12 Creative Ways You Can Hide Your TV

12 Creative Ways You Can Hide Your TV

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Need ideas where to hide your TV?

Homeowners can have many reasons why they would want to hide the TV screen.

One, your TV could be a source of distraction during family time. Others hide the screen for safety reasons, especially when there are kids or pets running wild, or to simply help avoid theft. 

If your TV wall often catches sunrays and you want it to avoid reflection, you must think of stylish ways to hide the screen when not being watched.

If you’re too particular with your home arrangements and interiors but still cannot come up with an idea to hide your TV, we’ve got your back. Here’s how you can hide your TV creatively at home.

Hiding TV behind dark painted wall

#1 Place it behind a curtain or use curtains on the window.

Hiding the TV behind a curtain sounds like a simple suggestion for you. But having one consistent curtain shade light from your window to your TV will not mess up your interior. 

Otherwise, hide your TV with a curtain directly over the TV; you only have to swing the curtain open when watching the TV and close the veil up when done.

To make this possible, get extra curtain rods for your TV and an extra curtain set when your purchase sets for your windows.

If you have a recessed wall to fit in your TV, the installation is going to look even better if done with an extendable TV wall mount.

There are TV mounts that extend 20 to 30 inches from the wall and fold flush when not in use.

You can hide in the curtain when folded. Some extendable TV mounts have recessed plates.

Installing what we recommend in our reviews on a recessed wall will make a more discrete setup hiding behind the curtains.

Window curtains for TV

#2 Hide the screen behind cabinet panels or over a fireplace.

Cabinet panels can be used as TV doors to hide the TV when not in use. 

Never install a flammable certain above a fireplace. Check with local building codes [1] and see if a building consent is required for your alteration work when working above your fireplace.

Cabinet doors can also hide a TV screen over a fireplace and can be a great idea for a top-secret TV in hiding.

Whether you install hinging or sliding panels, your TV can have a secure space above the fireplace without causing any distraction. 

Paint the panels with the same shade, pattern, or design as your wall, and you will conceal your TV like it doesn’t even exist on the mantle. It will help protect your TV from prying eyes.

And when you are ready to watch TV with guests, friends, or family, you can simply pull the TV out with a fireplace TV mount, and can this can even be done with only the push of a button. 

A standard fireplace mount at least extends and pulls down to your viewing angle from above the fireplace mantle.

Cabinet over fireplace

#3 Include your TV In your wall art gallery.

You can mix your TV mount with your artwork inside shelving cavities without the area being so obvious.

Disguise your TV like it’s part of the artwork displayed on your wall. Carry on with books and art pieces on the shelves and blend it like its camouflage technology style.

Put it in between your picture frames, figures, and plants, and decorate your heart out until you’re done.

#4 Tuck it behind a cabinet mirror.

You can use a cabinet with mirror doors to hide your TV. Purchase a ready-made one or customize one to fit your TV inside the unit. 

The tricky part is the location. If you have a recessed wall in the living area, you can place your TV and cabinet mirror seamlessly. 

A mirror frame on the wall or above the fireplace won’t give any clues to thieves where your TV is hiding.

A cabinet mirror to hide TV

#5 Or get a mirror TV.

Mirror TVs disguises as a mirror but is actually smart TV.

Mirrors will not pique the interest of thieves. Not everyone will know that you hung a TV instead of a mirror unless you turn it on.

Mirror TV frame on wall

#6 Flush behind a custom cabinet.

There are many ways you can customize cabinet doors. This depends on your desired theme, and how it goes with your interior depending on your preference. 

The most basic way to hide your TV is to have a recessed wall to flush your TV into and let your creativity get in the way.

Some cabinets could have vertical panels or horizontal panels. Some cabinet doors could have barn-like doors. Most homeowners prefer wooden cabinet doors as the hardwood surface is more refreshing to the eyes and easy to blend into any paint color.

Of course, you can also customize the opening. A pair of sliding cabinet doors is eye-catching. 

Some homeowners and clients use bi-folding doors. Others prefer simple hinged cabinet doors. Anyway, the sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity and building cabinet doors to hide your TV.

Custom cabinet for TV


#7 Hide it on a custom pop-up TV cabinet.

A custom pop-up cabinet with a TV lift mechanism is one of the most advanced ways to hide away your TV Futurama style. 

This type of cabinet will not limit you from hiding your TV on the wall. You can hide your TV with a push of a button because it operates with wireless control. Some homeowners place their popping TVs on their kitchen countertops or on patios. 

Imagine a TV coming out of nowhere and slowly lifting from a cabinet. It still never fails to gather those ooohs and aaahs from visitors.

A popping TV from a cabinet with Vivo E Up44 pop up TV lift

#8 Hide it in the ceiling.

We really love TVs that pop out of nowhere. If you’re still in for that automated appearance and disappearance of TVs, why not install that TV in the ceiling? Some TV lifts do not only pop up but drop down automatically from elevated heights. 

And what we love about this way as a top-down approach is the ultimate concealment and zero space taken up on your walls. 

These drop-down TV lifts could extend around 60 to 70 inches at maximum from the ceiling. A mount can be both a drop-down or a lift as a single product with multiple uses.

Another option is to use a motorized ceiling mount. It also works with wireless control. And you do not have to take space up on your walls or on cabinet shelvings. 

Although it does not hide your TV that much, the mount can prevent distraction and secures it from children’s and pets’ reach.

#9 Use a picture frame TV.

These smart TV frames are disguised to look like photographs or artworks hanging as a frame.

You don’t have to think so hard about where to hide your TV as you can simply hang it along with other photos or artwork on the wall.

Home art decor with Frame TV

#10 Hide it behind an artsy drop cloth.

If you don’t like the idea of installing curtains to hide your TVs because it will ruin your art gallery, you can use painted canvas as a drop cloth. 

Simply hang it on your ceiling or use curtain rods to hang it from the wall to conceal your TV with a piece of art!

I would use some chains or ropes for the ends to add some twists and let the canvas roll down. Or, create your roller with a holding pin for the fabric.

Here’s how you can make wall art in a drop cloth:

#11 Place her on the bed ends with TV storage.

Some bed frames have TV storage at the end. Or, you can custom-build your bed end to have TV storage.

Use a TV lift mechanism for this, so you do not have to stand up to hide or raise the screen.

You can do so remotely. Besides, this setup creates a great position when you feel like binge-watching in bed, but if someone over, you can hide it, so no one gets distracted!

#12 Hide it in the Corner.

No one can notice you in the corner and the same can go for your TV.

To free living space easily, a LED or LCD is less noticeable in the corner unless you take a closer look.

If you do not want your TV to distract you the moment you look at your living room, consider the corner when hiding your TV. 

You can use an easel tripod TV stand or use a corner TV mount

Corner TV mounts can fold on both sides with their pivoting arms. From there, you can flush it on the wall discreetly. This is a great space-saver, and you don’t have to take too much effort hiding messy cables either.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to stress yourself over hiding a TV if you need to. This project can even bring out your creativity and DIY skills to the next level of home entertainment workmanship!

Creativity can help you use different spots in your home to enjoy some private or alone time!

You don’t have to compromise your TV’s security and safety anymore. Your family can still have fun and keep the entertainment even if you always have to tuck your TV away for a while to avoid that machine being unsightly and antisocial at the wrong times. 

All you need is to put a few ideas into action and an appropriate TV mount to help you hide your TV!

A way to hide cell phones away from your kids would be next!

More information:

  1. .Chapter 10 2018 IRC Chimneys and Fireplaces,  https://codes.iccsafe.org/content/IRC2018/chapter-10-chimneys-and-fireplaces

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