Best fireplace TV mount | A spring-assisted pull down

Best fireplace TV mount | A spring-assisted pull down

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Mounting your TV above the fireplace?

Finding the best fireplace TV mount used to mean hours of searching online, but now we’ve narrowed the options down to 7 and we have found the important differences between each option available for y’all.

A drop-down tv mount above the fireplace has to be of top quality and be simple to use as a spring-assisted mount.

Each TV brick fireplace mount featured here ticks those boxes but read down to find out more about cable management.

And then soon you will find the time to watch television with the heat from your fireplace!

Mount it mi373 pull down TV mount raising up and down from the mantel

Best fireplace TV mount: May the force be with you always.

#1 Editors Choice

Recessed in the wall for Architectual quality.

Mantel Mount MM750 55 to 100 in TV 30.5 inch travel fireplace TV mount

  • Our 5-stars for a great range of motion while maintaining a sturdy position on the spring-assisted mount. 
  • Features gas pistons that ensure stability for your TV weight.
  • The range of motion is adjustable, to stop movement past a certain angle.
  • Comes with 8 cable ties for easy installation.
  • The unit is heavy when carried for installation.

#2 Best value

For on flat walls

Mount It MI 373 50 to 100 in TV 31.5 inch travel wall TV mount

  • Adjustable without any tools or assistance via the pull-down handles. 
  • Found to take a lot of raw TV weight of up to 154 lbs, so even large TVs are compatible.
  • Insulated handles help prevent heat damage. 
  • Reading the manual is needed to understand how to operate the unit.

#3 A mix of value and quality

For flat surface mounting

Mantel MM700 Pro 50 to 100 in TV 26 inch travel fireplace TV mount

      • Great manufacturing quality for the price.
      • A quick and simple to install this tilt tv wall mount.
      • Comes with 4 cable ties (Very generous!).
    • Tilting excessively with some TVs.
    • The arm can only move upwards and downwards.

#4 User-friendly fireplace pull-down wall plate

Vivo MOUNT-E-MM070

Vivo MOUNT E MM070 37 to 70 in TV 23 inch travel fireplace TV mount

        • Includes clear and easy-to-follow instructions just like ours! for your fireplace mantel. 
        • Expect only 30 minutes to install.
        • Utilizes cable clips along the arm to guide the cables.
        • The mount does not remain level for very long. 
        • The backplate is found to fail with some types of wall studs.

#5 Most affordable Mantel Mount

Mantel Mount MM340

Mantel Mount MM340 44 to 80 in TV 27 inch travel fireplace TV mount

          • This is the cheapest heavy-duty mantel mount we could find.
          • Comes with 4 cable ties.
          • There is no wobbling of any kind once installed.
        • Was difficult to understand the instructions. 
        • Two people are needed when installing.

#6 Auto-strengthening fireplace TV bracket

Mantel Mount MM540

Mantel Mount MM540 44 to 80 in TV 27 inch travel fireplace TV mount

          • The mount can accommodate a soundbar easily. 
          • Comes with 4 cable ties.
          • A tilt range of 9 degrees.
        • Found to have a weak panning angle.
        • Doesn’t support TVs larger than 80 inches in size.
        • Can break when being used for longer than 3 months.

#7 Off-center stud mounting

Monoprice 27773

Monoprice 27773 55 to 100 in TV 16 inch travel fireplace TV mount

        • Has great lift performance for a tilt tv wall mount to reduce tv glare. 
        • Works even with off-center studs.
        • Takes up to 143 lbs of tv weight.
        • The instructions are written poorly. 
        • Adjusting the tension is difficult.

What features to look for in a fireplace TV wall mount?


Let’s start with the important subject of the moving capabilities of a fireplace TV wall mount bracket since the required motion will be heavily used for a better viewing angle and to reduce tv glare.

The most movable features should be present in your fireplace mounting unit with no enginnering or design problems.

A combination of both vertical travel and swivel is enough to find your eye level.

The MM750 pull-down fireplace TV mount doesn’t have an adjustable tilt, nor does the MM340, but both can swivel and pull down. The MM540, MM700, and Monoprice can tilt, swivel, and travel vertically.

Animated presentation Monoprice fireplace pull down TV mount

Wireless control

A motorized pull-down fireplace TV mount like the VIVO is controlled with a programmable remote.

You can use a remote to adjust the height of the mount or to extend the TV off the wall and down to the right height. Swiveling can then be done manually.

The MM mounts, Mount-It, and Monoprice do not have motors and are operated manually.

Representing wireless control for TV mounts


A fireplace nook TV mount like those we’ve reviewed can be made of aluminum, steel, lightweight alloys, or plastic.

Sometimes you can get a stone fireplace TV mount as well. Each of the mounts is made from metal, except the VIVO which is made from steel and plastic.

This means some fireplace tv pull-down brackets are made more heavy-duty. The MM700 is made from 3mm steel, and the MM750 is made from 3.5mm-5mm steel.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is the ability of the bracket to take on the weight of the TV. A smaller TV would need a lighter weight capacity rating, while a larger TV, such as 60 inches above, needs a higher weight capacity.

As each over the fireplace TV mount pulls down you need to compare the different weight tolerances. Mount-It MI-373 can support 40-15 4lbs with the highest weight capacity.

Looking at all the tv brackets reviewed for a brick fireplace listed here, we can say that each one can take enough weight. Most of these brackets are spring-assisted mounts. To make lifting and adjustment easy.

Travel distance

Let’s talk about the mount’s flexibility and all the must-have features. Travel distance is the ability of the mount to be pulled down from the highest point to the lowest point.

The vertical motion made over fireplace tv mount mounts is what makes these unique from other TV mounts. To meet the range needed to cover different TV heights required above a fireplace.

A good travel distance would set your eye-level comfort as desired. For TVs with screen sizes above 60 inches, take a bracket with  27 inches travel distance.

TV size

Your flat screen tv should fit perfectly on your TV wall plate so size matters! And sit perfectly on the wall when not in use.

But with an above fireplace pull-down tv bracket, this should not be a problem. Here’s how to take the proper measurements of your TV to make sure you get the right TV bracket size to match.

Cable management

If you’re going to pick a fireplace TV bracket, make sure that the bracket comes with a cable management system.

Note that cable management systems vary from brand to brand. If all else fails cable ties and clips do well in keeping the cables looking neat and tidy.

The MM750 comes with 8 cable ties. 

And we have here some tricks on how you can hide those wires when mounting on a fireplace.

Data wires for cabling management scaled

Mounting capacity

When getting a fireplace TV mount, look into the mounting capacity and the installation process of each unit.

You should find a good mount with matching VESA hole patterns that are compatible with your box to help reduce installation time.

Furthermore, you can also consider future usage of the mount to a different TV with another VESA pattern. For your next mounting dream.

Accessories included

Accessories help you use the mount conveniently. The Mantel Mount brackets include paintable wall covers, heat-sensing handles, and a built-in soundbar. The MM340 features pull-down handles and adjustable stops.

These are features that are great features to not forget about for your fireplace TV mount.


The assembly of over fireplace TV hardware varies. All of the mounts come with instruction manuals giving step-by-step instructions. You’d want to have a shorter assembly time and easy-to-digest manuals and hardware with standard VESA patterns for a quick setup.

Why mount a TV over the fireplace?

  1.  To make your living room cozier by having a TV above the fireplace – you can simply pull your prized possession down in front of the fire when you want your loved one to watch your favorite show.
  2. Putting your TV above the fireplace will make your room more spacious and roomy – by mounting your TV, you can free up space for when you don’t watch tv.
  3. Hanging your TV screen above the fireplace will provide a central gathering point – people will want to be near the TV and fireplace so you can face your sofa in one direction. 
  4. You can be creative with interior design in your living room – if the TV screen is at eye level when people stand up, you can decorate the surrounding wall space.
  5. You can integrate the TV into your wall – you can keep the TV in an alcove so that you save space when the TV is not in use. The MM750 comes with a recess box that will help you to do this straight out of the box.

TV mounted above an indoor fireplace

Elevated angles: How to deal with viewing angle?

Putting your furniture in front of the TV mount will prevent you from straining your neck or eyes to see the TV. Getting a TV mount with a large travel distance will also help by allowing you to bring the tilting mount closer to your eye level when y’all watch tv.

And with ergonomic seating a fireplace TV mount will help you sit with a good posture, this is exactly what you need for comfortable viewing.

How does a pull-down fireplace TV bracket help achieve an optimal viewing angle?

All of the mounts here can swivel and be pulled down. The MM750 has the greatest non-recessed travel distance at 32 inches.

The MM700 has the greatest swivel capacity, at 35 degrees in both directions.

The Mount-It MI-373 has a total pull-down distance of 31.5 inches. The Monoprice and Mount-It can also rotate and tilt.

Both options will tilt 3 degrees down and 15 degrees up while rotating 5 degrees and are ready to effortlessly pull.

Vivo MOUNT E MM070 Electric pull down mount on a plain wall

What’s the edge of a fireplace TV mount over a standard articulating wall mount?

Full articulating TV wall mounts


  • Full-motion-capabilities.A full-articulating TV mount has a swing arm that you can tilt, swivel, and rotate. This helps you find the perfect angle because you can move the arm in three dimensions.


  • Difficult to manage cables. Cable length needs to be managed carefully so that they reach your TV without being pulled out or getting in the way when using the swingarm. 

Fireplace TV pulldown mount


  • Good cable management. A fireplace TV mount like those we reviewed comes with cable ties or clips that help secure cables.
  • Saves space. Keeping the TV close to the wall and elevated off the ground will save space in your room.
  • Flexible field of view. Fireplace TV mounts can swivel, tilt, and pull off the wall. Mount-It has the best combination of travel distance, swivel, tilt, and rotation.
  • Ergonomics. The adjustable travel distance, and the ability to tilt and swivel, mean that fireplace TV mounts help you maintain a good posture.


  • Challenging to assemble. There are a lot of steps to follow in the instructions, and sometimes extra help is needed. Paste content here.

Think about this before mounting a fireplace pulldown

If your TV is mounted too high, you’ll have to crane your neck. Instead, position your TV at eye level. You can use a TV mount that has a longer vertical travel distance, like the MM750 or the Mount-It MI-373.

Cable and electrical wires can pose a safety risk [1]. While also being a fire hazard hanging cables obstruct the pull-down mechanism. Cables must be carefully organized, and that depends on how many cable ties come with your mount. 

Lastly, install a mantle or fire bar to protect your TV from the heat. 

MI 373 Mounting by different eye levels of action

When is a pull-down TV mount for you?

There are three things to consider. Are power outlets close to where you’d like to mount your TV, is your fireplace far away enough from the intended TV location, and can your TV fit into the mount you want to buy.

If these are true for you, then a pull-down TV mount is for you.

The best fireplace TV mount

Editor’s choice: #1 Top performing fireplace TV mount

We chose the Mantel Mount MM750 as the best for fireplace TV mounting as an engineering master piece like the terminator.

Sitting out only 1.75 inches from the wall when retracted the arm travels as far as 30.5 inches down on extension.

You will love the tension adjustment system that allows you to change and adjust positions at any point.

A curved TV can also fit into this mount within 125 lbs weight capacity.

As a fully functional fireplace TV mount with a recess box, attached soundbar, auto-straightening, heat sensor handles, and more you can get a good deal here.

The hardware here comes with a lifetime warranty for the already heavy-duty steel construction making this my top choice!

Rest assured I like this great investment even after I have had many arguments about all the the options.


  • Works perfectly once installed, with no hiccups.
  • Smooth movement and easy for anyone to operate.
  • Can recess into the wall which helps makes the bracket unobtrusive.


  • Costs a bit more than the others.

    Mantel Mount MM750 Pulled down and flat on the wall

    The best value fireplace TV mount

    Coming in a lot cheaper, the Mount-It MI-373 is very good value for money. Equipped with a solidly built frame with a bar speaker holder and a user-friendly tension adjustment system that does the job pretty well.

    TVs between 50 and 100 inches will fit into the mount like a perfect screw on the wall, with a travel distance of almost 32 inches, boasting flexibility and movability from our standards.

    On top of that, I like how you can use this with TVs weighing up to 154lbs making this great option suitable for everyone.


    • Suitable for TVs between 50 and 100 inches.
    • Very simple to adjust the height using the counterbalance mechanism.
    • Has good tilt and swivel ranges.


    • It doesn’t have paintable wall covers, adjustable stops, or auto-straightening.

    Mount It Mi 373 close up image in white background

    Best value Mantel Mount

    If you’re looking for a model like the MM750 that doesn’t come with such a hefty price tag and almost half the price, but still has solid features, then the MM700 is an ideal choice.

    The model we are now looking at works well for large TVs, but great viewing comes from the correct measurements and installation.

    We love the auto straightening and auto-stabilization technology. The good lowering adjustment can swivel up to 35 degrees.

    We have to give credit for the soundbar and robust construction made from the steel bar.


    • It’s made of heavy-duty steel.
    • Comes with painted covers.
    • Can fit TVs of up to 90 inches in size.


    • Large gaps are left between the TV and the wall when pulled down.

      Mantel Mount MM700 Pro at different eye level mounted above a fireplace

      Most affordable Mantel Mount

      If you’re on a tight budget, and you still want the quality of a Mantel Mount, then the MM340 will suit you better by costing a little less and having just about the same specs. However at a shorter travel distance of 27 inches. 

      You’d still get the same features we love from mantel mount, adjustable stops, auto-straightening, and auto-stabilization. The same quality only comes without the speaker attachment.

      You can accommodate up to 80 inches and up to 90-lbs-TVs. 

      If you have a smaller TV, don’t worry this will fit into your budget.


      • Can reach wall studs that are 24 inches apart.
      • Has extras like clamps and cable ties.
      • Well-made.


      • Installation is complicated.

      Bare bracket MantelMount MM340 mounted above a fireplace

      Adjustable height: understanding pull-down distance

      Adjustable TV height that you can pull down. The pull-down mechanism of a fireplace pull-down tv mount makes a bad boy unique from other standard types of TV positioning hardware.

      TV brackets with a large travel distance like the Mount-It and the MM750 greatly reduce the chance of neck and eye strain while watching TV, because you can lower the mount instead of moving your furniture.

      Retraction can happen by either getting pulled down manually or using wireless control. 

      This technology allows the tension to be adjusted and pivoted from the highest point above the fireplace to the lowest point.

      What makes this even more unique is the capability of changing possible viewing angles. 

      The different level motions of MM340

      Uneven stone bricks: how to deal with it?

      The best way to smooth over a stone fireplace is to apply cement. You should apply a thin layer of cement across the stone, ensuring the spread gets in to all the cracks.

      Once that’s done, leave the cement to dry for 30 minutes and keep repeating the process until the stone bricks are completely smooth so that the bracket doesn’t wobble.

      Another option is to use steel washers as spacers to get an even mounting surface.

      TV mounting above the fireplace with fire

      Can you drill and install a TV on stone bricks?

      It’s possible to drill holes in stone and bricks and install a TV mount onto a hard surface using concrete anchors. But you’ll need a drill with enough power to make holes and one that has the right masonry drill bit.

      Drilling should only take less than a minute per hole.

      Hammer drills make drilling in concrete easier because they’re more powerful and give the required hammering action needed for carbide-tipped masonry bits to drill [2].

      Here’s your quick and easy guide to brick wall mounting.

      Drilling holes on a brick wall

      How to protect your TV from flames and heat from the fireplace?

      You can install a mantle, which deflects the heat rising from the fireplace. Or you can build an alcove for your TV so that the heat simply rises past. Neither one has an advantage, this simply depends on what your preferences are and the layout of your room.

      Tips for installing a TV above the fireplace


      • Do make sure you conceal your cables.
      • Do make sure you install your mount at the right height.
      • Do make sure that your sturdy mount can handle the size and weight of your TV.
      • Use a wall drilling template.
      • Do use appropriately sized concrete anchors when fixing to brick, masonry, and concrete walls if wall studs are not available.


      • Don’t try to install one completely by yourself if you’re confused about the instructions. 
      • Don’t mount a TV if you haven’t got a mantle or alcove to avoid the heat. 
      • Don’t continue to use the mount if the mount gets stiff or squeaky.

      Can I use other hardware above the fireplace aside from the pull-down TV mount?

      You can use fixed or tilted mounts. Fixed mounts keep your TV close to the wall, but you can’t change the position in any way.

      Tilted mounts allow you to move the TV vertically, but not horizontally.

      Any other spots I can use as a pull-down helper?

      You can use one in any location where you attach your TV to the wall. That could mean places in your home where there is high shelving, for example.

      How we tested to find the best fireplace TV mount.

      When testing to find the best fireplace TV mounts, we have to put consider the weight capabilities of each bracket when under pressure greater than their requirement to allow for the pressure of movement during use.

      We concluded the best option is the strongest and most durable bracket. And that brackets that tilt under pressure has a lower manufacturing quality, are more questionable, and will be badly noticed in architectural environments.

      The questions we put under scrutiny were:

      • Was there any tilting on full extension?
      • Were there any sounds like squeaks on movement?
      • Did the handle have a heat insulation factor?
      • Was the installation easy to set up with only two DIY’ers?

      This is how we came to our verdict below.

      What we found when we compared the features


      Mantel Mount MM750

      Mount It! MI-373

      Mantel MM700 Pro

      Vivo MOUNT-E-MM070

      Mantel Mount MM340

      Mantel Mount MM540

      Monoprice 27773

      Mantel Mount MM750 55 to 100 in TV 30.5 inch travel fireplace TV mountMount It MI 373 50 to 100 in TV 31.5 inch travel wall TV mountMantel MM700 Pro 50 to 100 in TV 26 inch travel fireplace TV mountVivo MOUNT E MM070 37 to 70 in TV 23 inch travel fireplace TV mountMantel Mount MM340 44 to 80 in TV 27 inch travel fireplace TV mountMantel Mount MM540 44 to 80 in TV 27 inch travel fireplace TV mountMonoprice 27773 55 to 100 in TV 16 inch travel fireplace TV mount
      Verdict:#1 Top fireplace TV mountBest value pull-downMantel Mount's best ValueBest low-cost Mantel Mount
      TV size:55 to 100 inches50 to 100 inches50 to 100 inches37 to 70 inches44 to 80 inches44 to 80 inches55 to 100 inches
      Weight capacity:125 lbs154 lbs115 lbs77 lbs20 to 90 lbs20 to 90 lbs154 lbs
      Travel distance:30.5 inches31.5 inches26 inches23 inches27 inches27 inches31 inches
      VESA:Up to 600 x 600 mmUp to 800 to 600 mmUp to 800 to 550 mm200 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mmUp to 600 x 600 mmUp to 600 x 600 mm200 x 200mm to 800 x 600 mm
      Swiveling:25°15°35° to 60°25°30°30°30°
      Tilting:Na-3° to 15°3° to -3°Na-3° to 15°

      Our verdict: For the top choice to mount TV above the fireplace

      The best TV mounts for above your fireplaces start with the Mantel Mount MM750 with patented features like the Stop Anywhere Positioning and Enhanced Leveling.

      Don’t be shocked by our help to discover that this option is designed and made from heavy-duty 3.5-5mm steel. However, Mount-It is a cheaper option for an effortless pull.

      The Mount-It can also tilt and rotate. Either one makes a great pull-down experience a reality. As a sturdy fireplace TV mount for your home, the choice you make depends mostly on your budget. 

      The next review that you can read is of the MM750, where we cover everything in detail but for now, this is our pick. But don’t hesitate to make your mounting dream a reality.

       Best value for quality

      • We like the quality of the recess box attached and all the necessary hardware for easy installation.
      • Will handle your large flat screen tv with ease.
      • We discovered the soundbar attachment works great. 
      • Effortlessly pull with the 4 gas pistons for auto-stabilization when adjusting the position. 
      • Equipped with heat-sensing handles.

       #1 Fireplace TV mount

      The different TV height layers of Mantel Mount MM750


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Loader image

      Yes. All you have to do is ensure that the generated heat from your fireplace will not redirect to your TV. To do this, make sure to install a mantel and alcove dedicated to your television.

      It should be installed 20 inches away from the TV and must have 7 to 8 inches clearance between the TV and the mantel.

      More information:

      1. Mounting TV above fireplace: Should you do this? a guide article from
      2. How to drill into brick? an article published in

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