How high to mount TV in the bedroom?

How high to mount TV in the bedroom?

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What are the considerations that affect viewing angle?

Positions of any seating inside a room

The first thing that should come into mind would be the position of any seats inside a bedroom.

Stay aware of how close or far your seats are from the intended place for your TV.

Seats inside the bedroom

Bed position and height

Consider your eye level while laying in bed, since this is where you’ll probably be spending the most time watching TV “before you go to sleep and when you wake up.

Adjust your considerations if you have a tall or short bed.

Height for TV showing from the bed placement

Seat and bed’s distance from the screen

If the TV is too far away we have found that viewers get frustrated when they are struggling to see the screen and make out the information and details as clearly. If the eyes are too close to the screen this can become uncomfortable for extended viewing. 

The future away the screen is from viewing positions the more leeway this for a comfortable height from multiple viewing positions.

Height of the TV screen

Also, consider the height of the TV screen. Depending on the dimensions of your room and how tall the TV is, a smaller TV may provide the best viewing experience for a smaller room.

TV width and size

A larger TV will need a bigger room than a smaller TV. So depending on your room size, where your bed is, and where your seats are ( if any ), you might need a different sized TV than what you were thinking.

Options for reclining

Do you have a Laz-E-Boy, or any other recliners, like can your bed recline? Your eye level is a good marker to mount the TV by. But you need to take into consideration if a mounting height is going to change from considering a viewer reclining on a seat or bed.

Room size

We’ve touched on room size briefly already, but the size of the room can have a big effect on what TV you choose and the correct height for your TV in a bedroom will be.

A larger room will naturally lend itself more to a bigger TV and depending on your eye level, a higher mounting point.

Mounting type

There are a few different mounting types, the main ones being fixed, tilting, lifting, flipping, and articulating. These mounting adjustments all have different ranges of motion from one TV mount to the next.

With fixed mounts having zero range of motion and articulating mounts having a wide range of motion. Moving mounts can provide the flexibility you need if you have multiple viewing angles to consider inside your bedroom.

Other considerations before installing a TV inside your bedroom

The height of viewers

First, who are the users and family members who will be watching TV the most? The best TV height for your bedroom is going to be as close to eye level as you can get. Figure out the average eye-level height between the user’s eye height when sitting or laying down and you will know what height to mount your TV. (Average all the possible viewing heights out).

Cable management

Every TV installation has to deal with cable management. The mounting height of your TV in the bedroom is going to determine what length of cables you will need. Remember, longer cables are more expensive.

Kids’ reach

And finally, one last thing you need for deciding on is the proper height for a wall-mounted TV inside the bedroom for your kids.

If your TV is going inside a kids’ bedroom they are probably going to want to reach up and turn it on, and change the channels and cables.

So keep accessibility at the top of your mind when mounting.

Kid watching from the bed

How to find the optimal viewing height for a bedroom TV?

The first thing you will want to do is sit down and lay down in all the possible positions you’re going to watch TV from [1]. You can use a laser level to mark the wall you’re considering mounting where your eye level is. Finally, average out your most common eye level and you’ll know how high to mount a flat-screen TV in your bedroom.

What is the general rule for obtaining the optimal viewing angle for a TV?

Usually, the most optimal viewing angle is sitting right in front of your TV at an adequate distance that takes into account screen size. However, with your bedroom layout, this may not always be possible.

If this is your case, and you’re still struggling with how high to place a wall mount TV you should use a flexible and extendable tv wall mount. This way you can adjust your TV depending on where you are sitting or lying down inside your bedroom. 

What are the implications of bad TV mounting height?

Let’s say you mounted your TV at the wrong position and height. What could happen?

  • There will be uncomfortable viewing angles. Whenever you watch TV something will just seem off and you won’t be able to immerse yourself in your programming.
  • Over time you may also experience neck pain from having to hold your head in an unnatural position to watch. 
  • If you mount the TV too far or too close to your eyes there could be eye strain. 
  • Then you’ve got to deal with the headaches caused by this continued eye strain. 
  • You may also experience pronounced back pain.

Neck strain as a result of bad TV height

What to do if you have multiple viewing heights in your bedroom?

Some people have different seats, high/low beds, and/or reclining beds/seats.

So normally, you’ve got multiple viewing heights to contend with.

Thankfully, the simple solution is to get a height-adjustable TV mount like a drop-down fireplace mount.

This way you can move the TV to the correct height on the fly.

MM 750 pull down fireplace TV mount in motion

Things to avoid when measuring TV height in your bedroom

First, make sure you are doing the proper measurements and setting up before purchasing your TV.

It’s easy to figure out the best height location to mount a TV in a bedroom before actually deciding on the best type of mounting hardware.

As opposed to buying the wrong TV and trying to shoehorn it into your bedroom.

While you’re measuring, don’t stand up and measure your eye level. Instead, sit down and lay down where you’ll most often be watching television.

Next, don’t get a TV that’s too big for your room. If you’re getting a 65”+ you should have a rather large bedroom to handle it.

Measuring TV height and viewing angle by sitting

Just a little summary

Now you’re caught up! Remember to measure your eye level from all seating/laying positions, mark the wall with tape and a laser level, pick the right sized TV for your room, and use an adjustable mount for the best viewing angles.

Here’s how to pick the adjustable TV mount for your room.

Thanks for reading this article to the end, and here’s to a new more entertaining bedroom!

More information:

  1. Another guide on viewing distance for watching TV,

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