How to mount a TV on a concrete wall

How to mount a TV on a concrete wall

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Mounting a TV on a concrete wall is similar to mounting on drywall or plaster. However, you will need to use a hammer or Dyna drill to get through the concrete.

You will also need to consider the bolts and anchors you use as well. These anchors are going to be larger in style than drywall anchors, and are specifically made for holding and fastening into concrete or brick.

Additionally, when drilling into concrete, you will want to cover nearby furniture and the floor with a drop cloth or plastic wrap.

The dust and chips from the concrete will make a mess in the immediate workspace. Be sure to vacuum afterward to pick up any small fragments of stone that may have missed the drop cloth or plastic.

Concrete TV wall mounting on a living room

What to consider before mounting on concrete wall

1. Concrete thickness

If installing a large TV on a thin wall, you may want to consider reinforcing the anchors or using a horizontal support bracket to distribute the weight.

2. Concrete anchors and their size

Anchors for standard thickness concrete walls are normally around 3 inches long.

However, anchors with wings or other security features can be up to 5 inches in length.

3. Your mounting bracket

Always be sure you pay attention to the mounting bracket with your TV as some will require specific bolts or extra security depending on the weight of the TV needing support from a wall.

An extending TV mount is highly advisable by us for any wall type.

Cables at the back of a Sanus long extension mount

4. Wall condition

Damaged or cracked walls can be unsuitable for drilling since drilling can already cause cracking [1].

Additionally, if the surface of the wall is plastered, you need to ensure the anchor reaches the concrete and not just the plaster.

5. Your TV’s weight

Small to medium-sized TVs can normally be mounted without any issues, however larger and heavier TVs may potentially need additional mounting security such as horizontal brackets.

6. Mounting height

Before you mount a tv on a concrete wall and start drilling your holes, make sure you are happy with the height of the TV.

It’s easy to determine if you happen to have two friends or family members that can hold the TV while you look at it from different seats in the room.

Nevertheless, here’s the proper way to find the right height to mount your tv on a concrete wall.

7. Wire placement and cable management

Having a plan for securing and maintaining your cables can help add to the overall aesthetic of the room and help keep it clean.

Consider using discreet cable runners to hide most cords and cables. Check our in-wall cabling guide. for better management of your cables.

How to choose the right concrete anchor for mounting a TV on the concrete wall?

For small to medium-sized TVs, you have a wide range of options for anchors and bolts. The most common anchors to use with concrete are expanding on installation.

Expansion anchors will tightly grip the pilot hole you drilled, giving full security to the bracket you mount to it.

For larger TVs that weigh more than 75 pounds, your best and safest option would be to use concrete bolts.

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing wall anchors.

Expansion anchors for concrete

These can be winged or non-winged or may have large threads to grip tightly to the interior of the wall when a screw is tightened into them.

Fixings to use

  • Plastic plugs with traditional screws
  • Dyna bolts
  • Tru bolts
  • Epoxy-glued threaded rod

Concrete anchors for fixing on bricks

What other tools are needed to mount your TV on a concrete wall?

Power drill. Any drill with masonry bits will work, but a hammer drill is highly recommended.

Avoid using an impact drill as the hammering function can damage the anchor threading from over-tightening.

Level. An important item to have is to ensure your holes are horizontally level.

A laser level is recommended, but a spirit or bubble levels work just fine for small jobs like this.

Anchors. There are a variety of anchors to use, but plastic sheath anchors are most common for lighter TVs. Concrete screws are safest for TVs over 75 pounds.

Marker tape measure and a drill bit

Rubber mallet. A hammer will work as well, but a rubber mallet is best for tapping in plastic anchors without damaging them.

Tape measure. Extremely useful item for ensuring you match the holes you drill into the concrete with the holes in the mounting bracket for your TV.

Safety equipment. When drilling into concrete, consider wearing safety glasses to ensure no stone chips get into your eyes. Also wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling any dust, and hearing protection to protect your ears from the drilling.

Drilling through a concrete wall

How do you mount a TV on a concrete wall?

1. Choose a spot for your TV.

You can easily do this by having two friends hold the TV up against the wall so you can get a good look from different seating positions.

2. Mark the spot.

Once you have decided on a spot for your TV to sit, mark the spot on the wall with a pencil to give you an idea of where to drill the holes for the mounting bracket.

Marking the wall with a pencil and level

3. Ensure your box is level.

Using a laser level or bubble level, ensure the holes you will be drilling are horizontally level.

4. Drill the holes.

Using a concrete drill bit or hammer drill, create a pilot hole into the wall.

If you’re dealing with cement only, the holes should be around 3 inches deep.

If you are drilling through drywall or plaster, 4.5 inches would be better.

Screwing TV mount on a concrete wall

5. Install the sleeve.

After the hole has been drilled, insert the sleeve or anchor plug to help ensure the bolt stays securely in the wall. Leave some of the bolts untightened so you can install the mounting bracket

6. Tighten the screws and bolts up.

After installing the mounting bracket, tighten the bolts completely and ensure the mounting bracket is secure against the wall.

7. Hang the TV.

Follow the mounting instructions and place the TV on the wall bracket you just tightened down. Ensure you have secured the TV by sliding or toggling any security tabs.

Attaching a TV on a bracket

How do you mount a TV on a concrete wall without drilling?

Now that you know how to install a tv wall mount on concrete, here’s how you can do so without damaging your wall.

Using the rolling hybrid stand

Hybrid stands are an excellent option for areas where you are unable or unwilling to drill a hole.

Portable rolling TV stands can be adjusted vertically and some can be tilted.

Using a vertical TV stand

Either found on a floor stand or secured to the ceiling with an extension rod, vertical stands are great for TVs of all sizes and can offer a range of adjustment options. These are your vertical TV stand choices.

Utilizing wall shelves

Horizontal wall shelves can be installed and used to hold small to medium-sized TVs.

A shelve can offer some tilt and swivel adjustment if one, two, or three exist on your standard TV stand, shelves can also work to hold soundbars and other accessories underneath with the right mounting brackets.

Fitueyes TT307001MB TV floor stand fixed on the living room

Using wall hangers

Wall hangers are great for use on brick walls or concrete with a brick aesthetic.

These types of clamps go into the brick formations and are great for small to medium-sized TVs, but limit the number of adjustments you can make.

Hanging by a concrete railing

Railing can be installed vertically or horizontally and can work with a wide range of TV sizes and weights.

Using a strong adhesive

There are some brick and stone-specific adhesives that can be used to mount TVs. These adhesives can hold several hundred pounds, but will severely limit the adjustments you can make with the TV.

Either glue the steel bracket directly or glue plywood or timber blocks for fixing the mount with standard screws.

Hanging by the ceiling

If you are unable to drill into the wall, you may be able to drill into the ceiling and hang the TV from above.

This allows full adjustment options within the allowance of the ceiling mount itself.

Kanto CM600 ceiling pole TV mount on the kitchen

More tips for hanging a TV on a concrete wall

  • If mounting on a thin or hollow concrete wall, use a reinforcing plate to help ensure your bolts remain in place and the weight of the TV is distributed evenly around the pilot hole.
  • Use a shop vac right below the pilot hole when drilling into concrete or brick to help limit the amount of dust that is produced.
  • Never use your home vacuum cleaner for cleaning concrete dust [2], use a brush and shovel, as concrete dust will damage and break your vacuum cleaner. A shop vac or construction vacuum cleaner is otherwise needed.

Mounted Tv on a concrete wall close up

Just before you go

Whether you are drilling into a concrete wall, installing a TV onto the brick above a fireplace, or mounting a TV on a concrete wall without having to drill, there are a variety of ways to ensure this can be done as we have talked about. 

As you now know DIY is possible when you know what to do and have the right gear!

When projects are about your organization, your living room, and your home entertainment system we are here to help!

Mounted TV on a dark colored painted concrete wall

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