How to mount a TV in a corner?

How to mount a TV in a corner?

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Mounting your TV in the corner of a room may seem strange to some, but this method of mounting offers a range of benefits that mounting on the center of a flat wall does not.

There is also no shortage of wall mounts that are made for corner mounting as well, so finding one that works for your TV should be quick and be a simple process to install, read below.

What makes corner TV mounting flat-screen TV different?

Corner mounting can bring or raise up a few questions such as finding a mounting bracket that works at the right angle.

You will need to attach one to multiple studs on both corners of each joining wall.

You may also have to think about wiring and whether or not you will be doing in-wall wiring or using an on-wall raceway.

TV corner mounting brackets, depending on the brand and style, can make use of one or both corner studs.

If using both, this gives your TV an added level of security that you may not be able to find with normal wall mounting.

Fozimoa corner TV mount installed on the living room

Why should you mount a TV in a corner?

If you’re tired of the same old placement of your TV, or simply want to take the first step into wall-mounting your TV, you should definitely consider corner placement if that is the best location inside your room.

There are a variety of benefits to mounting your TV in the corner. These benefits can include:

Mount It MI 484C mounted on bed corner

  • Avoiding window glare. By placing a TV in the corner, you can eliminate glare and ensure a more enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Saving space. Corners are often wasted space or underutilized areas in most homes. By placing your TV in the corner, you make use of this space.
  • Avoid the fireplace. Above-mantle mounts may not work in your home as easily. By using a corner mount you can enjoy your TV and fireplace at the same time with less DIY work required.
  • Sturdy placement. Corner installation may allow you to make use of two wall studs instead of just one, giving added security to your TV.
  • A fresh view. Switch up the view of your room by changing where your TV sits. Corner placement gives a fresh and clean new view.

Is corner TV mounting right for you?

Check your TV size

This includes the measurement and weight to ensure you get a mounting bracket that fits.

Some mounting brackets are made for smaller TVs or security monitors, while others can support up to 120 pounds of vertical pressure.

Not only to fit your bracket, but you also have to make sure that your TV is not too big to fit in the corner. Here’s how you can find your TV size.

Your chosen corner wall mount

Some wall mounts are specifically made for corners, others are not.

Know which one you have, as the angle they can move will determine whether or not mounting will work in your chosen space.

The best option for corner mounting a large TV is the brackets specifically made for corners.

Not only standard wall mounts like what many other websites seem to blindly state.

What is your desired viewing angle?

Wall mounts of most types will allow you to adjust the tilt and angle of your TV.

Give yourself some time to sit and determine where your TV will work best inside your room. Don’t be afraid to rearrange some furniture too.

Eye-level and your viewing positions

Can your TV be adjusted properly to give a comfortable viewing experience? This is important for longer viewing sessions, such as movies.

If you have to crane your neck at a weird angle, the viewing will not be comfortable for anyone.

Your wall type and stud locations

Some studs are 16 inches apart, others are 24 [1]. Always be sure your mounting bracket will work for that measurement. Different wall types can require additional wall anchors to ensure the secure installation of your mount. 

What is the right corner TV mount for your wall?

Most corner mounts offer different features and benefits. Always keep in mind what features you consider important, such as angle, tilt, and whether or not the mounting arm can be extended or not.

This will help you decide what corner mount is right for your TV and walls.

Also keep in mind that some TV mounts for corner placement offer full motion, while others do not. For some TVs, limited or lack of motion is fine, but for others to work in the corner, full-motion is important.

You also need to ensure your TV size will work with a full-motion mounting arm without causing damage to your TV or the walls.

Perlesmith PSCLF1 mounted on a corner of a living room

TV size appropriate for corner TV mounting

There are two things to consider when it comes to the appropriate size for mounting your TV in the corner: Weight and measurement.

All wall mounts will have a maximum weight limit, and for safety, you should never go over that limit.

You can find out how much your TV weighs by checking the user manual, the manufacturer’s website, manually weighing each one on scales, or by reading the box it was packaged in.

The measurement of the TV is also important. While most TVs have a universal VESA arrangement of mounting bracket holes at the back, the overall measurement may affect possible placement areas for the TV.

We have made you a simple guide for choosing your corner TV bracket.

Perlesmith PSCMF1 corner tv bracket mounted on living room

How to mount a TV into the corner?

Whether your TV is large or small, and regardless of the type of corner wall mount you purchased, it’s important to locate your wall studs and find the two mounting points for corner TV mounting.

This will not only give your mounted TV extra support but will also ensure that it does not fall from the wall due to only attaching to brittle drywall or plaster.

Follow the steps on how to mount a flat-screen TV in the corner.

Tools you’ll need:

  • TV Wall Mount
  • Tape Measure
  • Drill and Drill Bits
  • Socket Wrench
  • Stud Finder
  • Bubble or Laser Level

Step 1: Attach your TV to the mount.

The back of your TV will have a series of holes that should fit the mounting bracket, regardless of what style or brand you purchased.

Be sure you attach the TV securely to the bracket using all of the mounting screws provided in the packing.

Step 2: Decide on the desired height.

From your seating area, look at the corner where your TV will be mounted and figure out what height provides the most comfortable viewing angle.

Always decide how high you want the TV mounted before you drill the first hole.

Step 3: Locate your studs.

For corner mounting, you should have the first stud 16 to 24 inches out from the corner.

Using a stud finder will help you pinpoint the center of the stud.

This is where your mounting arm can go, so take your time and ensure you have found the actual center of the stud.

Using a basic stud finder to install Tv in the corner

Step 4: Securely attach the wall mount.

Whether you decide to mount the bracket to the left or right side wall from your corner, always be sure the holes are drilled as close to the center of your studs as possible.

Use wall anchors or lag bolts that came with the mounting bracket for extra security.

Installing an articulating Tv mount cable management 1

Step 5: Attach the TV to the mount and enjoy.

The final and simplest step will be to attach your TV to the mounting arm.

This is much easier with two people, so be sure to ask a friend or family member to help.

Once the TV is secured, you can start enjoying your new TV location!

Aeon FBA AEON 40112 mounted on the corner of the room

Other ways to put your TV in the corner

Here are some mounting TV in corner ideas you can use:

If a wall mount simply won’t work for you, there are corner entertainment systems that can hold your TV and gaming consoles.

The biggest downside, however, is that cable management will be an issue and could look unsightly.

Also, if you have children or pets, they will have direct access to the cables if you don’t manage them properly or may cause damage to your entertainment equipment like the TV itself if not mounted securely to a wall.

Other mounting types to use for corner TV mounting

Sliding TV mounts are an interesting choice to consider if you want to keep your TV against a wall instead of a catty-corner at a 45-degree angle.

Installing a sliding TV mount is done on either the left or right side of a wall, and makes use of a single or double stud for support. 

Forging Mount HY9389 B mounted on a corner

Dos and don’ts when mounting a TV into the corner


  • Do take your time and ensure you have located your studs.
  • Do install your mount using wall anchors or with the included lag bolts for security.
  • Do find a way to keep your cables managed properly.


  • Do not be afraid to test the TV placement before installing a wall mount.
  • Do not exceed your corner mount’s weight limit.

Ready to utilize the corner?

Regardless of where you end up mounting your TV, the most important factor is that you are happy with the placement location and that you are comfortable with the viewing angle. Don’t be afraid to take your time and test different locations before you fully install the TV.

Once you find the perfect spot, your living space will go from average to optimal for your viewing comfort giving more free space for allocation in your room for art, furniture, and other types of decor.

As long as you keep our tips in mind from this guide on – how to mount a TV on the wall in a corner? you won’t get lost. Just make sure you have the right hardware!

More information:

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