Best TV lift mechanisms that can pop up

Best TV lift mechanisms that can pop up

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Whether we’re snuggling up to watch a nice movie or binge-watching our favorite show, watching TV is an integral part of many families’ day-to-day activities.

Since the TV is such an important part of our lives, a tip and a good idea is to also hide and protect our TV when not watching the screen so that we dont over do screen time.

A TV lift mechanism can help to protect your TV from children and pets as the electrical motor moves a TV away inside a TV lift cabinet when not in use.

A TV lift helps to declutter space and can easily hide your TV inside custom cabinets or behind furniture.

The best tv lift cabinets have a wireless remote control driving the TV lift mechanism. While the pop-up tv lift lets you adjust the height settings to suit your needs.

In this article, we go over the top 8 pop-up tv lifts we found and reviewed to share everything we know about TV lifts by identifying the electrical machines that are required for take-off and rapid propulsion before your next movie starts.

Most TV popup TV technology can be used from the floor up and also the ceiling down, check the pros and cons of each option while we compare the options from the different manufacturers.

Vevor pop up Tv cabinet near mirror walls

Best TV lift mechanism

#1 Editors Choice

Slim, strong and easy to install.


Touchstone Whisperlift 30004 kit in white background

  • This tv lift mechanism offers a 360-degree manual swivel and is height adjustable.
  • The machine fits even massive 70-inch TVs with the VESA interface.
  • We love that adjustment can be made with a wireless remote.
  • There are still cheaper options.

#2 Best value TV lift mechanism

For value and stability.

Touchstone 23202 whisperlift in white background

  • The powerful motor allowed us to raise the motorized pop-up TV mount without lifting a finger.
  • Includes a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • This holy grail of rocketry lifts up to 65-inch TV screens and holds up to 100 lbs.

#3 Another durable pop up TV lift 

Slimmer but less popular with other guys

Progressive automation TY 01 pop up TV bracket in white background

      • This motorized pop-up TV lift also extends and retracts quickly and quietly from our tests.
      • Made of industrial-grade steel for long-term durability.
      • Users can adjust mounts using a wireless RF remote.
    • No cable concealment to hide TV wires.

#4 Easy assembly pop up TV lift

Co-Z D-100

Co Z D 100 pop up Tv lift mechanism in white background

        • Fairly inexpensive TV lift mechanism kit.
        • Able to adjust the height with a wireless remote and has three pre-set heights.
        • Everything comes 80% assembled and takes under 10 minutes to assemble fully.
        • No way to hide wires without a cabinet.

#5 Compatible with many sizes


Vevor pop up TV lift in white background

          • Height adjustable at 35 mm per second, which is fast.
          • Compatible with many brands and sizes of TVs.
        • The unit comes with four pre-set height functions on the remote.
        • The installation required as in the guide is a bit difficult to follow.

#6 Most affordable pop-up TV lift

Vivo E-UP44

Vivo E UP44 pop up TV lift in white background

          • Most affordable vertical TV lift mechanism on the internet for a DIY TV cabinet.
          • The slim design can easily hide in cabinets.
        • The pop-up TV lift with a swivel can adjust the height of your TV from 38″ to 64.8.”
        • Only holds up to 48-in-screen TVs and 77 lbs.
        • Includes only a 1-year warranty.

#7 For smaller TVs


Ecoworthy pop up tV lift bracket in with transparent background

        • Able to install this TV lift mechanism both from the ceiling or inside a cabinet.
        • Extends and retracts quickly at 25mm per second. 
        • This pop-up tv lift with a swivel can operate with remote control.
        • This one can only support up to a 50-inch TV screen. Look into touchstone home products instead. 

#8 Flexible height lifting

Co-Z 32 to 57

Co Z motorized TV lift up to 57 inches in transparent background

          • The remote comes with 3-level memory heights.
          • Height adjusts of up to 1 in per second. 
        • Comes mostly assembled and only takes 10 minutes! for assembly.
        • Designed to support only up to 57 TV screens you may want to look into touchstone home products.
        • IR remotes have a shorter signal reach than RF remotes.

What features did we looked at in pop-up TV lifts for comparisson?

TV lift mechanism

The best touchstone models have a lift mechanism called a lifting actuator, which is an electric mechanical system.

This system has the capability to move a TV vertically or horizontally out of cabinets by using a wireless or wired remote.

Most types are designed to move your TV vertically, but only some work as only a drop-down.

The goal of a pop-up TV lift mechanism is to have the hardware integrated perfectly with your existing room decor.

This creates the effect of a disappearing TV with a pop-up TV lift allowing you to conceal your TV away from sight from either the ceiling or the floor.

Don’t be disappointed by too much-moving noise.

Height adjustments Pop up Tv lift Touchstone 30004

Wireless control

Having helpful wireless control over your TV lift is absolutely essential as you don’t want to manually adjust the height.

Wireless controls allow you to adjust the height of the lift while being at a distance. Always make sure that the sound of the operation should be relatively quiet, and that the pop-up TV lift is progressively moving smoothly.

Wireless control option for tvs

Hide ability

You can use a DIY TV cabinet for your lifting electronics. The TV lift mechanism should have a compact and slim design like your flat-screen TVs. When using a cabinet, the inside frame should fit the width of your TV inside.

Similarly, the TV lift should easily fit into the body of your cabinet. This means the height of the TV pop-up stand should fully fit inside, allowing you to conceal your entire TV and the connected wires when not in use.

But if there’s a need here’s how you can hide wires creatively.

Lifting weight capacity

The lift capacity is the weight that the lift can hold we call the weight of your TV the total unit volume.

Make sure that your TV weight is below the maximum lifting weight capacity.

You don’t want to risk the brackets and the motor not having the strength required to hold the weight of your TV.

Never put your expensive TV in harm’s way! And don’t install what can’t be lifted.


Depending on your TV height, you need to ensure that you have enough lifting height or stroke to clear the cabinet you’d like to hide the screen into.

Your TV lift will have a maximum high lift capacity.

For example, the Touchstone 30004 can be adjusted up to 36 inches up or down. You’ll have to do these measurements to ensure that the TV lift can easily pop up from your cabinet and also be concealed inside.

VESA Compatibility

VESA interface is a standard that measures the distance between the four mounting holes located in the back of your TV screen.

Your new electric TV stand should be compatible with your specific TV’s VESA pattern to make the bracket and TV connection easy to install in your living room.

For example common VESA sizes are 200 x 200, 400 x 400 and 600 x 400. These numbers are measured in millimeters.

Maximum lifting mechanism capacity

The lift capacity is important to consider because this will gauge whether the hardware can hold your flat-screen TVs up without any risks like the ones we install.

Typically flat-screen TVs are the lightest in weight.

You’ll want to make sure that your TV hardware can easily hold up your TV’s weight and also fit your screen size. Most TV lift mechanisms hold between 70 pounds to 200 pounds.

Indicator of weight capacity


As mentioned in our reviews, the lift mechanism in your motorized tv lift should be quiet during operation and not make too much extra noise.

You don’t want a lift mechanism that produces noises when in use you do not disturb your neighbors.

Also, an important to note is that the parts must be attached properly. Sometimes if not installed properly, the lift may produce screeching sounds while in operation and moving in your living room.

Sound indicator

Why use a TV pop-up TV stand?

One of the best ways to mount a TV without a stand, doesn’t always work so here are the benefits of using a pop-up TV stand with your flat-screen TVs:

  1. Child safety: A TV lifting mechanism transports your flat-screen TV to be safely stored inside of a cabinet to prevent damage while your kids are playing in the house. While you’re not using the TV, it’s best to retract the TV and stow it away inside of the cabinet to prevent your children or pets from damaging your expensive screen. 
  2. Sleek and modern look: The TV lift should have a minimal  DIY TV cabinet design, this will help your room look more open since this will help you declutter your space. You’re able to hide all cable wires, and you won’t have to use any bulky TV stand to hold your TV up.
  3. Adjustability: The motorized pop-up TV lift unit should be able to be adjusted in less than 30 seconds to the height that fits your viewing preferences. As most pop-TVs can be adjusted using an IR or RF remote control. The adjustable feature is usually quiet and can be adjusted at a rate of potentially up to 1 inch per second.

Co Z D100 motor Tv lift pop up TV in the dining roomInside a hidden Co Z D100 pop up tv lift mechanism

Where is the best spot to hide your TV with a pop-up TV lift?

The best spot to hide your TV with a pop-up TV wall mount is by using a cabinet. There are two options available: either hide your LCD inside the cabinet or behind a cabinet or wall.

If you hide the pop-up TV mount inside the cabinet, you’ll need to find one with an opening on the top.

These methods allow you to conceal the mount and all of the TV wires for a clean look.

What are the advantages of a pop-up TV mount over other motorized TV mounts?

There are a few advantages when mounting comes to installing a pop-up TV over other types of motorized mounts.

Pop-up TV stands are easy to install because the hardware doesn’t require high-up mounting. That may require you to check and locate wall studs and drill holes into your wall.

Always find a bracket that can be adjusted by height remotely, while other TV mounts may require manual adjustments.

Not to mention cables, a clean look is much easier when you hide TV wires because you can conceal most cables in your cabinet rather than through your walls. 

Is a motorized tv lift worth the investment?

Although pop-up TV motors are a great product the unit can seem expensive at first when compared to TV wall mounts, they offer a few different advantages for different applications.

First, a TV lift uses a motorized floor stand meaning; the arm has more options for height adjustment.

Pop-up TV lifts are typically made of heavy-duty steel ensuring stability and strength to keep your TV secure.

With the law of cause and effect, electric stands can be adjusted in height by using a controller.

Some people may think you have a moving target but it’s just your TV If you’re looking for a TV lift to last the years ahead we have your best bet in mind down below!

Check the following factors. Do you have a TV and do you want to hide it inside a cabinet you DIYed or already have when not in use.

Twin Touchstone TV lifts

The best pop-up TV mount

#1 Top performing pop-up TV mount

After testing out varieties of TV lifts, we’ve found the Touchstone 30004 to be the best pop-up mount for your large screen TV.

We like that the Touchstone has memory settings installed so that you can easily adjust the height of the mount to your desired position.

This pop-up mount for large screen TV has the capability to hold large TV screens up to 70 inches and hold up to 170 pounds.

It’s one of the strongest lifting mechanisms and the most durable lifts we’ve found.

Unlike most TV lifts that can only be used inside a cabinet, this one can also be used outdoors on a boat or in a recreational vehicle while being the perfect tv lift with a VESA interface.


  • Capable of holding large TVs up to 70 in.
  • Able to adjust the height by 36 in.
  • The entire unit can operate adjustments through a wireless RF remote.


  • Installation required may take some tools and DIY knowledge.

Touchstone Whisperlift 30004 kit in white background

#1 Most affordable pop-up TV mount

We think you will find our top recommendation a big leap toward the seemingly impossible. As the hard-to-beat Vivo E-UP44 pop-up TV lift is first-class when looking for an optional value to practicality ratio.

Despite the affordable price, the Vivo comes with many features that make this TV lift an excellent buy.

For those who own small TVs, this is designed in a slim and compact design, so you can easily conceal the bracket and a TV in a cabinet or another enclosure you decide to use or build yourself.

You can adjust the height of this mount smoothly from 38″ to 64.8″ with a simple up or down button on the remote.

I like that this option only takes 30 seconds to make, and this decision of a lifetime will rock hard down with only the quick click of a button.


  • Cheaper than other options we could find.
  • Smoothly and quietly adjust the height with a single button.
  • Under a 4″ profile, making TVs easy to conceal inside cabinets.


  • This pop-up TV stand isn’t suitable for big screens above 48.”

How a Vivo E UP44 is installed inside a cabinet

What are the main components of a pop-up TV lift?

Bracket. The bracket is the part of the TV mount that attaches to the lift and also holds the TV. In the case of a TV lift, these brackets are used to securely hold your TV with adequate travel distance.

Body. The body is the vertical portion of the TV lift that can be adjusted in height. This part is attached to the base and usually extends or retracts based on your control.

Base Support. The base support should be strong enough to hold the body, mount, and TV. In addition, the base should be safely mounted inside of a cabinet or counter.

Motor. Every motorized TV lift has a powerful motor built inside of the body made to lift even a big TV in your living room or bedroom. The electrical mechanics should have an electrical system allowing the body to lift up and extend or retract on your command. Many lifts have a remote or wired remote control setting that will turn the motor on and off.

Control. Typically, there is a power supply that connects to the internal circuitry inside the body of the TV lift. Most electric TV lifts will come with a power adapter; wired LED lift remote and control box. The control box has the mechanism to adjust the height settings of the stand.

Pop up Tv lift components 1000

Adjustable roller. The adjustable roller is the bottom platform that may be connected to the base.

This roller is designed for people who prefer to use the TV lift as a standalone instead of inside a cabinet.

Remote control. Many lifts have a wired and wireless remote control to adjust the height of the TV lift.

Some remotes will even have a visual display to show the exact height at every current position.

And you may even set various positions into the memory settings for future use.

Can you DIY install a pop-up TV lift?

Pop-up TV lifts can be used in all sorts of scenarios, including the countertop, outdoor vehicles or boats, and bedroom cabinets. 

All of these scenarios work similarly. With the kitchen countertop, for example, you’ll need to be able to mount the lift into the kitchen cabinet on your island. Then, a portion of the counter needs to have an opening to allow the TV to pop up. With the TV lit cabinet for the end of the bed, the same rules apply. 

With an outdoor setting, you can use the pop-up lift as a standalone with a roller. This works well as a backyard accessory. However, if you want to install these lifts inside an RV vehicle or boat, you’ll likely need to mount one from the top of the ceilingor wall as you might no have enough space from a cabinet on the ground. 

How to install a pop-up TV lift in the cabinet?

Installing the perfect tv lift inside of a cabinet can be confusing without clear instructions. But can be done DIY to save money on a dedicated hidden tv cabinet.

  Here are the basic step-by-step procedures you need to follow if you want to DIY a hidden tv cabinet for your TV lift mechanism: 

Tool and materials you’ll need: 

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Size 4 and 5 metric hex wrench
  • Allen wrench 
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • A marker

How CO Z D100 pop up TV lift works from inside the cabinet

Step 1: Attach the lift to the cabinet. 

Attach the lift mechanism onto the cabinet utilizing wood screws.

Most TV lifts will have various mount points on the base and the back of the lift. 

Step 2: Connect your power supply and control box.  

Attach the wired remote, power supply, and control box.

Ideally, you’ll want to make sure the control box is mounted behind the lift mechanism, so the plug inserts are easily accessible. 

Step 3: Attach the lift mechanism to the television. 

Raise the lift and attach the horizontal cross brackets onto the lift mechanism. Next, install the TV bracket onto the back of the TV.

The brackets should be secured onto the horizontal brackets and be locked into position. With nothing missing from the universal hardware kit.

Step 4: Place together the cabinet components. 

Finally, make sure that all drawers and top portions were removed are installed again. Leave the top open to allow the TV to pop up.

How to maintain a pop-up TV cabinet?

Mounting your solid TV lift mechanism onto the TV is quite simple.

The mounting holes on your TV should line up with the tv lift bracket holes.

You can maintain the pop-up TV lift bracket by always checking to see whether the screws are securely fastened.

And applying lubricant to any moving parts when required.

Under the Whisperlift 30009 TV lift

Cleaning your TV on a pop-up TV cabinet

You’ve probably spent a lot of money on your TV screen and mount. So remember to keep the TV dust-free to maintain the motion video picture quality.

For weekly cleaning, use a dry and soft microfiber cloth to remove dust without scratching your TV.

To clean your screen, you may dampen the cloth slightly with water or use half white vinegar, and half distilled water as your cleaning solution.

This solution is delicate enough to clean dirt without damaging your TV. Avoid harsh cleaning solutions [1] such as Windex.

Cleaning Tv above a cabinet

Tips for installing a pop-up TV mount

Here are the dos and don’ts of installing a TV lift mechanism:


  • Make sure the cabinet height can cover and conceal the entire pop-up TV mount and TV height. 
  • Do check the weight capacity of the lift mechanism before making a decision.
  • Mount the control box behind the mount and lift mechanism for easy access.
  • Make sure to have all the required tools like a Phillips-head screwdriver, hex wrench, Allen wrenches, tape measure, pencil, and any other tool listed in the instructions.
  • Cut out a piece of the top portion of the cabinet to fit your mount.
  • Make sure that the TV is securely fastened to the TV mount brackets to prevent any rattling.
  • Entertainment systems are not finished until you also have the audio working.
  • Have a dedicated space in your tv lift cabinet for gaming consoles.
  • Either buy or DIY your own hidden tv cabinets for the lift mechanism.
  • Build a handy component shelf for extra storage space in the lift cabinet.


  • Only install one down from the ceiling if the ceiling support is designed strong enough to do so (Check for framming with a stude finder).
  • Forget to check the VESA patterns and brands that the mount supports.
  • Don’t mess with cable boxes if you don’t know what you are safely doing.

How I compared the features


Touchstone 30004

Touchstone 23202 Whisperlift II

Progressive Automations TY-01

Co-Z D-100


Vivo E-UP44



Touchstone Whisperlift 30004 kit in white backgroundTouchstone 23202 whisperlift in white backgroundProgressive automation TY 01 pop up TV bracket in white backgroundCo Z D 100 pop up Tv lift mechanism in white backgroundVevor pop up TV lift in white backgroundVivo E UP44 pop up TV lift in white backgroundEcoworthy pop up tV lift bracket in with transparent backgroundCo Z motorized TV lift up to 57 inches in transparent background
Verdict/;#1 Top pop up TV liftBest low cost pop up TV lift
TV size:32 to 70 in32 to 65 in32 to 62 in32 to 70 in32 to 65 in32 to 48 in26 to 50 in32 to 57 in
Weight capacity:170 lbs100 lbs135 lbs154 lbs154 lbs77 lbs220 lbs154 lbs
Stroke:36 in36 in39 in39 in35.5 in39 in30 in30 in
Max height:71 in68.5 in70 in67.2 in61.5 in64.8 in65 in55 in
ControlWired and RF remoteWired and RF remoteWired and RF remoteWired and RF remoteWired and RF remoteRF remoteRF remoteIR remote

The verdict on what we think now.

The best TV lifting mechanism is the Touchstone 30004 with a flat-top lid mount for installing onto flush counters, and some of the best technological operational features, such as an adjustable visual display on the remote and memory height settings.

The Vivo TV stand has a slim look most men love, you can smoothly adjust the height to suit your needs, and the mount can easily fit into cabinets for later. With both these options, you’ll be on your way to DIY’ing your own hidden TV cabinet like we have done.

Now that you know the best pop-up TV lift to purchase, the time to get busy and lift your spirits for nothing more than a smooth extension is now!

When you lift up from the ground for take-off – know that the future of mars is up to the Martians.

Our #1 TV lift reccomendation

  • We can easily hide our client’s entertainment systems inside a cabinet or wall.
  • The 3004 is better than other touchstone models when we compared the features and the price.
  • The quick-connect system is exactly what we needed for quick and easy installation.
  • This fits both small and larger screens with the VESA interface.
  • We like that the C-bracket provides 36 inches of height flexibility.
  • The RF remote lets anyone adjust the height quickly and quietly regardless of mobility or disability.

 #1 Pop-up TV lift

Touchstone Whisperlift 30004 kit in white background


Frequently Asked Questions

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Some TV lifts can be mounted from the ceiling. Just like Touchstone 23202. It is both a pop-up TV lift and a drop-down TV lift.

Yes. You can mount it to hide on a flushed wall, behind curtains, or hide it on your console table.

For Standard sizes, let's say you are fitting a 32" TV display, you'll need a cabinet with a dimension of 42" x 18-22" x 24". If you have a 65" TV, you'll need a cabinet dimension of 69" x 18-22' x 41". These cabinets can be customized, so your dimensions will depend on the size of your TV and the preferred design of the cabinet. Some cabinets are low dimensional, some have thin profiles. The standard for outdoor cabinets will also be different.

More information:

  1. How to clean a flat-screen TV?, a guide from

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