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The strongest ceiling pole TV mounts for every type of roof pitch

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Do you want to save space and utilize the area in your ceiling?

Having the best TV ceiling pole mount means having the strongest and longest extension downwards from my perspective.

Adjustable extension and drop-down adjustments can put your head at ease and free up a lot of space in your home, office, or place of business like inside the workshop or in a home bar area.

A TV pole mount can be a versatile mounting option that can handle TVs of various sizes when you want background entertainment for a primarily social area like my living room design focused on our social gatherings.

Finding the right ceiling TV pole mount system for your needs may take a bit of time, consideration, and plenty of measurements but we are here to help you with that.

Once you install an adjustable ceiling tv pole mount, however, you will never want to go back to a standard TV cabinet again, unless you have those old DVDs to hide.

Barkan ‎3500 W ceiling pole TV mounted on ceiling lounge

Best ceiling pole TV mount

#1 Editors Choice

Long and strong

Mount-It! MI-509L 32 to 70 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

  • We like that the pole is adjustable and extends down to 5 feet downwards from the ceiling.
  • Found to be compatible with pitched or slanted ceilings with a pivoting base.
  • The high-strength steel is multi-tested for 110 lbs capacity.
  • Can be difficult to install, if you require instructions as they are lacking information.
  • May not fit some Sony TVs without modification.

#2 Best value

Bang for the buck

Perlesmith PSCM2 26 to 55 inches, 99 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

  • The 99 pounds-capacity-ceiling pole mount extends up to 30 inches from the ceiling.
  • TVs up to 55 inches can be supported.
  • Also compatible with slanted ceilings.
  • Seamless wire management.
  • Will need modifications for cord containment.
  • Might not work with some older model LCD TVs.

#3 For flat and curved TVs

Best white TV pole mount

Barkan ‎3500.W 29 to 65 inches, 88 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

      • Weight capacity of 88 lbs has been tested 4 times.
      • Supports TVs up to 65 inches.
      • Compatible for both flat and curved TVs.
    • Hardware needs to be removed for telescoping adjustments.
    • The connection at the tilt plate can seem weak and flimsy when touched.

#4 Long adjustable ceiling TV pole


WALI CM2665 26 to 65 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

        • The solid and sturdy construction can hold TVs up to 110 pounds.
        • Seamless cabling system.
        • Full 360° rotation range,  25° tilt option, and adjustable ceiling plate.
        • Will need an adapter plate for some common VESA configurations.
        • Some included hardware is lacking and you may need to purchase your own parts.

#5 Heaviest weight capacity


Ezcheer 22 to 65 inches, 175 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • The heaviest weight capacity holds TVs up to 175 pounds.
          • Comes with a media shelf.
        • The long adjustable pole reach has multiple viewing options.
        • The mounting bracket may wobble with heavier TVs.
        • Instructions are extremely hard to decipher and follow.

#6 Heavy-duty ceiling mount

Mount-It! MI-506

Mount It MI 506 23 to 42 inches 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • The strong compact alloy steel pole mount holds TVs up to 110 pounds.
          • Has pass-through cabling system.
        • The flexible VESA plate can take up to 400 x 400 mm hole patterns.
        • Tilt may have trouble holding with heavier TVs.
        • Construction can seem flimsy and weak.

#7 For all ceiling types

Loctek CM2

Loctek CM2 32 to 65 inches, 132 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

        • Can hold TVs up to 132 pounds.
        • Adjustable ceiling plates can be mounted on a flat or sloped ceiling and also on walls.
        • Rotates180° left and right plus tilts at 15°. 
        • The bracket will not work with some LG or rear-speaker TVs.
        • Installation instructions are extremely difficult to follow.

#8 For multiple angle viewing

VideoSecu MLCE7N2 WV3

VideoSecu MLCE7N2 WV3 26 to 65 inches, 66 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • The adjustable height extends up to 34.7 inches.
          • Can take TVs of 66 lbs weight.
        • Multiple viewing directions.
        • Counterclockwise rotation can loosen supporting bolts.
        • Can be difficult to mount a larger TV with less than three people.

#9 Best tilting function

Promounts UC-PRO310

Promounts UC-PRO310 37 to 80 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • TouchTilt Technology needs no tool to adjust on multiple angles.
          • Solid alloy steel construction carries TVs up to 110 lbs.
        • The mounting plate comes fully assembled and the package comes with a bubble level.
        • Metal tubing can seem weak when holding heavier TVs.
        • Requires the use of a hex key to allow rotation and tilt options.

#10 For all types of ceiling mounting

Everstone ‎ARL237S

Everstone ‎ARL237S 28 to 55 inches, 66 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • Single stud and concrete mounting options.
          • Comes with a bubble level and HDMI cable.
          • Also works with monitors.
          • For flat and curved TVs of up to 66 lbs weight.
          • Included hardware kit may be lacking some bolts and nuts.
          • May require modifications to get the mounting poles to connect.

#11 Tool-less tilting function

Promounts UC-PRO210

Promounts UC-PRO210 24 to 55 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • Premium slim but sturdy built-in black matte finish.
          • Tool-less mount adjustment with Touch tilt technology.
        • Heavy-duty weight capacity of 110 lbs.
        • Cannot be rotated or tilted without using a hex key.
        • Cables will get tightly pinched when used in the highest position.

#12 Ceiling TV pole for large TVs


WALI CM3770 37 to 70 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • Carries large TVs up to 110 pounds.
          • Dropdown construction.
        • Adjustable height in four levels and at 26.2 inches max.
        • VESA mount is multiple parts that can be difficult to align.
        • The hardware included can seem too short for proper stability.

#13 HQ pole and bracket material

Vivo VC55A

Vivo VC55A 23 to 55 inches, 99 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • High-grade steel can hold TVs up to 99 pounds.
          • Extra-long pole adjustment for up to 31.3 inches.
          • Sturdy backplate and TV pole design. 
          • Can wobble and bow with heavier TVs.
          • Some components are plastic.

#14 For OLED and Plasma TVs

Wali CM2343

Wali CM2343 23 to 43 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • Premium alloy steel holds TVs up to 110 pounds.
          • Intelligent cable management system.
        • Swivels 180° both left and right plus tilts downward by 25°.
        • Included hardware may not fit all Toshiba or Samsung TVs.
        • Better suited for extremely high or vaulted ceilings.

#15 Best low cost

Suptek MC4602

Suptek MC4602 26 to 55 inches, 100 lbs ceiling pole TV mount

          • Has integrated cable management preventing cable blockage.
          • The extra-long 4-level pole adjustment is up to 39.4″. 
        • Full 360° rotation range and 15° tilt option.
        • May wobble with air fan/ flow.
        • Can be extremely difficult to tighten enough to prevent tilting.

Whats to consider before buying a ceiling pole TV mount

1. Weight capacity

Many mounts are rated for around 100 pounds, with others able to hold 175 pounds.

Always be sure your TV is less than the rated weight for the best results.

2. Mounting location

You may have difficulty installing a ceiling mount in corners or along with steep sloping ceilings without a good base position.

Be sure to do diligent measuring to ensure your TV will fit properly and you know a secure location.

Loctek CM2 ceiling pole TV mount used on a bedroom

3. Adjustable pole length

Most ceiling pole mounts are not suitable for standard height ceilings and instead work best in the high ceiling or vaulted ceiling rooms.

Use a short pole mount for standard home wall or stud heights.

4. Vesa compatibility

Some VESA configurations will need modifications or adapters to fit on some mounts. Be sure you know what VESA configuration you have.

5. Tilting/ swiveling capacity

Nothing beats the flexibility of sturdy TV ceiling mounts with 360° swivels.

Mounts can have anywhere from no range of motion, to a full range of motion and up to 25 degrees of tilt.

6. Structure and stability

Mounts are normally made from heavy-duty metal components, but some may have plastic. Make sure the mount is known for lasting durability.

We put TV pole mounts to the test in our review so that you know what to use for different models of TVs and their total weight.

7. Your budget

You can find some very affordable mounts, as well as some full-featured premium-priced mounts.

Don’t forget to include labor costs if hiring a professional installer. If this is the case a higher-priced product will have better long-term value.

8. Cable management

Some mounts can have the cables run through the poles for total concealment, others cannot.

Be sure you know in advance how to manage your cables, and what can fit inside the cavity of the pole.

Back construction of Vivo VC55A ceiling pole TV mount

Reasons to buy a ceiling pole TV mount

If you are torn between floor-to-ceiling pole tv mounts, here’s why you should choose the latter.

1. Save space

If you have a small space with no room for a floor stand or wall mount, a ceiling mount can be exactly what you need.

All types of TV mounts help save space by allowing more room for furniture, fireplaces, and dancing or other structures to be placed below like even bar tables or pool tables.

2. Better view from a reclining angle

When reclining, a wall-mounted or floor TV stand can be very difficult to view comfortably.

Ceiling mounts are much higher and can be tilted down to give you the best view while reclined.

3. Keep the TV away from the pet or child’s reach.

Curious children and destructive pets unless you have a pet monkey should not be able to access a TV or any of the cables when mounted up on the ceiling.

If you have had any accidents with TVs being knocked over in the past, those worries vanish when using a ceiling mount. Hiding your TV in a cabinet is also an option to keep it out of their reach.

Mounting TV on the bedroom with Wali CM2343 ceiling pole TV mount

4. No need to worry about decorating

You won’t have to worry about finding the right entertainment system or decorative piece of furniture to use as a TV stand.

Ceiling mounts are discreet and blend into any decor, being a discreet black color while holding a black LCD frame.

5. No need to drill into walls

If you are unable or unwilling to drill into your walls for a standard wall mount, a ceiling mount can still get your TV displayed in the same area without having to damage your walls.

6. You can mount a pole onto higher ceilings

We learned that size doesn’t matter but if you have extremely high ceilings or vaulted ceilings and have had difficulty finding a mount that will work before, however, we discussed the solutions for mounting a pole straight into your TV.

We have had some arguments with church owners about their ceiling height, yes many ceiling mounts can drop down to the ideal height for background entertainment, information, or lyrics for singing and karaoke.

Long TV pole mounts can work on 12-foot, 16-foot, and even higher ceiling heights with ease.

7. Great for bars or home bars.

If you love spending time at a public or private bar with friends, having a TV to watch the next sports event can be a great addition.

It leaves plenty of room below and behind for liquor storage and bar tops.

The motorized ceiling TV mount vs Ceiling TV pole mount

Motorized ceiling TV mount



  • Can be more expensive.
  • The motor may need to be replaced.
  • Installation can require a professional.
  • Requires ample attic space for installation.
  • Has less drop-down length for ceilings that are too high.

Techorbits motorized ceiling TV mounts above dining table

Ceiling pole TV mount


  • Can hold extremely heavy TVs up to 175 pounds
  • Much more affordable for the average individual
  • Can offer a full range of swivel, rotation, and tilt options
  • Can be installed yourself in an afternoon
  • Has more drop-down adjustments and reaches for a better viewing height.
  • Statistics we found from interviewing our clients owning bars say that the higher your TV is mounted the fewer people watch it, but the more entertaining the visual display becomes in otherwise awkward silences in conversations.


  • Requires manual adjustment for swivel and tilt
  • Having a TV on a remote control is a bit gimmicky but does seem like a good way to show off in your home bar or kitchen.

Mounting TV Wali CM2343 ceiling pole TV mount above a console table

Is a ceiling TV pole mount right for you?

Ceiling mounts are a great option for individuals that do not want to drill into their walls for whatever reason but have a ceiling mounting location. A ceiling mount is installed higher and makes for a background source of entertainment in a social gathering space or waiting room.

Or, if you happen to have a stone or brick wall, drilling into the surface may be more hassle than it is worth.

I think that a ceiling TV pole mount is also great for homes with extremely high ceilings on longer retention or with the help of a bulkhead to attach the mount lower down than normal.

If you have a room with a vaulted or a chapel ceiling and have had trouble finding a TV mount in the past, consider trying a pole mount.

Promounts UC-PRO310 ceiling pole TV mount installed near brick stone wall

The best ceiling TV pole mount

Top-performing ceiling TV pole mount

The Mount-It! MI-509L is made from heavy-duty alloy steel, while the ceiling pole TV mount is powder-coated elegantly to look great, and is long enough to suit normal and high flat and vaulted ceilings.

On the extension downwards there are options for viewing heights from 3, 5, and 10-foot lengths.

I consider a ceiling pole mount perfect for home bar areas, dining rooms, offices, waiting rooms, kitchens, garages, and workshops for watching online tutorials or entertainment in the background of your main activity. We tested the weight capabilities three times to handle TVs with a weight of 110 pounds.

I like that there is style, strength, length, and value all in a few clicks away.


  • Uses telescoping height adjustments.
  • Adjustable to multiple angles and viewing positions.
  • Pole adjustments extend up to five feet.


  • May only be suitable for high ceilings.

    Mount-It! MI-509L ceiling pole mount with TV

    Best value ceiling pole TV mount

    We also found the Perlesmith PSCM2 a space-saving ceiling mount that is versatile and full of valuable features along with the basic functionality required for most jobs that require a longer reach than normal.

    This option can hold TVs up to 99 pounds and 55 inches, this is great for homes or businesses with high ceilings and no room below for floor mounting.



    • Uses an adjustable ceiling plate that can hold TVs up to 99 pounds.
    • Secures even for sloped ceilings.
    • Can be mounted on concrete.
    • Compatible with high ceilings.


    • Might not connect with some older model LCD TVs.

    Perlesmith PSCM2 ceiling pole mount with mock TV

    Heaviest weight capacity ceiling TV pole bracket

    If you have struggled to find a TV mount that can handle your large TV to effectively hang it, look no further than the Ezcheer.

    Being able to support up to 175 pounds of weight and TVs measuring up to 65 inches, this 360-degree swivel ceiling TV model is a great one to consider if your TV is like a brick.


    • Amazingly holds 175-lbs TVs.
    • Mount has a media shelf.
    • Pole hides wires and cable seamlessly.


    • May experience mounting difficulties.

    Ezcheer ceiling pole TV mount with TV

    Most affordable ceiling pole TV mount

    For those on a tighter budget, the Suptek MC4602 is the most affordable ceiling-mounted TV swivel bracket we could find for ya.

    And a great choice when you have a larger LCD TV but still want a decent range of motion for your tight expectations.


    • Can hold TVs up to 100 pounds
    • Integrated cable system.
    • Pole adjustable to 39.4 inches.


    • The base may wobble if not secured properly.

    Suptek MC4602 ceiling pole TV mount with TV

    How to find a safe and sturdy spot up on the ceiling to mount your TV?

    You will need to find sturdy ceiling joists to install any type of ceiling mount to. If you have an unfinished or accessible attic, you can look to find what support is in the ceiling from above.

    Otherwise tapping the ceiling or using a stud finder can also locate beams and ceiling purlins or joists to find a fixing location.

    Ensure the joists are thick enough to support the mounting hardware.

    If you dont directly have solid roof framing, found with a stud finder you may need to install a horizontal board (nog or dwang) to add extra support, with purlin hangers or multi grips on the end of the timber framing, especially if dealing with larger and heavier TVs.

    What if the spot you wanted doesn’t have joists?

    Mounting a TV bracket to an area that does not have joists can lead to the TV falling [1] and not holding if you rely only on the plasterboard.

    If you don’t have a joist in the spot you wanted to install the TV, consider using a support plate or adding a timber nog or dwang in the right place and mounting to that. 

    If you use a DIY steel or plywood square or rectangle-shaped piece over the top of the plasterboard, you can then fix your DIY support to span and fix into the joists on either side. You can cover a large area and spread the weight of the TV out and over to have a solid fixing point even though there isn’t a joist directly where you mount to.

    Just make sure to paint the exposed side black or white so that the plywood or steel bracket doesn’t stand out and instead blends in your ceiling.

    Mounting TV with Promounts UC-PRO210 ceiling pole TV mount outdoors

    How to find the right height for a ceiling TV pole mount?

    This may vary from person to person depending on their viewing preferences, but in general, the larger the TV is, the higher you should mount the screen from the floor.

    Average-sized TVs around 42 inches should be mounted up to 56 inches from the floor. This measurement will be at the center of the TV. For larger TVs such as 70 inches, the mounting height should be 67 inches to the center. 

    A definite guide from the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers [2] is to keep an angle not lower than 30 degrees from your viewing position.

    Before doing the final installation process, try testing out the height from different seating options in the room to get a feel for the right viewing height and angle

    As a general rule the more the TV in a room high up is only a background source of entertainment, and the more in the background you want the LCD monitor the higher you should set the adjustable extensions for the outcome you want.

    For bigger TVs here’s how you can get the right height for mounting 75-inch TVs.

    Everstone ‎ARL237S pole mount mounted a restaurant ceiling

    Tips for installing ceiling pole TV mount


    • Have all your tools organized before starting the installation.
    • Get help from a friend to ensure safe working practices.
    • Ensure the ceiling joists are able to support the weight of the TV. 


    • Rush through the project without following installation instructions
    • Install a large TV on a mount not rated for that particular weight
    • Install the mount on a sloped ceiling if not designed to do so with a pivoting base.

    How I compared the features


    Mount-It! MI-509L

    Perlesmith PSCM

    Barkan ‎3500 W

    WALI CM2665


    Mount-It! MI-506

    Loctek CM2

    VideoSecu MLCE7N2 WV3

    Promounts UC-PRO310

    Everstone ‎ARL237S

    Promounts UC-PRO210

    WALI CM3770

    Vivo VC55A

    Wali CM2343

    Suptek MC4602

    Mount-It! MI-509L 32 to 70 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mountPerlesmith PSCM2 26 to 55 inches, 99 lbs ceiling pole TV mountBarkan ‎3500.W 29 to 65 inches, 88 lbs ceiling pole TV mountWALI CM2665 26 to 65 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mountEzcheer 22 to 65 inches, 175 lbs ceiling pole TV mountMount-It! MI-506 23 to 42 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mountLoctek CM2 32 to 65 inches, 132 lbs ceiling pole TV mountVideoSecu MLCE7N2 WV3 26 to 65 inches, 66 lbs ceiling pole TV mountPromounts UC-PRO310 37 to 80 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mountEverstone ‎ARL237S 28 to 55 inches, 66 lbs ceiling pole TV mountPromounts UC-PRO210 24 to 55 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mountWALI CM3770 37 to 70 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mountVivo VC55A 23 to 55 inches, 99 lbs ceiling pole TV mountWali CM2343 23 to 43 inches, 110 lbs ceiling pole TV mountSuptek MC4602 26 to 55 inches, 100 lbs ceiling pole TV mount
    Verdict:Top ceiling pole TV mountBest valueHeaviest weight capacityBest low cost
    TV size:32 to 70 inches26 to 55 inches29 to 65 inches26 to 65 inches22 to 65 inches23 to 42 inches32 to 65 inches26 to 65 inches37 to 80 inches28 to 55 inches24 to 55 inches37 to 70 inches23 to 55 inches23 to 43 inches26 to 55 inches
    Weight capacity:110 lbs99 lbs88 lbs110 lbs175 lbs110 lbs132 lbs66 lbs110 lbs66 lbs110 lbs110 lbs99 lbs110 lbs100 lbs
    Adjustable pole length:41.7 to 61.7 inches20.47 to 29.92 inches16.1 to 38 inches19.4 to 34.7 inches24 to 35 inches22 to 36 inches20 to 32 inches19.4 to 34.7 inches22 to 35.8 inches19.3 to 29.17 inches22 to 35.8 inches20.3 to 26.2 inches17.5 to 31.3 inches19.4 to 34.7 inches23.6 to 39.4 inches
    VESA:200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm200 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm200 x 200 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm200 x 200 mm to 400 x 400 mm200 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm75 x 75 mm to 400 x 400 mm100 x 100 mm to 200 x 200 mm200 x 200 mm to 400 x 400 mm

    The sturdiest TV pole mount for the ceiling

    After comparing the various ceiling TV mounts together, and hearing a voice of wisdom come down from above after our installation.

    We have found the Mount-It! MI-509L is the most versatile and promising ceiling mount around from an objective point of view.

    With a full range of motion, that can handle some of the larger LCD TVs on the market today expect this to handle all the various design types.

    Installation is pretty straightforward for the average folk and can be done on flat or sloped ceilings as well with a pivoting base plate for hours of background entertainment.

    Mount-It! MI-509L ceiling pole TV on public subway

    Our #1 recommendation for a long ceiling pole mount

    • The weight capacity was tested three times to carry TVs up to 110 pounds without signs of component stress.
    • Extends and adjusts smoothly up to five feet.
    • The adjustable base plate works on flat and angled roof pitches.

     #1 TV mount for high ceiling

    Mount-It! MI-509L ceiling pole mount with TV


    The sturdiest TV pole mount for the ceiling

    Loader image

    Yes. Ceiling mounts like MI-509L have ceiling bases that flips and suits slanted ceilings.

    You have to ensure to mount it on ceiling joists to get a secure hold.

    More information:

    1. How to ceiling mount a TV? a guide from
    2. Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers home page

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