV bracket keep the balance? Always.

Keeping your extending TV mount in balance ensures that your TV won’t likely tip over. There should be a level adjuster on the bracket that aligns with the backside of the TV.

There should be a roll adjustment screw on the right and the left side of the long extension TV bracket. Adjust by loosening one side and leveling the TV.

Once the TV is leveled, make sure that you tighten the screws all the way so that the support maintains balance and security. 

We found that some of the cheaper TV mounts can sag over time, and become out of level if used aggressively.

For architectural situations, we recommend using a double arm TV wall mount that is resistant to sagging, meaning that the TV will stay level with bricks or other level lines in a room like timber boards.

Vivo Mount VW03G long extension bracket mounted on a wooden wall 1kpx LW

Can my wall hold my large TV with an extending TV mount?

When DIY comes to installing a new TV, each wall type has some challenges. The two major types of walls that cause people difficulty are plasterboard walls and concrete or masonry walls.

How good can a plaster wall hold?

Plasterboard otherwise known as drywalls are what most walls are lined with over wooden or metal studs. If not located properly, drilling holes in the wrong place can be unsightly and permanently damage your wall.

For drywalls, you need to correctly locate studs using a stud finder or by tapping the wall.

Adding in wall wood studs will add an anchor point to ensure the TV and mount stay in place if you do not have hardware fixing in the right spot already. 

Here’s how to mount a TV on a plaster wall:

  1. Locate where you want to mount the wall plate.
  2. Find the fixing point like studs or nogs.
  3. Level Your articulating tv wall mount.
  4. Mark the holes 
  5. Drill the pilot holes in the wall 
  6. Screw the bracket base plate to the wall and attach the TV to the hardware. 

AEON 40112 long extension bracket mounted on edge of the hallway

How well can your concrete wall hold a long extension TV mount?

TVs can also be mounted easily on concrete walls but you will need a concrete anchor or a nylon plug to support the screws.

Follow these steps:

  1. Mark all the locations for the fixing holes behind your TV using a drill template equal to the distance of the mounting holes.
  2. Using a high-quality masonry drill bit to drill the holes. 
  3. Use a hammer to align the nylon plugs into the holes.
  4. Position your television bracket so that the bracket holes are lined up perfectly with the pilot holes.
  5. Screw the fixings through the tv mount and into the nylon plugs into the masonry wall.

Kanto FMX3 long extension bracket mounted on the bedroom 1kpx CW

Brick walls will require deeper screws as well as masonry walls to get through the brittle surface and into the concrete inside the wall.

Cable management system and tips

There are two main ways that can always help hide your cables when installing your TV.

First of all, is by using on-wall cable raceways so that you don’t have to cut into your wall. The second way is to have the cables routed behind the wall freely or inside a PVC pipe. 

  1. Use an on-wall cable channel that streamlines the cord in one direction and hides the cord under the channel. The channel is simply a mounted narrow platform with a snap-on cover that conceals the cords.
  2. Hiding the cables inside of the wall is simpler than you think. Use a stud finder to locate two stud-free sections in the wall. One will be near the outlet, and the other would be behind where the flat screen is mounted. These are the two locations where you’ll cut through the wall and string the TV cords in and out of the wall. 

Cables at the back of a Sanus long extension mount

Tips for installing a long extension TV mount

Here are the do’s and don’ts when installing a long extension TV mount:

If you require a full guide on installation here is where to go.


  • Have all the right tools needed to mount your TV, such as a stud finder, power drill, TV mount, etc. 
  • Always find the exact stud centers.
  • Run the cable wires through the wall.
  • Always mark holes first before drilling the pilot holes.
  • Have a partner help you mount the wall plate.
  • Find the correct height for positioning the perfect height and angle.
  • Some hardware contains a built-in spirit level for perfect tv leveling. But we prefer to use a real level.


  • Hang your TV directly above a fireplace with the wrong type of mount. Here’s what you need.
  • Not reading the instructions while hanging your LCD.
  • Positioning your TV too low or too high 
  • Not factoring in the potential sun exposure when positioning your television.
  • Choosing the wrong wall bracket 
  • Not allowing enough cord or cable length.
  • Not securely fixing the television to the wall.
  • Not having a professional help you with the electrical work or installation.
  • Lastly don’t get a tv mount that doesn’t have the flexibility to extend!
  • Don’t mount an outdoor tv unless there is plenty of shelter from the elements. If close to the ocean expect the tv and the hardware to corrode.

Be safe doing a DIY installation

Before mounting your TV on drywall, you must know if there is wiring behind the wall.

Drilling into wiring will cause shorting out electrical circuitry that could cause other home problems such as damaged electricity or even start a fire. Only mount where you have established to be a safe place.

Alternative ways to mount your TV

If you don’t want to use a regular TV cabinet and want to see your other alternative ways to mount a TV without any drilling, you can use hybrid stands, strong adhesives, rails, hook hangers, and brick clip-on hangers.

You can always consider other types of mounts like a ceiling mount and a hidden pop-up mount.  

MM 750 pull down fireplace TV mount in motion

How we tested to find the best tv wall mount

The best TV wall mounts for almost all applications we found to be on a bracket with extending, swiveling, and tilting options. What we compared:

  • Value
  • Weight limits
  • TV size limits
  • Arm sag on extension
  • Ease of installation
  • Materials
  • Minimalist design

Standard fixed tv wall mounts do not offer great value at all. We noticed that an extension length greater than half the frame size of a TV is the minimum required extension to give a TV a full 180-degree rotational movement from the wall.

We checked standard 32-inch and 42-inch screens. And note the most important thing is to detect any sagging with the hardware and to still allow for potential sag with single-arm brackets. 

  • We recommend a minimum of 18-inch extension for 32-inch TVs.
  • We recommend a 23-inch arm reach for 42 Inch TVs.

With our top recommendation reaching 38.8 (40) inches this will allow full motion 180 rotation from the wall for TVs up to 75 inches in frame size.

Our findings when we compared the features


Mount-It! M1-372

Forging Mount FM9388-B


Solid Mounts

Sanus VLF728-B2

Aeon FBA_AEON-45200

Aeon FBA_AEON-40112

Kanto FMX3

Mount-It! M1-319L

Mount-It! MI-2171L

Perlesmith PSXFK1

Vivo Mount-VW03G

Perlesmith PSMFK1

Mount It M1 372 42 to 80 in 40 inch long extension TV mount 1Forging Mount FM9388 B 37 to 80 in 42 inch long extension TV mountMount It M1 392 42 to 80 in 36 inch long extension TV mountSolid Mounts 32 to 65 in 36 inch long extension TV mountSanus VLF728 B2 42 to 90 in 28 inch long extension TV mountAeon FBA AEON 45200 42 to 80 in 32 inch long extension TV mountAeon FBA AEON 40112 32 to 65 in 29 inch long extension TV mountKanto FMX3 40 to 90 in 28 inch long extension TV mountMount It M1 319L 40 to 70 in 26 inch long extension TV mountMount It MI 2171L 32 to 65 in 26 inch long extension TV mountPerlesmith PSXFK1 50 to 90 in 24 inch long extension TV mountVivo Mount VW03G 40 to 55 in 24 inch long extension TV mountPerlesmith PSMFK1 26 to 55 in 20 inch long extension TV mount
Verdict:Top long extensionLongest extendable armBest low cost
TV size:42 to 80 inches37 to 80 inches42 to 80 inches32 to 65 inches42 to 90 inches42 to 80 inches32 to 65 inches40 to 90 inches40 to 70 inches32 to 65 inches50 to 90 inches40 to 55 inches26 to 55 inches
Weight:110 lbs100 lbs176 lbs120 lbs125 lbs150 lbs70 lbs150 lbs220 lbs165 lbs165 lbs17 to 66 lbsup to 88 lbs
Extending40 inches42 inches36 inches36 inches28 inches32 inches29 inches28 inches26.2 inches26.25 inches23.62 inches24 inches19.5 inches
Distance from wall :3 inchesUnknown3.3 inches4.25 inches2.15 inches3.1 inches2.8 inches4 inches4.5 inches4.5 inches3.07 inches2.5 inches2.3 inches

Our top pick for the longest extending wall mount!

Most televisions are still in need of mounting and ultimately, we’ve narrowed our list to the top three TV mounts and that of the average ratings to the Mount-It! M1-372, Forging Mount FM9388-B, and Mount-It M1-392.

The M1-372 is the best large extending tv wall mount on the market with full-motion capability for your perfect position when watching your favorite shows.

You’ll get the best set of adjustable features, along with ultra-durability. If you need a long extension and some cable management to conceal cords, we recommend the FM9388-B.

However, if you want architectural quality that still has full-motion capabilities but at an extremely low cost, you can’t go wrong with the M1-392.

These TV mounts are designed to attach to any portion of a wall and be securely mounted, whether in the center or in a corner. 

These guys really are the yoga gurus of tv brackets for another option check out our ceiling pole mount review if you’d like to learn about suspending a motorized TV from your ceiling.

Long extension Tv bracket mounted on the living room 1

Our #1 TV wall mount reccomendation

  • We give our 5-star rating for the heavy-duty construction to prevent a TV from tipping over while maintaining the superior flexibility of only having a single arm to move.
  • We are satisfied with the support of up to 110 pounds!
  • The TV mount is fully adjustable for the best viewing angle, allowing for a 360-degree swivel, and tilts up 10 degrees and tilts down 15 degrees down.
  • Easy cable access and easy installation.

 #1 Best long extension TV mount

Mount It M1 372 42 to 80 in 40 inch long extension TV mount 1


Frequently Asked Questions

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It can extend up to 42 inches.

It depends on their build. If your TV mount can be installed by a single stud,  it may hold up to 100 lbs TV. If your TV mount needs two-stud support, it may be able to hold up to 200 lbs TV or more. Additionally, check the weight rating of the TV mount before purchasing.

No. There's a specific extendable TV wall mount for RVs, with a special locking mechanism to help the TV withstand the stress of traveling.

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