About Mountyourbox

Setting up the ultimate home theater is something anyone can do, but you might be thinking “That’s not true, no no that’s impossible.” The truth is that there is a fair amount of work and knowledge that’s required for an optimal, affordable, and safe setup. 

Mountyourbox is a website run by Johann Holsinger at 26 he professionally installs home theaters with his partner Natalia Phillips that specializes in interior decor. The pair work together to make any space a modern minimalist and sleek dream entertainment system.

Mountyourbox is a website made to bring together their knowledge from years of failures and success in the industry to help others build their ultimate home theater using a bit of DIY, and expertise, always.

Electrical repair equimpent scaled

Watching the game on Tv mounted in home bar scaled

Johann Holsinger

  • Mounting TVs when no one thinks it’s possible.
  • Setting up projectors indoors and outdoors.
  • Surround sound calculations for the home, events, and music production.
  • Connecting and setting up the ultimate home visual and audio system.
  • Designing and building soundproof rooms.
  • Creating environments for visual and audio effects.
  • Matching home decor with entertainment systems.
  • Providing top-notch movie theater design.
  • Providing ongoing support for the home theater enthusiasts that we have helped.

Johann Holsinger portrait

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